Disappointment on Father’s Day

Al Bundy’s greatest moment was scoring four touchdowns in a high school football game. I didn’t join the reunion for the Cape May Tornadoes. Living on past laurels isn’t my thing . . . so I say.

But here we were watching The Irishman. Great Father’s Day movie. When they flashed that Angelo Bruno was killed in Philadelphia in 1980, I mentioned that I remembered the photograph from the newspaper of that.

Then I did my Al Bundy. In 2000, I think, the Franklin Institute took me to dinner at an Italian restaurant in South Philly. Parking was a pain there. I had a spot right outside, however. As I got out, a vehicle arrived. Out came Joey Merlino and a couple young, hot women. I went into the restaurant and sat at our table. A little bit later, Merlino and the ladies came into the restaurant and were escorted to a back dining room.

Yeah, I told this story to my son to impress him, I suppose. Yup, I’m connected somehow. Pathetic!

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