Last Word

Last Word

This series highlights the International Bartenders Association (IBA) The Unforgettables cocktails. I have decided to work my way through this series of cocktails to investigate the classics as I teach myself mixology and build out my home bar.

This is another cocktail I never heard of until I took on making cocktails I hadn’t researched this much, but I will say I have seen many folks speak to its wonderfulness.

That it includes green chartreuse, made me think I may not like it. I am not certain I ever had chartreuse before. I recall my father drinking it straight in the 1970s. I asked my mother about this. She said they both drank it. Her comments were that it was strong tasting. All that made me think it would be a concoction that would not be pleasing to me.

I also got lucky in getting this. There seems to be a drought in being able to purchase green chartreuse these days While a first world problem, it does concern me that here in America products can be difficult to find. I had driven to Eatontown to pick up absinthe. That trip netted three bottles I had trouble finding locally: absinthe, green chartreuse and Buffalo Trace as well as Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao.

Finally arrived at the Last Word in my journey through the IBA list. I noted that we were in the Aviation realm of cocktails. That should be good then. I truly appreciate the equal parts for each ingredient. The cocktail looked a bit more green than I recall seeing online. I note that I was mistaken; going back and checking, those drinks are green too.

For most of the cocktails I make, I prepare myself for the tasting. I mentally focus on the sip and taste what’s going on. I didn’t here as I had to break myself away from what I was doing to go and make this. Because of that, I just mixed and walked it back to the living room, taking a quick taste along the way.


This is probably the most balanced cocktail I have had. Everything just seems to flow together on this one. I checked online to see if others make this with different proportions as IBA seems different from others at times. I confirmed everything.

I am most impressed with this cocktail. I dare say, it may even be better than the Aviation.

Last Word

Last Word

Recipe by Robert OwensCourse: Cocktails, The Unforgettables


Prep time


Cooking timeminutes

IBA recipe


  • 22.5 ml Gin

  • 22.5 ml Green Chartreuse

  • 22.5 ml Maraschino Luxardo

  • 22.5 ml Fresh Lime Juice


  • Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  • No garnish

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