Educational & Political Cluelessness

Dear reader, do not believe what the gasbags say.

Last week tragedy struck Uvalde, Texas as 19 students and two teachers were gunned down. Since then, everyone and their mother has offered their opinion. Another call for gun control has captured the nation’s attention. Just today, actor Matthew McConaughey spoke at the White House regarding “responsible” gun reform.

But they all are merely posers.

If there was indeed concern and a desire to prevent school shootings, then what happened today in my town (and I suspect in many) would not have occurred.

Since Uvalde, we have been instructed not to prop open doors. We have been instructed regarding that for years, but another push was made a few days ago.

Then today, upon entering our school, we saw that doors were unlocked, voting machines prominently displayed in the lobby, and the public just waltzing in as it pleased to vote in the taxpayer-mandated primary elections for private organizations.

If we are concerned about the children, this would not have happened.

Lip service is all any of this is. Public education is riddled with disregard for what is publicly proclaimed. Student safety is no more the focus than academics are.

Electing candidates for an election trumped student safety today. Don’t let those same politicians tell you they care about the children.

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