Social Media: Consume or Create?

The above is a clip from Joshua Becker’s vlog today. He discusses how to use social media. He is absolutely offering advice. The problem with offering advice is that somewhere out there someone will disagree. That is me.

Unlike a lot of “minimalists”, Becker does not promote staying off social media. But as he states above, if one is one social media, he should create content.

I disagree.

The only social media platform I currently have/use is Facebook. I’m there for the consumption. Oh, I posted a couple river pictures from the cruise, but I don’t create content.

I am convinced no one cares for what I contribute. It’s been a lifelong lesson, but it is pretty well documented. Most people don’t care what others say. All they are interested in is responding and themselves. I am guilty of it as much as anyone else.

If I were truly engaged, I still would be more about driving traffic to this blog than I would be providing Facebook or some other company content. If I want my content consumed by others (people who presumably do not follow Becker’s advice) then I would post with links here. Yeah, I don’t do that.

Another reason I don’t post to social media is that almost everything I read there is virtue signaling on some level. From the outright political posts to the more subtle but nonetheless telling readers that doing it this way is the right thing. Are you part of the kewl kid club? Nope. Never was and I suspect I never will.

I’ve given up on the idea that I am going to change lives, provide inspiration, etc. I am living the Me life now. If anyone were to read this (unlikely despite it being public), he is free to judge that comment all he wants. I know my place. I know who I am. I do not feel obliged to play it the way others feel it ought to be. I write my rules regardless of others. I lived a decent number of years following “the rules”; it didn’t work. Now I do it my way.

Folks won’t see my content on other people’s web sites.

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One thought on “Social Media: Consume or Create?”

  1. The final line regarding not posting my content on other people’s sites hearkens back to geocaching. I have struggled for years with the idea that the players provide the content but the company makes the rules, restricts the content, etc.

    I get that the company deserves a cut and it does provide a service. But there seems to be a lack of acknowledgement whatsoever of the player in the business model.

    Anyhow, my sentiment stretches well beyond geocaching in that I have always looked at how my content serves other brands, but I can barely get a view here.

    I gave up on the celebrity and now just concentrate on me. That’s what the web site is all about. If others find value of some sort from reading it, fabulous.

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