Tiki Wednesday

22-05-25 Tiki Wednesday

Mission Spirits has been opening on Wednesday and Thursday recently. It’s been a long week to Wednesday. I thought I would pop in.

Quiet. Very quiet.

Began with the El Jefe. I wasn’t certain I would like this, but thought I would give this spicy cocktail a go. It was fabulous! Perfectly balanced. Nice spice. I wonder if adding smoke would work with this one. I think it would. I would have enjoyed a dip of Copenhagen after this one. It’s been more than 20 years. Good for me. Tasty.

I followed that up with a Painkiller. This one was not as outstanding as the one I had last year. It seemed a bit thin. Tasty but thin.

Finally, I figured I should try their rum runner. It was tasty. It also highlighted what is dangerous about rum; it is far too easy to down these drinks. Rum needs to be consumed at home. 😉 I saved the umbrella for summer cocktails at 3-Cubed.

Fun outing.

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