Rumtopf: Cherries

22-06-18 Rumtopf: Cherries

Cherries have been the bane of my week. According to my research, cherries are in bloom in New Jersey, yet I can’t find them at the farm markets. Furthermore, what were once plentiful at Shop Rite seem to be missing now.

I was sent to Mood’s Farm. They told me I could pick my own. I wasn’t prepared to do that. What they didn’t tell me was that that was one day only. Ugh!

Fritz and I drove to Hammonton. We went out to Elk to an orchard there. I found four pints there ($11). They are not local bing cherries. This turned out to be the right amount. I thought I would need more, but I think that was a good amount.

I used the new cherry pitter I purchased. It worked pretty well. The size of the cherries was great as they sat atop the blueberries and kept them submerged. I still did not need any more rum in the pot.

And what I thought was going to be a problem with having a two-gallon pot is filling up. There’s still more room, but peaches are coming up, so I think I am in good shape. 🙂

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