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Winslow Wildlife

39.693867 -74.922417

We found this one!

This was easy compared to what we did on the other side of the Expressway. We need to learn to read our maps more carefully. We contemplated crossing the Expressway on foot. Gert nixed that idea. She is so wise.

Once we found the proper approach, this was easy. Saw a man fishing nearby.

Gert found this one. We took the casino chip and left the flag pin I took out of the swamp at Twin Pines yesterday.

Thanks for the cache!


Webelos Lakeside Cache In

39.816567 -75.0056

Sigh . . . I came up empty on this one. I used the cheat to verify I could go on the property.

I searched and searched and did not find this. Perhaps it is there beneath the leaves, but I would be surprised. I am rather certain I went through everything back there.

If you can, would you verify it is still back there. It probably is . . . I am sure I missed it.



39.83925 -74.931217

Well, the second time was a winner. Gert wasn’t with me so I explored that road we first thought was a driveway. D’oh. That was the ticket.

I got turned around initially. I knew I was close, but was getting strange readings for a bit.

I saw four men fishing. Seemed to be a lot of trash about. I too am interested in what this place used to be. Neat.

I took the BASS sticker. I put in two golf balls. One was from the Easy Find cache and the other was one I found on my way to this cache.


2 Part Trek


39.807583 -74.589467

I spent over an hour yesterday and another hour today searching for this one with no luck.

I am pretty sure I am in the right spot. I took photographs of the logs. I have scoured the rest of the area.

With the last log being a month and a half, I wonder if this one is still around. There were so many beer bottles around.

If there is any way to confirm this cache, I would appreciate it. I may, however, just be daft.


EasyFind #1

39.808883 -74.922717

This was easy to find, although I got turned around. It was right there and I missed it for a while. Silly me.

I think I took a golf ball from here. I do not remember what I left. A Where’s George bill perhaps.

Thanks for the cache.


Lonely Twin Pines

39.879833 -74.525917

Found this one early this morning. It was still cold out, but had a nice brisk walk. I finally found a positive about our current drought. My my that would be a toughy if it were wet.

I love the trail. I think we are going to look to camp up there come spring.

Cache was in good condition. I took a USA Flag pin and left a Rudolph pin. We’ll see if anyone finds it b4 Christmas.

Thanks for this cache.