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21-05-08 KH0794

39.277417 -100.96075

Mingo Madness, Day 4
Bucket Day

The 20th anniversary celebration of Mingo (at 21 years) is also my 20th year geocaching. Mingo has been on my bucket list for much of that time. It finally happened this week. After a full few days of caching, today was set for a relaxed icon day with events, the Maze, escape room, and the focal point of the trip: GC30.

As we took in the town of Mingo during the Mingo Madness festivities, we noted this grain elevator.


39.422283 -74.951833

The October 2020 geochallenge of the month is to find a benchmark. Simple. 😉

I drive by here daily and have for years. They are growing and harvesting eggplants on the farm right now. As I drove by this morning, I thought of the geochallenge. The benchmark here is unique in that it is stamped BACARDI. It seems like an odd designation for Vineland, NJ. But it would serve well for the challenge.

I am not a rum drinker, but I stopped and picked up a mini for this video.

I returned to the farm. It was late enough in the day that all the workers had gone. I was prepared to explain what I was doing, if need be.

I am no actor. This is no great video, but it’s fun. A little more interesting (and cheesy) than a straight photograph.

NJGS 9038, New Jersey

10-09-04 WMYZB

39.27925 -74.962533

Looking to give the legs a bit of a rest from adding more chigger bites to them, I sought some waymarks today. My legs protested this one. In addition to the chiggers, the briars here are dense . . . particularly about the benchmark. Ha!

Found the place to pull over just fine. Knew, just knew I was going to go into the brush. Reading the description, I see I should have known that. I contemplated the approach. I selected the back entrance. I am not certain that was optimal approach. My legs were scratched as I went out in shorts.

Even folks who stop for a pee wouldn’t select this spot, so I am sure the mark will remain another 73 years just fine.

Thanks for the hunt.

CGS&SS 30, New Jersey

10-09-04 WMYZE

39.290033 -74.968317

Well, what do you know? Something on a corner I would have never walked to if it hadn’t had this benchmark.

This is a highly familiar intersection. The Wawa there is a common stop on runs southerly as it was today. I always liked this location, although the parking lot is a bit narrow as one cuts from Mauricetown to 47.

Anyhoo . . . I walked across. The house there is for sale. I can’t say I am surprised, but who would purchase it? It’s a busy intersection and traffic backs up here for several months of the year.

The benchmark was easily spotted. It seems like it has had a long history of being hit with a weed whacker.

Thanks for the hunt.


ATSION AZ MK 2 Benchmark

39.737102 -74.727291

I’ve been lax logging benchmarks of late. Having driven by this umpteen-hundred times during my lifetime, I finally stopped and took the damn photograph instead of saying, “I’ll get it another time.” Frankly, I didn’t even do that. Ken was banging a U-y after being distracted by a park ranger on a flatbed being hauled up 206 North. We had wanted to turn down Railroad Avenue. As he circuled the rec area entrance he said I should take the photograph. Door-to-door service was pretty nice. 🙂

This is the marker on 206 South at the entrance of the Atsion Recreation Area.


07-05-22 JU2981

39.422286 -74.951839

I had previously found this to satisfy a terracache. This is definitely on private property. The house has a new porch since I was last here.

The name of the benchmark, Bacardi, intrigues me. The only Bacardi I know is the rum. Why does Vineland, NJ have this name?