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Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Exciting! Had a Where’s George bill that I entered 20 years get a hit today. Wow! . . . Children are clever. Caught seven of the girls in my classroom texting one another. How did they do this? Opened a Google Doc and then shared it with each other. Yup, we gave them the tools to do this . . . Wrote my last lesson plan. Frankly, I have given up writing plans the last couple weeks. Shoot, they haven’t been checked in months. But I am taking my last personal day tomorrow. Had to write formal plans for the substitute . . . Longhorn has raised prices. First time I was in there in a long time. Excellent ribeye . . . Decided not to pursue D&D. Finally had things lined up to play. Then I began thinking about it. I think I am more interested in being a guy who plays D&D rather than actually playing it—particularly an hour away . . . Woke up a week ago not being able to hear. Couldn’t get to the doctor until today. Pulled out a plug of wax. Hearing immediately returned . . . Last Field Day today . . . I don’t understand why the teacher is not informed of a sick child who is sent home by the nurse or a child who is disciplined by administration . . . Watching a child change from a good child to one who gets into trouble because of the negative influence of another is sad . . . Have fond memories of dining at Perkins Pancake House across from Dorney Park while at the ‘berg. Used to study there late at night. Dined there last evening for nostalgic reasons. Had an upset stomach all night . . .

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Watching Game 7 of the 76ers vs. Celtics series. I haven’t seen a basketball game in several years. The game has changed. There is no inside game. Everyone shoots from the perimeter. If they miss, there is no one there to rebound . . . Spring allergies are kicking my butt . . . Spending this week planning trips I’ll never take . . . Thought I was going to become a woodworker from a second floor apartment without a balcony. My fantasy self appears to have no bounds . . . For someone who used to fancy himself a cook, I have sought ways to reduce the work I do preparing my food . . . I have to select health insurance and dental insurance for retirement. I haven’t a clue as to which plan to select and there appears to be no friendly help available . . . I’ve lamented previously that as divorced Dad, I am out of the loop. Apparently, Beetle called out of work again. I fear she will not be long as a working person in her current job . . . She also, it is reported, has been taking pregnancy tests. Oh yeah, that would provide more volatility to an already tumultuous lifestyle . . . I took my last field trip as a teacher yesterday. I am still exhausted . . . Looking to get back into braces. Everyone at TenBrook has a bubbly personality . . . Democrats and Republicans throw so much crap that it is difficult to take anything seriously any longer. That is how the Durham Report becomes ignored. I think there’s a lot there that should not be ignored, but the public cannot get a fair shake at the news any longer . . .

I Did Not Buy the Chicken

The grocery shopping list had ingredients to make a chicken dish that I like. Yet, I did not purchase those items, including the chicken.


I had other items I purchased. And when I reviewed my meals, I had everything covered for the next four days. Buying the chicken, sundried tomatoes, and basil now would bring too much food into the fold today. While the chicken and the sundried tomatoes can easily be stored, the basil will go bad before I get around to making this dish. Lord knows, I have encountered that before.

My lifestyle currently necessitates me going to the market more frequently than I used to, perhaps even more frequently than I want to. But it fits how I have structured my life. By keeping the food at a minimum at home, I have little/no spoilage. I can change up what I am going to eat, if desired, easily as it isn’t too long before I can have whatever change I want.

The real benefit, however, is that I don’t get too far out ahead of my skis, as it were. Sometimes I get it in my head that I am going to dine on this, and then that, and then this other thing, etc. I then purchase all those ingredients only to find myself not as motivated to do that cooking once at home.

It’s akin to shopping for things. I work it all up in my head so it sounds perfect, make the purchase, and then once that is over with, the reality of the thing settles in. It isn’t as exciting as it had seemed in the purchasing moment.

Current example: boomerangs. There seemed to have been almost an urgency last week to purchase this immediately so I could play with them this week. They arrived on Monday. I’ve yet to throw a boomerang. Sure, I can use the extremely windy days we have had as an excuse. It is true. But I also know the hype has died down regarding the boomerang since it arrived.

I’ve gotten better with this, but obviously there is still room for improvement. Proud of myself for not buying the chicken today. It’ll wait until the next round of lunches are needed.

Annata Wine Bar

23-03-10 Annata Wine Bar

Annata Wine Bar in Hammonton is a place I drive by regularly and have considered going to many times but never made it to until tonight. Given the name, I thought it would be wine only. I was surprised to find a full bar and a full restaurant.

The seats were quite comfortable but a tad low for the table.

Joined by 11 others all from work. Had a grand time. Lots of appetizers. Long hots were quite tasty as was the eggplant. Had Locatelli Encrusted Halibut with cannellini beans. baby spinach. prosciutto. San Marzano tomatoes. and roasted peppers. It was quite delicious but not the largest portion.

Fun evening out.

Food & Hobby Preparation for Tabula Rasa

Prepared food is what I prefer much of the time. Prepared as in I have cooked it ahead of time, not out of a box, can, or jar. Rice and beans, pulled chicken, pulled beef, California chicken, etc. so I can just go into the fridge and grab something to eat that is “healthy” without doing much work. I cook ahead and then eat easily.

Then, when I want something fancier, I go out and purchase those ingredients and cook that evening (steak, flounder and crabmeat, etc.).

But I have earned that it is important that I am ready for that meal. If I get an idea in my head, purchase the ingredients, and then don’t make the dish, I then lose interest in the dish. The ingredients decay, I toss them, and then feel guilty for the waste of ingredients, money, time, etc.

As a person living alone, this is a struggle. There is only so much food I can consume. So, I don’t bring a whole lot into the kitchen, but there is still waste as I branch out from my standard eggs, chicken, and steak meal plan.

It occurs to me that hobbies are similarly disposed. At maximal efficiency, I have a few things to work on. But I look forward to doing other things. Experience has kept me from going purchasing more things at this time.

In my mind I am trying to ensure that I bring on nothing new until July when I retire. There’s nothing I need at this time. Recognizing that I will begin a new life chapter in a few months, I am trying not to add anything that will feel obligatory once retired. No games, books, hobby supplies, etc. Rather, let me get to retirement and determine then what I want. I very much want to enter that phase of my life as a tabula rasa, as it were.