My Slippers Commercial

Some thoughts . . .

Slippers are not outdoor footwear. Having a plastic/rubber sole is not a selling point with me.

The regular price is $139? Who has ever paid that amount of money for these? Name one.

Taking $90 off and selling these at $50 is not a selling point. That is still too much for these.

Did you take note at all the trigger points? A folded flag. An eagle. A cross. Jesus. Note who they are trying to sell these to.

If there are “extremely low quantities” why the discount? It would seem that if you have a popular product that sells for $139 and there are only a few left, there would be no need to discount the product. Supply and demand would lead one to think the price would remain high.

Too many things for me to think about to consider this purchase. No, I don’t use slippers anyhow, but this campaign just seems artifical.

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