Supplies Diminished

No Four-Cheese Pizzas

One of the hallmarks of the United States is anything can be had. That, generally, is a good thing!

Since COVID hit, however, supplies have diminished. Diet Coke in one-litre bottles is difficult to find these days. Sure, two-litre bottles and 20-ounce bottles are on the shelves, but the size I like is often not available.

Today, after work, I grocery shopped for the children. Of late, I have ensured that there is plenty of food at home as dining out has become ridiculous with prices. To that end, Fritz enjoys frozen pizzas, specifically, he likes Red Baron Four-Cheese pizzas. Hey, one of these is $5.19 (less if I go to Walmart) compared to $15 and a drive to Hammonton for Bruni’s.

But there were no Four-Cheese pizzas today. WTF?

I have no explanation for the lack of the specific item he wants. They had Three-Cheese pizzas. I took the above photograph because The Boy would not have believed me. This is America—why is there no Four-Cheese pizza?

Say what you like, life today is not as good as it has been in the past in this regard.

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