Zombie Kittens

Zombie Kittens

This is a post in the My Things series on this blog. In it I chronicle items I own. I seek to describe why I own the item, whence it came, and what value it provides . . . and any other tidbits of interest.

Our family enjoys the Exploding Kittens games. We have all the expansions. Some cards are better than others, but the universe is great fun. We play regularly.

For Father’s Day Fritz got me this, the newest expansion for the franchise. I was unaware of this. From what I can tell, it was released a month ago.

This game introduces the ability to bring back players who are out of the game. Initially, I wasn’t quite certain. Once we played, however, we learned this is a fabulous edition to the game. The second time we played, we played with all the expansions. That turned out to be great fun! There are also cards that interact with the player even when he’s dead and awaiting his return.

Despite Beetle stealing and causing me to give up much of my perfect hand, I was able to persevere by stealing the Streaking Kitten back from Joey causing him to go out at the end with the Imploding Kitten face up as the last card in the deck.

Great times! We will play this much, I suspect.

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