Beyond My Comprehension

During my career, there have been many sad situations I have had to deal with. Students who are abused, the murder of a student’s father, homelessness, substance abuse, etc. have all sat in my classroom. It all is sad.

This year there is a student who has been homeless. Homeless means different things. It’s not always sleeping on the street. Most of the time it’s not having a permanent address. When an agency supplies the home, the family is still considered homeless.

Yet, this family is homeless. Not on the street. Nope. The family is living in a tent in the woods. They wash their clothes in lake. It is beyond the pale. There’s a lot more to this, obviously.

It’s easy to dismiss as are all homelessness save the fact that I see the child most days. Not all days. Some days the child doesn’t attend. The child is bright, but the lack of regular attendance has taken its toll.

Not much shakes me, but this has. I am paralyzed with what to do. The reality is that there is nothing much I can do . . . nor anyone else.

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