I began blogging in 2003 on Live Journal. That is back when one needed an invitation to get an account. A fellow geocacher helped me out with that.

After blogging there for about six months, I registered my first domain in October 2003. The original intent was a place for my geocaching activities; namely, a place where my buddies and I could plan our outings.

A year later, my blogging branched out to many different topics. For a short time, I ran several blogs, each with a specific topic (geocaching, politics, baseball, etc.). I gave up on that and merged them into one blog in January 2005.

A little more than a year later, after a spate of issues with my host, I moved to my current host. And very soon after that, to correct some database issues I had, I moved the blog to WordPress from e107.

For a long time the blog was named eCache due to my interest in GPS games, specifically geocaching. If you happen to see a reference to eCache, that is what it is about. 🙂

A few other names this blog has had over the years: 28J, Diurnal, Turned Leaf, Absolved, and Story Time.

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