I Miss Consequences

The consequence of a liberal society is saying “Yes” to everything.

The Paper Chase

The above quotation is one I have longed pointed to. It’s fruit is bearing presently.

  • Lose the school’s pencil case, there is no consequence.
  • Don’t return library book, there is no consequence.
  • Write something inappropriate in someone’s yearbook, there is no consequence.

The Chicago PD just updated its policy of foot pursuits. If a person flees, the police are forbidden from chasing. Stop or I’ll . . . let you go.

I see this close at home. My daughter has not suffered consequences. She is a master manipulator. Things done have never been her fault. There are always extenuating circumstances that always fall in her favor.

I’ve done her no favors in acquiescing to some of her antics over the years. But even the one who scolded me for being a poor role model would concede (I think) that I have attempted to hold her accountable.

The other day I was speaking with a retiring colleague and another teacher. Somehow the conversation shifted to responding to some of the behaviors that are encountered within the school system both from students and administration. We three all acknowledged that as older faculty members, the behaviors have little effect these days. We attributed it to the wisdom of growing older.

While I think that is involved (ultimately, none of this matters), I think there is a kernel of not caring that sets in. Johnny isn’t sent to the principal’s office any longer because the desired result is not found there. Johnny’s parents aren’t called any longer for the diatribe that is returned doesn’t produce the desired result either. Now Johnny has learned that his behavior is tolerated. That which is tolerated is gotten.

Vehicles drive all our town without licenses because there is no consequence for doing so. The police aren’t even permitted to pull these vehicles over.

I miss consequences.

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