Fables #2

Legends in Exile Chp2: The (Un)Usual SuspectsLegends in Exile Chp2: The (Un)Usual Suspects by Bill Willingham
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I’m liking this story.

Prince Charming is a douche. He tool money, a spare key, and left a note for Molly Greenbaum, the waitress, to do his laundry.

We see the pig from the straw house is camped out on the wolf’s couch. Apparently, he left the farm upstate for a night in the city. Fun interplay between he and the wolf.

The wolf and Snow White discuss the case of Rose Red. They interview Jack. Unlikely Jack is the culprit. We learn Jack and Rose broke up a year ago briefly. We then learn that Bluebeard dated Rose during that time. Apparently, Bluebeard and Rose are still together and engaged. We saw Bluebeard practicing fencing. He has offered $1.000,000 for the capture of who is responsible for Rose’s demise.

We also get a better understanding of this world. Fabletown has come about because of some event. Sounds like a battle was had and the fables lost to the Mundanes. Now the Fables have to work. Most fables lost their wealth during this, but Bluebeard held onto his and may have even captured some wealth of other fables. While it appears he lives in a small apartment, his entire castle is magically there . . . a costly thing to have.

Fun story thus far.

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