Changing Habits

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

My simplicity journey is going well, but I recognized recently I still had room for improvement. I seem to spend much time researching new things. Even since vowing to address this, I spent last evening looking into things.

Just now I was about to go to Amazon to put the order together. Then it dawned on me—I am not doing this. And to that end, I added an obstacle the other day that has kept me from purchasing today.

When I was scammed, I shut down the debit card that was used. That card is registered with Amazon. I now have a new card, but I have not shared it with Amazon.

Despite having seven months remaining on my Amazon Prime subscription, I am refraining from purchasing. That means any little projects I want are going to be be sourced and funded elsewhere. My goal is that by December when I officially pull the plug on the subscription, I have rid myself of all purchases.

That began today.

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