FoodSaver VS2110


This is a post in the My Things series on this blog. In it I chronicle items I own. I seek to describe why I own the item, whence it came, and what value it provides . . . and any other tidbits of interest.

About 20 years ago I purchased a FoodSaver. I used it quite regularly. It finally died. I definitely got my money’s worth from it. I did a little research to find a similar model. This is the one that seemed like it was in the space I work in (not the cheapest but not the most fancy either). I don’t need all the gadget attachments, etc.; just something to vacuum seal my meats.

I purchased this at Walmart in Vineland back in January for $120. Pretty certain Fritz was with me when I bought this. It works like a charm.

The tilted frame is convenient for loading the rolls. It also makes it easier to line up the edge of the bags for sealing. No frills. Just what I wanted.

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