A Fundamental Shift

Despite chastising myself over and over that I should not spend time researching things to purchase. But there I was once again looking at creating a home studio so I can vlog from 3-Cubed.

Sure, I have had a home studio before. I know what is involved. Sure, I don’t have a plan for what I would vlog about. Sure, I don’t need a thing to keep me busy. Sure, I don’t need more stuff. But there I was looking at stuff.

In my research, I watched a YouTube video of vlogger that had a studio similar to what I was thinking about. As I watched that video, I became uneasy with the amount of stuff is involved. Yes, I knew what was involved. Just seeing it: the wires, the light stands, the screens, reflectors, etc. was off-putting. Perhaps if I had a house for which I could dedicate an entire room to a studio my thoughts would be different. I don’t have that kind of space here. There is no way I would bring all that stuff into my life at this point. I liken it to going to someone’s house these days that is cluttered; it makes me uncomfortable (although, to each his own).

Rather certain that no vlogging studio will be added to my life any time soon.

Focus, Bob!

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