Casino Royale

After taking in the Barry Nelson 1954 version of this story, Fritz and I put on this version. Craig was awesome! While I had seen this before as I have owned it for many years (one of the first streaming movies I ever purchased). it was wonderful to take it in again.

Beautiful cinematography! This rebirthed the franchise and the character. While I enjoyed Pierce Bronsan, the Daniel Craig era rejuvenated the franchise.

Baccarat was replaced with Texas Hold’em. I can’t help but think that is because the audience doesn’t know the former these days. I liked the sub-story of why Le Chiffre needed the money. We received an interesting version of how the Vesper was created with a funny from Bond as a nod to Ian Fleming’s totally made up cocktail.

Really good flick even with the over-dramatic scene with Vesper at the end.

Of course, the torture scene was one for the books! Ouch!

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