Reading Change

For years I have taught my students that the writer’s job is to elicit emotion from the reader. The reader’s job is to embrace that emotion.

I have been so committed to this mantra that I created a poster that hangs in my classroom for students to refer to.

Education has fundamentally changed. It had been progressing toward this, but without hesitation COVID jumpstarted it. Students are different than ever before. I know I sound like the old veteran teacher bemoaning the good ol’ days.

There has been a change. The disconnection between students and school is palpable. Shared culture is gone. Longing for learning is nonexistant for most.

This year I communicate that what reading is communicating that you understood what the author was writing to you.

That is a far cry from embracing the author’s emotion. Richness of words are no longer sought. This very much appears to be a lost generation.

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