A Step Forward

I am a completist. Back in 2010 I wrote about rejoining Toastmasters to complete the Competent Communicator manual that I had walked away from several years earlier.

A similar situation is now in front of me, but instead of pushing on, I am walking away.

I have been working on The Unforgettables cocktails. It’s a list of classic cocktails that the International Bartenders Association (IBA) has listed. It’s been enjoyable, but I have learned a few things.

  1. The IBA isn’t the be-all, end-all of cocktails. I read a few comments and have found that to be the truth. Some of their proportions just aren’t right, some of their recipes are not as standard as others.
  2. I don’t need to be drinking alone . . . particularly as the academic year commences.
  3. I had decided on the cruise to wrap this up. It’ll take a while as I have lots of booze here. I am near the end of the list, but there is more booze to buy:
    • Red Tawny Port Wine
    • Drambuie
    • White Crème de Menthe
    • Bénédictine
      Those are some very specific alcohols that do not have a wide use. One barspoon of Bénédictine is needed for the Vieux Carrè, yet I would have an entire bottle of it. How long would it take to complete? Yup, I’m done.

There are some cocktails remaining on the list I can make with what I have. And then I will work through other cocktails I can make that I haven’t. Then I will re-visit those that I have to use up what I have. I already have some bottles that are like Bénédictine that probably won’t get a lot of use unless I repeat certain recipes over and over.

There will not be a feeling of regret for not finishing this list. I still like to complete things, but this list isn’t something I hold in esteem. It is something I reached for not knowing any better.

I’m improving, methinks.

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