22-06-04 Rumtopf

My mother used to have a jar in the kitchen when I was a boy. In it she placed fruit and what I thought was brandy. Apparently, it was rum. She used to ladle this onto ice cream.

I asked about it recently.

Can’t find the recipe.
Try this from memory:
Assemble in large glass (not metal) container
Large can of peaches with juice
Large can of pears with juice
Add canned pineapple or fresh pineapple (chopped)
Add dried apricots
fresh raspberries
fresh blueberries
pitted cherries
(no bananas — too soft)
sliced apple chunks with skin
sliced oranges with skin
at least two cups of rum
whole cloves
whole cinnamon sticks
No need to refrigerate.
as you use fruit, add more.
add more booze too.

The dried fruit certainly seems like Mom. It is not in keeping, however, with the recipes I see online. After viewing and reading much, I hatched a plan.

I ordered a two-gallon ceramic container from Ohio Stoneware. Now having used it, I probably should have gone with the one-gallon. Oh, well . . .

This is strawberry season . . . at least for the next couple days. I first traveled to Sparacio’s. They appear to be closed. I then went to Muzzarelli’s. No strawberries there. They indicated they may not get any more. Uh, oh. Had I missed fresh strawberries? I decided I would make the drive to Ingraldi’s. But I was headed down Lincoln and thought I’d look at Brassie’s. Never been a fan of this place, but sure enough, they had fresh strawberries. Knowing i have big pot, I went with five quarts. I could have easily put them all in, but as I was slicing them, I decided that three quarts would be plenty. I will eat the rest now. 🙂

Atop the three quarts of sliced strawberries, I sprinkled plenty of white sugar. Then I added a whole bottle of Pusser’s Rum Gunpowdered Proof (Navy strength). It needed the whole bottle to cover the strawberries. This thing is going to be a lot of booze if I fill it!

I added the weight to keep the strawberries submerged.

The strawberries were $6/quart. The rum was $29.99.

I believe in a week I will add cherries to the mix.

My thinking is that in December I will bottle this up and share it as Christmas presents. I think that will be well received.

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