Guiding Principles

  • I favor the elimination of authorities and agencies that circumvent government; namely being able to indebt through bonding without voter approval (ie CCIA)
  • I do not think elected officials should earn a pension or health benefits.
  • I do not think part-time government workers should earn a pension, health benefits, or any other benefit save a straight salary/stipend for the job.
  • I do not favor any salary, stipend, pension, health benefit, or benefit of any kind for Board of Election members. Such members should serve at their pleasure.
  • I favor eliminating New Jersey’s requirement for public school teachers to join a union or pay 85% of the union dues.
  • I do not favor extending driving privileges to illegal aliens/undocumented workers/people who are not citizens of the United States
  • 2018 is the year when the Millville ordinance that permits tax abatements will need to be re-authorized. I favor not renewing that ordinance. The ordinance as written permits a business to remain a one-employee business. Until the city can draft an ordinance that can require real full-time jobs that pay a living wage (not minimum wage), I do not favor any abatements. Yes, if Microsoft wanted to relocate here, I would provide tax incentives. If the abatement program has to permit tax breaks to guys who build storage areas, it’s not a program for the taxpayers to fund.
  • I do not favor the lunch (breakfast and dinner too) program at government schools. I feel that those who are in need of assistance receive that assistance via other means, therefore, the family should be responsible for preparing the meal for their children.
  • I believe in free speech. I may not care for what you have to say, but I respect your right to say it. Certainly government limits on speech are unacceptable. But I am against industry-wide limits too. Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon should not be able to silence a voice. We all benefit when there is a broad spectrum of speech. You win speech arguments on having a better argument, not by shutting down speech you find distasteful.
  • Life is unfair.
  • I do not drink alone.
  • The federal government has no role in education
  • I believe government should name a percentage of our income it will take and stick to that percentage. Make government work with that budget. One cannot increase the amount citizens pay beyond that percentage.

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