Caveat Emptor

It’s my own fault. Stupid, me.

Began watching a whiskey YouTube channel. Like the guy and began binging his videos. He had a livestream where he reviewed several bottles of Blanton’s.


This bottle is much sought after, but hard to find. No, it’s not a Pappy Van Winkle. Just allocated and difficult to locate in so many locations. Chicago and my area among them.

Recently, my sister mentioned that her husband had been seeking Blanton’s. And with that thought, I sought a bottle online. I found one. Sure, the price was better than other sites, but it matched some prices some folks had reported a few months ago.

I then ordered the bottle only to have my card rejected. Huh?

Called the bank. It was processed outside the U.S. is why it was rejected. Great Britain? No problem. While on the phone with my mother, I clicked purchase.

As time went on, I began becoming suspicious. I had actually checked for reviews beforehand. I didn’t find any problems. But then I did a WHOIS on the domain. That began to give me pause. The e-mail response I got from the order gave me further pause. When I went back to the site, I saw something else that didn’t jive.

At that point, I called the bank. They weren’t quite certain how to proceed. I asked if the transaction could be blocked. Not out-and-out, but it was suggested shutting down the card immediately. That’s not a guarantee, but it should work.

We shut it down. This will affect many things, but it is okay. I can’t activate the card until tomorrow. Not certain why since I have it in hand today.

All this hassle just because I wanted to send my BIL a bottle of whiskey.

So, I’ve been questioning myself: how did this happen?

The further down the rabbit hole I go, the more I recognize what the issue is: online shopping. It’s what I do. I watch YouTube. I read Reddit. I become excited for something and then search Google for it in order to purchase it. That scenario is taking up too much of my life.

New card means Amazon doesn’t have my business unless I provide it the number. Amazon Prime is out the window at the end of the year. Perhaps six months early will be good for me.

I need to get out of this mode of living and instead just live. As simple as my life is, it still has room for improvement.

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  1. FWIW, shutting down the card immediately worked! The pending charge has dropped off now three days later. The charge was not funded by the bank. All worked as we had hoped.

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