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Here at the end of the academic year we are reading the fabulous The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Edward is an elegant china rabbit doll owned by Abilene. He has the finest clothes, a pocket watch, and is quite full of himself.

Then he is tossed overboard and spends months at the bottom of the ocean until a fisherman catches him. The fisherman brings Edward home to his wife. She is enamored with him, but because Edward is now tattered, she thinks he’s a girl. She makes him a dress.

At that point a student raised her hand. I called on her.

Is Edward transgendering?

Things are changing too rapidly for me in the classroom. In 28 years, I have never had this come up. Even if this were a thing when I was a boy, I would have never had the nerve to discuss this with a teacher!

We all regret the signs along the way that signal things. I am quite aware of this one; it is time to retire.

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