Tanned, Relaxed & Ready

My father is an example of the man I strive to be. He taught me oh so many life lessons.

Dad had a tough life and passed far earlier than one would want. I never heard the man complain about his plight in life. I know he believed in an after-life for he expressed his desire to shed his physical body.

My father was hard-working. He was a drafting teacher and then a school administrator. He was always resourceful with a side hustle. He ran a duplicate bridge game from our living room and groomed poodles in a spare bedroom and our garage. Later, he built computers.

He was witty. He was respected. I recall meeting more than one former student who praised Dad for all he did to help the students secure jobs in local businesses.

Dad had a plethora of hobbies: models, terrariums, wooden pocketbooks, plants, cigars/pipes, woodworking, and later computing.

I miss him. I wish he lived to see my children; they would have loved their grandfather.

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