Christian Family

The hollowness of the Catholic faith preaching Christian family is highly evident.

Fritz served as an altar boy at a Catholic church. His mother registered the entire family at this parish. The boy served every Sunday. I rallied three out of four Sundays a month to ensure he arrived by 7:30. I was so good at my parenting, I even got my atheist daughter to proclaim the word of the Lord in the choir.

Then overnight, my son decided not to attend any longer. He’s a teenager; he prefers sleeping in. I did not fight it. I like peace in my life.

One might think that when the parish lost its one and only altar boy who showed every Sunday without warning it might reach out to see what is up.

Not a word. It’s been months now. Three parishioners just disappeared without a trace. Not one phone call. Not one e-mail. Not one inquiry as to whether everything is okay or not.

That’s the Christian faith the way it is practiced. Tell me again about the good deeds of the church while you pay off the lawsuits for the priests you allowed to molest boys!

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