Each day from today until next Thursday the students have early dismissals. It occurred to me today that if the public were to ask, “Why?” the response would be to provide the teachers time to break down the classrooms.

Five partial days to pack up the classroom plus a day (next Friday) to put away the stuff.

Yet, we are provided no time to set up the classroom in September.

Some might point to the half day that we have in the classroom that we do not have to attend meetings as time to set up the classroom. The problem with that time, however, is that it is also Open House time. That means that parents and students come into the classroom to meet the teacher, see where the desk is, etc. While I am meeting with parents and students, I am not setting up the classroom.

If it takes five partial days plus one full day to break down a classroom, it seems reasonable to think some time is needed to set up the classroom.

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