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GGACMS Holes 5-18

Finished! I had been hopeful to go back out yesterday, but it wasn’t meant to be.

As I sat in Friendly’s today frustrated that one cannot have eggs after noon, I decided I needed to get on the bike to work off the french fries I had with my burger in lettuce wrap. I’m such a geek!

This was the easy leg of the course as seven holes were lumped together. It feels good to be out on the bike. I like my time rushing up and down Cedar Road.


GGACMS Holes 1-4

Yesterday Gert suggested I ride the Hardrock down to Beetle‘s softball game. Yes, that sounded good. I’ve been talking about getting the bike out this spring and just have not. The bug hit.

This morning I loaded a GeoGolf course I created last summer and loaded it into Rocky. I couldn’t find the cable that I had just recently. Hmmm . . . anyhow, used a different one. All was set.

It seems to me I must have changed the settings for the GeoGolf course as some of the holes were further than what I used to walk. I vaguely remember thinking about that last summer. Probably thought I could go further on the bike than I could on foot. I checked the batteries. While not at full power, I thought I had plenty of juice. Not so. They died at hole #4. I wasn’t too upset; I was already bushed. 🙂

I need to get my batteries set up again. I should have spares on the bike. It felt good to get a few miles on my legs. My butt hurts. But I feel good! I am not certain about riding 12 miles at the end of the month like I have floating in my head right now. Perhaps I will stick to my June plans. Ha!

GGACLL: Specialized Nighttime


Score: 18 strokes
Course description: Well here I done got me a new bike. Installed some lights
on it today and figured I take her out for a spin tonight.

Time: 37:18
Distance: 3.98 mi.

Hole: GGACLL-01
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:35:40 UTC: Outside 475 Val Lane.

Hole: GGACLL-02
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:35:58 UTC: Across from 1305 Cedar.

Hole: GGACLL-03
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:36:23 UTC: Outside the blue house . . . been here several times

Hole: GGACLL-04
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:36:56 UTC: Tree right b4 the last house before the turn to the
horse farm.

Hole: GGACLL-05
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:37:20 UTC: @ Porreca’s horse farm. New signage up.

Hole: GGACLL-06
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:38:00 UTC: On the cul-de-sac of the former Dallas Airmotive.

Hole: GGACLL-07
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:38:27 UTC: Same exact hole as #6.

Hole: GGACLL-08
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:39:06 UTC: At the lightpole, which mysteriously turns off every
time I approach it.

Hole: GGACLL-09
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:41:37 UTC: As I peddled up Airmotive, the cacophony from the trees
was immense. I guess it is some sort of beetle making those noises.
Unbelievably loud.

Anyhow, this one played at the entrance of the driveway that I believe is the
eastern entrance to the horse farm.

Hole: GGACLL-10
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:42:59 UTC: There’s a development being built back here. There are
orange construction cones, some soft sand, and other protruding objects right
here. It really is the only dangerous spot to peddle at night. I knew what to
expect as I peddle over this daily.

Hole: GGACLL-11
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:43:41 UTC: Ingraldi’s farm is on the other side of this row of

Hole: GGACLL-12
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:45:39 UTC: On the cul-de-sac of Acorn. Played closer to the
driveway of the house than most holes that have been here.

Hole: GGACLL-13
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:47:30 UTC: Identical to #12.

Hole: GGACLL-14
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:47:48 UTC: Outside house with skateboard ramp.

Hole: GGACLL-15
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:48:39 UTC: So dark in here I couldn’t get a house number. Second
house on western side of Val after Geissel.

Hole: GGACLL-16
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:49:06 UTC: Outside 1410 Cedar.

Hole: GGACLL-17
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:49:34 UTC: Outside 1401 Cedar. There’s a freshly killed cat in
the road near here.

Hole: GGACLL-18
Strokes: 1
2011-07-18 01:50:27 UTC: There aren’t many houses on Rieck in this stretch.
This played at the mailbox of the one that has the bright light nearby.

GGACEM: Thank You, For a Real Good Time

09-08-17 GGACEM

Score: 18 strokes

This 6.6km course was just the thing I needed on this muggy evening. It looks like we’ll actually have air conditioning tomorrow. The long wait is ending; the compressor was installed today.

Anyhow, the music for this jaunt was The Dead’s Independence Day show. The band is pretty tight despite the month and a half off. I ended the walk with a funked up Loose Lucy. As I approached home, the line Thank you for a real good time summed up the course.

Hole: GGACEM-01
39.3774, -75.0703
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 00:55:17 UTC: 2009-08-16T19:47Z

The decision to do this course tonight was made late. I was scrambling for things. On my way out the door, I grabbed the camera. I was going to leave it, but I have adopted the policy to always have it on hand . . . just in case.

Well, as I approached hole #1 I realized why I had the camera. It’s too bad I didn’t de-fog the lens; it would have helped. Anyhow, I came upon 20 wild turkeys outside Dallas Airmotive. Those turkeys can scramble quickly.

The hole played in the middle of the lot there. I was seven meters from where I stopped the video.

Hole: GGACEM-02
39.3771, -75.0706
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 00:57:38 UTC: 2009-08-16T19:48Z

This one was very close to the first hole. It too played in the lot a little closer to Bogden.

Hole: GGACEM-03
39.3801, -75.0718
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:01:26 UTC: 2009-08-16T19:59Z

To get to this from the airport, I walked down Cedar. As I did, I spotted what I thought was a huge mushroom. On closer inspection, I realized these were cheap Christmas ornaments discarded on the side of the road. What would possess someone to dump them here? Anyhow . . .

This played on the side of Cedar across from the entrance to Ingraldi’s farm. I stood at the utility pole marked 82 1929 MV.

Hole: GGACEM-04
39.3796, -75.0729
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:05:15 UTC: 2009-08-17T23:24Z

Back towards the airport I went. I was still on the shoulder of the road. Four meters was as close as I was willing to get with the traffic. This was just before the Cedar Road entrance to the former Bradco company in the industrial park. It is now closed and the sign has been turned backwards.

Hole: GGACEM-05
39.3790, -75.0742
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:06:44 UTC: 2009-08-17T23:26Z

This was outside the Thunderbolt Federal Credit Union. On the road was a blue marking with the number 75 painted there. This is one of those pointing to a sewer, gas line, etc. I don’t know what it was, but this area has a lot of those markings.

Hole: GGACEM-06
39.3829, -75.0738
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:09:58 UTC: 2009-08-17T23:36Z

On the way to this, I again passed Ingraldi’s farm. The sky was very peaceful this evening.

Anyhow, this hole played on what I call Geissel, but I think is actually named Acorn. This turnaround next to the farm (it would a cul-de-sac I suppose it there was a house at the end) is a popular location for the llamas. Today it played next to the driveway. There are six cars associated with this dwelling.

Hole: GGACEM-07
39.3829, -75.0738
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:11:10 UTC: 2009-08-17T23:37Z

Well, this is a new one for me; the llamas put the same exact coordinates for two consecutive holes. That’s correct, hole six and seven are identical. Go figure!

Hole: GGACEM-08
39.3830, -75.0736
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:12:58 UTC: 2009-08-17T23:37Z

Not only were the last two holes identical, this hole was something like 13 meters away. The previous holes played at the driveway. Well, the driveway goes around the house. This hole played at the other end of the driveway where cars exit the property.

I worked really hard for these three holes. 😉

Hole: GGACEM-09
39.3836, -75.0724
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:14:42 UTC: 2009-08-17T23:39Z

Acorn is only about four houses long. I had already completed three holes at the far end. Before I could exit the street, there was another hole to play. This is across from the house on the corner I pass daily. They have cleaned up the place since they purchased it. This is the one with dark red trim and shutters.

Hole: GGACEM-10
39.3827, -75.0712
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:16:14 UTC: 2009-08-17T23:41Z

This is outside the Stowe’s house. They too have six vehicles plus the A-class in their yard. This played a little closer to Cedar than yesterday’s hole. I had a good look at the house across the way of the guy who recently cleared most of his backyard.

Hole: GGACEM-11
39.3835, -75.0707
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:17:15 UTC: 2009-08-17T23:44Z

This hole played in front of the house that has the really nice flowers on Val Lane. Across the street were a number of children and a couple of adults with dogs. All were lounging on the lawn.

Hole: GGACEM-12
39.3820, -75.0703
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:19:32 UTC: 2009-08-17T23:47Z

Two very loud dogs reside here. Every time I walk by they yap up a storm. But you can never get me can you, you little pesky things?!?!?

Anyhow, I took five meters just so I could get away from them; even with Silver (the iPod) cranked, the dogs interrupted a hot Eyes of the World. Bad doggies.

Hole: GGACEM-13
39.3827, -75.0687
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:21:10 UTC: 2009-08-17T23:55Z

This was scored in the middle of the roundabout at the cul-de-sac on Debbie. It appears all the houses at this end have some shade of brown on their homes. Interesting. The one house at the corner with Robert is for sale. Anyhow, I split the three homes here.

Hole: GGACEM-14
39.3827, -75.0675
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:22:07 UTC: 2009-08-17T23:58Z

This played on Brenda right before Cedar. I was a step away from where the sidewalk begins. A cab for an 18-wheeler was in the driveway of the house on the corner.

Hole: GGACEM-15
39.3804, -75.0652
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:24:22 UTC: 2009-08-18T00:04Z

I made a mistake on this hole. I was convinced this was on David by the horse farm. Because of that, I overshot this hole. When I got to David, I looked at Rocky and realized I was 90 meters beyond the hole.

The house the hole was in front of is on the southern side of the street. No house number was visible. There were some tall thin bushes in front of the house. The mailbox was a red car. Cute.

Hole: GGACEM-16
39.3816, -75.0668
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:25:55 UTC: 2009-08-18T00:07Z

This played also on Porreca closer to Cedar. This too had no house number. The mailbox nearby was an oversized metal box. This was one house closer to Cedar than 8 Porreca from yesterday. I’ll take a wild guess and state it is 6 Porreca Drive. 🙂

Hole: GGACEM-17
39.3812, -75.0695
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:28:45 UTC: 2009-08-18T00:09Z

Ingraldi’s farm is up the road on Cedar. They run a farm stand on Cedar directly across from Rieck. We come here frequently for fresh fruit and vegetables. Silver Queen corn is running now. This is why New Jersey is known as the Garden State. Yeah, we have tomatoes, blueberries, cranberries, lima beans, and other good stuff too.

This played at the northern entrance to the farm stand. It closes at 6:00 during the week.

Hole: GGACEM-18
39.3806, -75.0707
Strokes: 1
2009-08-18 01:32:48 UTC: 2009-08-18T00:11Z

On the other side of the farm stand is the Stowes. After that is another house that has the entrance to the farm. This played at that house. They have a huge side yard on the northern side. Since yesterday, someone came by and made a U-turn. You can tell as they left their wheel tracks on the lawn. Disappointing . . .

I was at the utility pole 79 1926 MV when I holed this one.

GGACEL: How Long Blues

GA09-08-16: GACEL

Score: 18 strokes

A Sunday afternoon stroll with two visits to the country’s first defense airport. The music selection was a soundboard recording of the Grateful Dead from 12 February 1989. Special guests that evening were Spencer Davis (I saw him several months earlier with the Dead in Philly) and Bob Dylan. Davis had the band break out How Long Blues, a song they had not played in 1236 shows (19 years). Bobby also broke out Monkey and the Engineer, which had been in moth balls for 495 shows (eight years). It was the last time the band played those songs.

It was a good way to spend the afternoon. Going in order, this measured 10.6 km for me.

Hole: GGACEL-01
39.3779, -75.0697
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 01:45:13 UTC: 2009-08-16T19:47Z

I always marvel at how the llamas work. I was just here the other day. Interestingly, for a business that closed up shop a couple years ago, there were a dozen or so vehicles parked here on a Sunday.

I saw a 4-wheeler buzz pass as I was zeroing out. This played in the middle of the road next to the horseshoe stretch of grass.

Hole: GGACEL-02
39.3782, -75.0693
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 01:47:46 UTC: 2009-08-16T19:48Z

This was just a handful of meters away from hole number one. This played at the back end of the circular turnaround before the woods. It is reminiscent of a cul-de-sac, without the houses.

The engine does a good job of holding holes to the roads. Congratulations on knowing where the roads end.

Hole: GGACEL-03
39.3760, -75.0662
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 01:51:27 UTC: 2009-08-16T19:59Z

This was a street I have never been on. At our little municipal airport there is an industrial park. This is one of the streets in the park. There is a wire/cable company on the left. Whatever business was on the right is long gone.

Again, this hole played at the very end of the street before the woods. It appears there is a trail here. I am hesitant to explore off-road here since the airport is all around. Across the woods is the horse farm.

Things were very quiet here today.

Hole: GGACEL-04
39.3794, -75.0647
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 01:54:05 UTC: 2009-08-16T20:22Z

While this hole was only about 400 m from the last hole, I had to walk back out of the airport, down Cedar, up Porreca, and down Davis. Davis is one-house long. It connects Porreca to the horse farm. This is at least the third hole I have played here. I think the llamas like the horses. I know I do.

Hole: GGACEL-05
39.3812, -75.0663
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 01:55:35 UTC: 2009-08-16T20:27Z

Back down Porreca Drive from the horse farm. This played at the property line of 10 Porreca Drive, a brick facade house.

Hole: GGACEL-06
39.3814, -75.0666
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 01:57:09 UTC: 2009-08-16T20:28Z

I walked one house back toward Cedar to 8 Porreca Drive to reach this hole. While this course was spread out, certain holes were clumped together. This house was a pale yellow. There was a green motorcycle parked out front.

Hole: GGACEL-07
39.3808, -75.0704
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 01:58:31 UTC: 2009-08-16T20:32Z

This was at the western end of Albert Stowe’s property. He is the one who telephoned the police five years ago when I totaled my car across the street.

Hole: GGACEL-08
39.3804, -75.0711
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 02:00:37 UTC: 2009-08-16T20:34Z

A mere 75 m from the previous hole, this one played at the mailbox of the second house west of Ingraldi’s farm market and next door to the Stowes. There is no number on the house or mailbox that I saw. It was a green plastic box.

Hole: GGACEL-09
39.3829, -75.0738
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 02:30:51 UTC: 2009-08-16T20:41Z

A mere few feet from a hole the other day. With it being a Sunday, vehicles were parked on the cul-de-sac next to the farm. I did not spend the time zeroing out once I got below 10 m. I stood beside a pole tagged BT1263.

Hole: GGACEL-10
39.3841, -75.0741
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 02:32:16 UTC: 2009-08-16T20:46Z

This hole played at the corner of Ash & Peach. The house this was at was 434 Peach. The corner of their lot has white stones. I stood beside them.

Hole: GGACEL-11
39.3827, -75.0712
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 02:33:57 UTC: 2009-08-16T20:51Z

This is another Stowe family living here. I believe they own the farm behind the property. Anyhow, the side yard has an A class trailer inside a chain link fence. On the fence is a sign that says, ‘Beware of Dog’.

Hole: GGACEL-12
39.3827, -75.0701
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 02:35:55 UTC: 2009-08-16T20:54Z

This hole played in the middle of the street between 459 and 461 Val Lane. It’s a quiet street in Cedarwood Village.

Hole: GGACEL-13

39.3840, -75.0663
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 02:37:05 UTC: 2009-08-16T21:02Z

This hole played outside 467 Lance Court. The house is a light gray with white trim. This is on the cul-de-sac.

Hole: GGACEL-14
39.3834, -75.0680
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 02:38:34 UTC: 2009-08-16T21:10Z

This played on Brenda near Robert. The house on the corner has a yellow fire plug on its property. It was nearby. The hole played between it and the property line.

Hole: GGACEL-15
39.3812, -75.0700
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 02:40:12 UTC: 2009-08-16T21:15Z

This was right where my accident was. There was enough traffic when I arrived not to wander out into the road to zero this out. I got to nine meters from the shoulder of Rieck.

Hole: GGACEL-16
39.3802, -75.0717
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 02:40:56 UTC: 2009-08-16T21:18Z

This played right outside 1420 Cedar, which is a little rancher.

Hole: GGACEL-17
39.3797, -75.0726
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 02:42:19 UTC:

This was at the entrance of Ingraldi’s farm. I did not see any workers today. This is one of the sites selected on which to build the new high school. We are all hoping it isn’t here. Where would we go to pick

Hole: GGACEL-18
39.3772, -75.0726
Strokes: 1
2009-08-17 02:45:34 UTC: 2009-08-16T21:25Z

Back at the airport for this one. I ended up in the middle of an access road to Aviation Support Services. Invigorating. I went and cooled off over at a friend’s house.

GeoGolf, Grateful Dead & 12 of 12

12 of 12 August 2009

I used to joke that the best part of summer was that I was afforded a nap daily. It is a nice thing, however this summer I have not been napping as much. The boy goes down, Gert usually does too. Beetle calms down most days in the afternoon and works on something and I am able to read.

Today I was in the mood for a walk. It was humid and the skies were threatening all day. I found myself with a GPSr in my hand, the camera in my right pocket, and the iPod in my shirt pocket. It was a good afternoon playing a geogolf course while listening to a hot Grateful Dead show (2 March 1981) and taking my photographs for 12 of 12. Synergy.

GGACAU: 12 of 12

09-08-12 GGACAU

Hole 1
This was at the very end of Geissel Drive at the edge of the street and the small patch of woods that separates the residential street from Ingraldi’s Farm.

Nothing’s shakin’ on Shakedown Street.

Robert Hunter, Shakedown Street

What a great way to begin this course.

Hole 2
This hole played in the middle of Cedar Road across from what is now Thunderbolt Area Federal Credit Union. It was closer to the north side of the road. The sign for the Flight Line restaurant was nearby.

Hole 3
This hole played in the parking area of the former Dallas Airmotive business that left town a few years ago. Interestingly, nearby on a stretch of grass was a horseshoe game set up. The horseshoes were propped up on one of the pegs.

It was really humid out. Just as I holed this one, a huge boom of thunder caused me to jump. I wasn’t certain I would finish this course in one outing at this point.

Hole 4
This hole played back toward home. After the scary thunder, a huge bolt of lightning cracked nearby. The wind kicked up and it was easy to see the dark clouds rolling in. I figured I would keep on playing as I would be close enough at this point to run for shelter when the rain came.

This hole played behind the on the cul-de-sac with the basketball hoop. This is next to the two barking dog house.

Hole 5
This was holed outside 8 Porreca Street. This was the first of four holes along this street.

Hole 6
This was holed outside an unmarked house (the number was not on the mailbox). I believe it was 16 Porreca Drive, but I may be mistaken. The house was white with Carolina blue trim. The trim was rather bright. Of course, the house to the left of it was Carolina blue with white trim, so I suppose it could have been worse. 😉

Hole 7
There was another hole, dashpoint, Minute War location, etc. near here that I played. This is at the fence where David (really just a small street) turns to a private drive. This looks out onto the horse farm back here. It is beautiful here.

Hole 8
This scored outside a yellow house across the street from hole #6. The owner of the house was in his yard, so I passed with trying to ero this out and took the quick stop distance so as not to have explain myself. 😉

Hole 9
This was scored just south a foot or two of the median at the entrance of Sherwood Forest II.

Gert and I looked at a house here when we were house hunting. The owners had not done a good job maintaining the house. They were smokers and I distinctly recall the gray laced curtains. They had re-painted a bathroom deep purple and left the roller in the tray. It had dried in the paint. Yuck!

Hole 10
At 455 Lance Drive. This street was still being built when we moved out this way. There are a few nice homes, like one directly across the street from here. Gert would have liked a Cape Cod.

I spotted a couple people distributing lightbulbs as part of Project Porchlight when I headed here. One of them posed for me. I saw him later on the course. He asked me what I was doing. I explained geogolf and the 12 of 12 project. He asked if I wanted him to pose again. Sure thing, buddy. 🙂

Hole 11
This was scored at the property line in the backyard of the house that actually faces Geissel, but I was on Lance. This is the house that has all of the children’s toys and apparatus in the yard but no fence.

There is a concrete marker a yard or so away to indicate the property line.

Hole 12
As I headed to this one, a very upbeat Playin’ in the Band came on. There I was boppin’ down the street with the headphones on singing along. I am sure I was a spectacle.

This hole played in the middle of Cedar Road. I scored it from the edge of the road so as not to have to play Frogger with the traffic.

There was a rather large dog in the yard of the house on the corner. I do not think he was leashed, but he minded his own business.

Hole 13
This played at the house that is for sale. It is tan/brown with green trim. This is along the stretch of tar sidewalk that is uneven, cracked, and in poor shape.

Hole 14
This scored outside what we affectionately have dubbed the Red Roof Inn. It’s a house, but with a lot of red trim, including the roof. The yard is always in tip-top shape. The owner is a local celebrity of sorts.

Hole 15
This is scored outside the Dods’ home. I only know the name as they have it on the mailbox. We used to know the family who lived here. We had looked at purchasing their home prior to their move here. Unfortunately, they divorced soon after they purchased this home.

Hole 16
This is back where I officially began this course. It was here that I ran into the Project Porchlight guy again. I should have been able to zero out here, but was chasing my tail and just accepted the five meters.

I’ve always been amazed at the addition to the nearby road sign. I am certain a juvenile did that.

Hole 17
This was a house and a half from hole #1. Across the street is a yellow Cape Cod I have always liked. It’s big. It looks like it needs a little work now, but don’t all of our homes? The house right before this has a skateboard ramp stored on its sidewalk.

Hole 18
Outside 1608 Ash, which is a white house with black trim. This house is actually on the corner of Ash and Peach.

On my way back home from this last home, the sky opened up. It has been raining ever since.

GGACAT: Inaugural Ball


What a wonderful day! The peaceful transfer of power is a hallmark of our republic. After a three-day weekend, it was back to the grind today. It would be easy to take the evening off and watch television. Add to it that it was 24°F and my wife is under the weather, why would I go outside at night?

Well, I am loving the restrict to streets option. That has put into play my neighborhood. No longer do I have to worry about holes ending up in the middle of the farms or the airport. I can now play close to home. So I broke out my head gear, put in new batteries, and took off after the boy went to bed.

At night walking along a county road was far less scary than downtown in broad daylight. Yesterday I had walked a hole at 2nd and Mulberry. A few hours later a murder occurred right there. 🙁 I like my side of town better. 🙂

The music of choice this evening was The Traveling Wilburys Vol. I and the first five songs of the Dave Matthews Band Under the Table and Dreaming. I completed these 18 holes in exactly 60 minutes.

This course was not set up optimally to complete in order, but I decided since it was forced into such a small area, it didn’t matter and I could re-trace my steps easily enough. So, with that in mind I set out for the first hole.

I crossed Cedar. There’s one lone house on the north side of the farm stand. This hole played just north of that next to the banks of trees that line the road. I scored 5m there.

Back across Cedar I went and across Rieck. This, of course, is where I totaled my car a few years back. Just past there, across the street from the Stowes I scored this hole right before the little house, the first one south of Rieck.

Continuing up Cedar southbound I walked to this hole. I could not see a house number here. I was at 7m at the mailbox, which was rather tall (shoulder height). It was next to a white lamp post. This is the last house before the farm.

This hole was ~30 feet shy of the exit to the former TD Bank, albeit on the west side of Cedar. I didn’t know this bank had closed. Hmmm . . . I never expected a bank to make it at this location, so I am not surprised, but I did not know it had actually closed. Oh well . . . I was parallel to a white hash mark in the center of Cedar.

This hole played opposite the entrance to Bogden Road, the way into the local airport. This was just past the sign for the Flight Line restaurant. The hole would play in the middle of the road. I took my score at 8m from the shoulder.

I crossed back over Cedar to the east side and walked back toward Rieck. I crossed a paved driveway that seemed to go to hardpack immediately. I couldn’t make out if there is a house back there or if it goes to a farm. I suspect farm. Then there was a white fence to a home. Slightly before the mailbox, I settled at 2m. Across the street there was a dog barking loud enough to drown out the iPod.

I learned that the Stowes live in this very familiar house. Frankly, I thought they owned the farm stand next door, but perhaps not. They are the ones who called the police when I was in my accident. Anyhow, I was at 2m at 1401 Cedar near their mailbox.

The first leg of Cedar was done. It was now time to hit a side street. Down Rieck to Ash I walked. This is a short street. Two doors in the lady of the house was just arriving home. I scored the hole across from that house at 6m right as I walked into a tree that was hanging in the road. Yeah, I felt silly. On my way back out, I spotted a house tucked back there off the street.

Surprisingly, the llamas placed a second hole on this short street. Just a house away there is, for lack of another term, a cul de sac. After the house was a basketball hoop in the street. I scored 6m at the end of the cul de sac. The GPSr pointed off the road. I took the score from the pavement.

Back across Rieck to the Cedarwood development. This hole played on the west end of 435 Val Lane, which is currently for sale. I was at 2m slightly before the property change.

GGACAQ: A Snowy Day

09-01-19 GGACAO: A Snowy Day


When I got out of the Jeep to begin this course, I looked at Silver and saw Ziggy ready to play. It seemed perfect to listen to reggae on this snowy day. I took in the public dock and the ball fields before moving toward hole #1. The temperature was 28°.

The restrict to streets option is nice and it cuts out prep work as I am just now going in order. This course was not optimally set up for that, but it worked.

Up and out at my normal time today, it’s just I was afforded the day off for MLK Day. And unlike all the talking heads who told me the day is about a day of service, I spent my day with my family after my walk. So there!

Silver cranked out Ziggy Marley’s One Bright Day, Rush’s Permanent Waves, and part of of Neil Young’s re*act*or. An interesting mix, methinks.

I parked at the police station so I could go to the public docks. After doing so, I walked along Ware to 2nd. I was at 5m outside Riverview East, a public old folks home. I was parallel to the second apartment from the north at the curb.

Judge me if I am weak
Judge me if I am strong
Judge my days and all life long
They let the baby cry, let the mama cry
And youths like I and I have to cry

Ziggy Marley, Justice

This hole was a block over on 3rd Street. The snow was pretty sitting on all the shrubs, sidewalks, railings, etc. Along the way I spotted “Korn” written in the snow.

The hole played at the edge of 125 3rd Street, a white house with black trim. The house number plate had a dog on it. I saw a few of those today.

Black my story, black my story
Not his-tory, black my story
African glory, african glory
What we want to see, is african glory

Ziggy Marley, Black My Story (Not History)

This was a rather non-descript location the llamas selected. Along Smith Street I walked to get to a netherland between several homes. I was near two driveways, one that had a double fence preventing folks from driving in. I was at 6m in the middle of this narrow street.

Kid you only live if you learn to love
and no lesson is greater
make it your gain, suffer no shame

Ziggy Marley, Love Is the Only Law

Back out I went to 49 and to progress to the rest of the course, most of which was on the other side of Main. Four meters was outside 311 Main. Just a house a couple doors in from 3rd. I sit at that light daily as for a tiny town, we have a severe bottleneck issue with a series of stop lights that are timed correctly.

After I scored this hole, I walked across the street to the former offices of state senator Jeff “I Sponsor Every Bill” Van Drew. This old abode is nice, but needs some work. I like the finials on the iron fence.

Do the ska, the rock steady, the ridim and blues
And if you catch them, then you do the della move
It nuh mek nuh sense to sit down, when you know you can goove
Any type of danve you do, you neither win or lose

Ziggy Marley, Look Who’s Dancing

The other day there was a hole about a block further down Sassafras. I had noticed this house then. Today the hole played right here. This is the old part of town. This house is a duplex. 405 Sassafras, the yellow half, is home to the Horseys. The house plate, which hangs on a post, has horses on it. Cute.

We love reggae music
All you got
We love happiness
All you got

Ziggy Marley, All You Got

The things one sees when he walks around. This hole played outside 209 3rd Street. I drive by here twice daily. It must be trash day today. On the curb was a large aquarium. In it was bedding that hamsters use. The more I thought about it, the more I thought perhaps a snake had been in here. As I snapped a few photographs, someone came by and asked what was wrong with it. I haven’t a clue. If I was into accumulating stuff, I would have stopped by to pick it up. Fortunately, I am not.

When the lights gone out and the food run out
All we have is just the music

Ziggy Marley, When the Lights Gone Out

I floated over to 2nd Street for this hole. Some of the houses here have been renovated. The one right where this hole is is the best on the block. It is just gorgeous. A brick duplex with an iron fence. Unfortunately, those across the street have a high bar to strive for. I had to walk into the street between two parked cars to get to 8m.

As I walked away from the hole, I found a really neat tree at the corner. I do not know my trees, but it had an interesting trunk. This was at 2nd & Mulberry.

the cripple and the blind you best not waste no time
we got to move out within morrow

Ziggy Marley, Who Will Be There

3rd street is our blighted area and representative of the bad part of town. 524 3rd Street is being refurbished. It looks nice. It is a yellow house. The next house south of it is a white duplex, 516 and 518 3rd. Inbetwen the two buildings is an empty lot. I scored 2m at that lot. Nearby a guy was sweeping off the snow from his vehicle.

When the lights gone out and the food run out
all we have is just the music
Ziggy Marley When the Lights Gone Out (Jamaican Stylee)

I scored this at 2m outside 317 Oak. I had just passed three guys working on a van across the street. The van was running, but they were looking at the engine. Things seemed all right, but I am hardly a gearhead.

Pretty girls dance in the street
my only relief
all we have is just the music

Ziggy Marley, When the Lights Gone Out (Jamaican Stylee)

The Back Nine . . .

This hole was at the corner of Oak and 4th, on the Oak street side. At the No Parking sign, I was 4m away. The brown house here (427 4th Street) is one of the nicer ones in this neighborhood.

Make it to the one bright day

Ziggy Marley, One Bright Day

Millville has set up its downtown as a grid. That is one of the reasons why I like to play down here. Interestingly, the train tracks cross this grid on an angle. On 3rd Street, the railroad tracks cross right at the Luthern church. We went to a baptism here once many years ago. Really, the tracks are right at the church.

I took 8m as I was more interested in taking some photographs here. Each winter I mention to Gert that i want to enter the local photography contest. It’s small-time, but I think it would be neat. One needs to submit a photograph taken during winter in Millville. It seems to me nothing says winter more than snow. Millville is the “Holly City”, so I took some photographs of snow-covered holly at the church. I am relatively pleased with the shots. I also took some of the holly tree at our home once I was done. I’ll have to wade through and see if one photograph stands out.

I have no idea what Silver was playing . . .

I looked briefly at these holes on a map before heading out. This was the one hole that looked like it could be problematic. From what I saw, this was not on a road, but in the middle of a block. I played a hole across the street the other day. As I approached it looked like I was gong to have to head down a driveway. But as I got closer, it turns out that isn’t a driveway but an alley. I saw no signage, but it is public. I zeroed out at motorcycle that is covered with a blue tarp. That was private as it was the lot for the Maurice View Plaza. There is a street lamp nearby.

Thanks to the “restrict to streets” option, I learned of a new street in my town.

You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice.
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

Rush, Freewill

I headed up Buck to the firehouse. There’s a bell out front that I snapped a few photographs of. As I did, I spotted a boy packing a snowball. As I walked toward him, he bolted into the street and began acting strangely. I did not not keep an eye on him and after he ran around a bit, he disappeared. Oh well . . .

The hole played 2m near the the driveway to the firehouse. As I was logging this, an engine drove in. Kewl!

>Computerized clinic
For superior cynics
Who dance to a synthetic band

Rush, Natural Science

I thought there had been a hole on High Street. I walked right by here on my way to #13. I thought it was going to be Steelman’s, but it was a few meters further at the south corner of Colonial Flowers. I have purchased flowers here before. I have not been happy. They seem to have unnatural colors ofr roses and their prices are unreasonable, understanding that florists are expensive to begin with. Across the street is the Millville post office.

Follow men’s eyes as they look to the skies.
The shifting shafts of shining weave the fabric of their dreams…

Rush, Jacob’s Ladder

I played a hole just a couple feet from here yesterday. Interestingly, I struggled with this hole. This is probably the most wide-open space on the course, but for whatever reason it took a minute or so to get below 15m on Rocky. I definitely walked in circles. I looped around and ended up scoring this on the edge of the road and the patch of grass behind the public library.

What happened to our innocence,
Did it go out of style?

Rush, Different Strings

aka Chilifest
This is the parking lot where tables are set up each summer for the chili contest during SummerFest, an annual Millville event. Only one vehicle was parked here on this winter morning. I was at the entry to the lot on the sidewalk. This location overlooks Buck Park.

I may be late in comin’ though
I got some things I gotta do

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Get Back On It

Yesterday’s course had a hole about three feet from here. There was less ice in the river today, despite the snow. There is something about a river, reflections, and a winter day. The Maurice River is no different. I stood on the sidewalk of the bridge that spans the river on Main Street/Rt. 49 as traffic buzzed by. I waved to the water as logged this. Neil was in my head again. There’s something about him that haunts me. 🙂

I ain’t no brake man
Ain’t no conductor
But I would be though
If I was younger.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Southern Pacific

Back to where I began my morning walk at the public docks I took 8m as Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze piped through Silver into my ears. The snow had melted in the 90 minutes since I was here. The hole played on the east sidewalk next to the ball fields and the police station parking lot, where I had put the Jeep. I noticed about 100 Canada geese feasting on the ball field. Huge birds that I learned a few years ago average two pounds of waste daily. There was so much of it in our local lake that the city closed it. These are the same birds that brought down the airplane in New York the other day.

Anyhow, I completed my card and called it a morning.

Give your ticket
to Moe the Sleaze
He’s the one that’s
weak in the knees
His pants are baggy,
but you can see them shaking.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Surfer Joe & Moe the Sleaze

GGACAO: Time Fades Away

09-01-18 GGACAO


Son, don’t wait
till the break of day
‘Cause you know
how time fades away.

Neil Young, Time Fades Away

Gert picked herself up and went to the gym today. She didn’t want to, but she did. While she was gone I decided I would indeed bang out this course today prior to the Eagles’ championship game. Don’t wait, indeed. Gert inspired me.

It occurred to me while doing this course that this is one of those albums that got me through adolescence. I wore out my vinyl copy of this long ago. Recently, I learned that a friend of mine’s co-worker is pictured on the album’s cover. Small world. Around hole four, I also realized that I was in a fabulous mood. Exercise, it’s good for the soul.

Actually, I know music is. I have come to the realization of late that I need music in my life. Bopping around downtown Millville, NJ today with a couple Neil Young albums made this dreary day something to behold.

Embrace life ’cause you know time fades away . . .

This is the first course I played using the “Restrict to Streets” option. When I looked at the path to take, it was almost optimal to complete this in order, so I decided to do so. I walked this in 75 minutes.

I parked in the public lot here behind the Baptist church. At the hedge on 2nd Street looking at the Do Not Enter sign I was five meters away.

“Down on pain street disappointment lurks”

Mistakenly, I thought the second hole was down on the bridge. I was mistaken. A block out of my way I went before I realized that wasn’t where I wanted to head. Up High, I took a photograph of the “new” sign outside the Oar House. They have re-dubbed themselves an Irish pub. I then noticed there was a banner hanging on the Levoy. When did that get there?

I turned right onto Pine and got to three meters outside 115 Pine, a brick home near the alley that takes one back to the public parking behind the Oar House.

“Will you think of me and wonder if I’m fine?”

I walked down Pine to Buck and then up to Main. I paused at the entrance of Buck Park and snapped a photograph and another of the Maurice River sign on the bridge over the river. The hole played on the bridge. I scored four meters overlooking a partially frozen river. What a nice sight!

“Don’t you wish that you could be here too?”

I entered Waltman Park and pondered the sign. In warmer months, flowers are abundant here. At this time of the year, things look bleak. The hole played in the street right outside the offices at the park. I need to be mindful standing in a road with an iPod on. I snapped a couple photographs and then took a detour from the geogolf course to look at half of a pedestrian bridge that the city is putting up over the river. Interestingly, The Bridge was playing as I approached.

I took some photographs of the bridge. Then I ran out of memory. I had forgotten to put the SD card in the camera, so the rest of the course is pictureless.

“The bridge, we’ll build it now
It may take a lot of time.”

Back across the river (and yes, had the new bridge been up, this would have been the path to have taken) and up Buck Street I went. I passed a girl walking toward the park. It was a balmy 36°out (a lot warmer than yesterday), yet this girl had on pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Huh?

This hole played on the yellow lines spearating the vehicle paths on the back entry to the public library. No cars were around today, but an older couple had walked by just prior to me getting there.

“You can live your own life
Making it happen
Working on your own time
Laid back and laughin'”

Up Buck, past the fitness center, and a left onto High at the post office. Don’t Be Denied was rocking in my head. I was definitely having a fine time on this winter day. It looked like snow (there had been a dusting early this morning) and Neil was in my head. Good times.

The hole played at the bench at the first parking space on High Street north of the driveway is where this played. “Everything Flashy”, a store I have never seen, is across the street.

“Well, all that glitters isn’t gold
I know you’ve heard
that story told.
And I’m a pauper
in a naked disguise
A millionaire
through a business man’s eyes.
Oh friend of mine
Don’t be denied.”

A block away on the other side of High is Gant & Gant law offices. There is a street light right next to where I stood on the sidewalk. It was time for a new album and I selected Tonight’s the Night. The title song was on.

“Bruce Berry was a working man
He used to load that Econoline van.”

Up to Broad and then left to Penn St. At the corner of the two is where this hole played. This used to be a video store and Knowles Pharmacy was across the street. Both have closed and other places are in their places now. There was a brick house with a wrought iron fence across the street.

“I’ve been a searcher, I’ve been a fool”

There was a time that I wanted to dine here, but that changed after a shooting a while ago. I have a guideline to purposely not visit places of murders and shootings. Anyhow, the Millville Queen Diner is front and center in downtown Millville. The hole played in the first parking space on the east end of the snall lot.

“Speakin’ out”

The llamas love this location. I have been to this same spot three or four times in various geogolf courses. This time it played on the sidewalk directly between 311 and 313 Broad Street. I know the address so well, that I had typed the address into the description for Rocky back at home.

“Come on, baby, let’s go downtown”

The back nine of this course takes one into the seedy part of town. Loaded with iPod, GPSr, and digital camera, I am learning on how to do walk-bys and record my notes a block later. There was a posse of boys on the corner (lookouts, I suspect), so I had to wait until the next hole to record my notes.

I had five meters at the driveway of 528 4th Street. This is a light tan house.

“Walk on, talk on,
baby tell no lies.
Don’t you be caught”

A block over to 5th I went. More folks about. This was the third house up from Mulberry. The porch out front is all glassed in. Just walk on by . . .

“Think I’ll roll another number for the road”

I flashed eight meters as I tunred onto Pine, but Rocky quickly re-adjusted to a larger distance. I began wandering in the middle of the street. I thought better of that and then realized, d’oh, I needed to cross the street. Sometimes I am dense. The hole played at the driveway entrance of 425 Pine.

“Though my feet aren’t on the ground,
I been standin’ on the sound
Of some open-hearted people goin’ down.”

I headed down Pine to 3rd and then up to Mulberry. As I approached the hole I thought how few holes had been in the street, but rather on the sidewalks. Of course, this one played in the street. 1028 was spray-painted in the street. It appeared to be municipal and not grafitti. This was next to a white house whose front door is on 3rd. Across the street is a brown house that is all boarded up.

“Please take my advice.
Open up the tired eyes”

This was indeed a walk-by. Across the street from the Culver Center are some run down old duplexes. The hole played between 123 and 125 3rd Street, which are separate houses.

“I’m singin’ this borrowed tune
I took from the Rolling Stones”

Smith Street is a narrow road with some scary-looking folks around. It’s a shame as it appears that if cleaned up, this would be a nice old neighborhood. Here is another hole that played in the middle of the street. Across the street was 312 Smith, a gray house with an Accord in the driveway.

“Remember Millie from down in Philly?”

This is directly across the street from Riverview East, an old folks complex along 2nd Street. I was outside 139 2nd Street at the yield sign at seven meters for this. I could see the end of the course, and ostensibly, the 19th hole, which sounded pretty good to me.

“Well, they say that Santa Fe
Is less than ninety miles away”

The final hole played at the driveway behind Luighi’s Pizza. Across the street is Riggins gas station. Gas here is $159.9/gallon. I haven’t filled up here in years as this is one of the high stations in the area these days.

Seventy-five minutes from the start. Woo hoo!

“I’ve been flyin’ down the road,
And I’ve been starvin’ to be alone,
And independent from the scene that I’ve known.”