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Locked in Manumuskin

22-04-15 GC6Z72Z

39.345517 -74.97625

Buba2u suggested we stop by this after the Jersey Devil final. It’s interesting to hunt a geocache one had a hand in. This was not hidden in the same location of the preserve in which I had originally placed it, so it was fun hunting it down. We got in without much trouble.

All is in good shape with this one.

Thank you for keeping this one going; I appreciate it.

Jersey Devil #48-Bonus Final

22-04-15 GC830GK

39.338717 -74.992733 (disguised)

This series has been a long-time coming to get to this one.

It’s been a long time comin’
It’s goin’ to be a long time gone.

David Crosby, Long Time Gone

I began this in September 2020 as part of a challenge I completed that month. Then I shelved it until recently (although I think I picked up one or two at some point). It wasn’t even planned, but there I was in the middle of the woods on a beautiful day so I gobbled up a bunch of these. That left a manageable number to complete.

As I continue to heal from my knee surgery, this has been good exercise for me. Wrapped this up a week or two ago. Buba2u and I decided to go for this final together as he had finished the series too.

We met up and took the stroll out on this beautiful morning. Made it to ground zero without incident and found the cache. All is in fine shape with this one.

Thank you for this series that was my kind of caching; I appreciate it.


22-04-13 GC1509

39.091833 -94.56385

Last day of my trip. It’s cold. I do not have clothes for this weather with me. I guess the storm that rolled last night reversed the seasons.

Decided to play tourist instead of geocacher today. Visited the nearby museums. Spent close to four fours there before heading to Arthur Bryant’s for brisket. Yum!

Thank you for highlighting this as it is in keeping with with my day; I appreciate it.

I-29 Interstate Highway Challenge

47.92185 -97.10155


We all have different approaches to how we geocache. I am one who does not usually like to sign challenge caches unless I have already qualified. Why? It creates work for me. It sits there taunting me. It’s like I’ve done the work (found the cache) but haven’t gotten the credit. So, I don’t usually sign challenges ahead of time.

But other people play differently. And there we were last July geocaching North Dakota when flowers22 began navigating us to a lot of challenges. This was one of them that I figured I would never log as that was the first time ever in North Dakota. I didn’t see Iowa along I-29 ever coming into my life.

Advance forward to late February. My new knee began feeling better and I began looking at a bunch of these challenges. It was then I hatched a plan. I flew out to KC the other day and decided to get the MO and IA caches. Of course, I DNFd the first IA cache I had targeted. The substitute was 10.5 miles from the second targeted, so once again I had to find a substitute. But it has all worked out! Woo hoo!

This has turned out to be a most satisfying experience. Thank you for the challenge; I appreciate it.

North Dakota
GC2J5FH Trading post 152 18 July 2021
GC2YA59 Am I Blue? 18 July 2021

South Dakota
GC61WB0 138 – Run to the Border (N) 22 July 2021
GC61X6W 46 – Run From the Border (S) 22 July 2021

GC58DQK Milestone Trail – Century 1 Difficulty Challenge 11 April 2022
GC58DTX Milestone Trail – 200 Finds in a Day Challenge 11 April 2022

GC8AQ62 Saint Francis’s Mailbox 12 April 2022
GC3NXMV Puppy Play Place 12 April 2022

KC#3 “Brickyards”

22-04-12 GC88C1

39.08 -94.5863

’twas here for the Adventure Lab. Truly an awesome site! As I walked back to the vehicle, I noted this waypoint. Might as well . . .

Night was setting in as I scoured for the correct brick. 🙂 It’s always nice when a geocache has a powerful view; this one meets the bill!

Thank you kindly for listing this for me to find; I appreciate it.

Memorial Cache

22-04-12 GCQ02Z

39.0098 -94.68325

Was working on the Adventure Lab when I came across this waypoint. Y’ever have the feeling everyone is in on something that you aren’t? That’s how I felt with stage one of this.

Went to the coordinates. It seems like a likely place for something to be there, but I didn’t find anything. Keep thinking this is different than what I was looking for.

Rather than become frustrated, I just moved on.

Thank you for placing this for me to seek; I appreciate it.

Corner Cupboard

39.010833 -94.685383

22-04-12 GC8V8PG

Had finished my To-Do list for this trip. I am on gravy time now. Decided to knock out theAdventure Lab here. Look at that, there’s a cache nearby.

Found this without incident. I noted, however, that a portion of the structure has been destroyed on the opposite side. Sure hope a geocacher didn’t do that.

Logged in and returned.

Thank you for being part of my day; I appreciate it.

1840 Shawnee Indian Cemetery

22-04-12 GCA555

39.021117 -94.712317

A cache so nice I found it twice!

‘Tis true. Back in 2006 I was here visiting my sister. She brought me here. At that time I didn’t log caches. Finally registered a new account in 2016. I like revisiting some of these caches far from home. Flew out the other day and have been touring the countryside. Finished up with the To-Do list, but I still wanted this one. Had the wrong GC# so went and found a different cache before this. Had to message my sister. She came up with it. She no longer lives here. Turns out this was here very first find. That confuses me because I know she lived in Iowa when the GPSr was gifted to her. Must have waited a couple years. 😁

Lovely location. It’s nice to be back.

Thank you for keeping this one going so I could return to it; I appreciate it.