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Sunset Park – Ocean City, MD

22-03-05 WM14QP7

38.32755 -75.0898

The Waymark Is Not There Day
aka “Ain’t nothin’ gonna to break my stride

Today had been some kind of day. I originally was planning on going to Maine, but the weather forecast dissuaded me. Not wanting to let the weekend go without something, I decided to take care of the last thing I needed to log a challenge cache in Oklahoma that I found almost a year ago. I needed a kinetic art sculpture waymark.

There are two within striking distance of my home nearly three hours away: this one and the one in Baltimore. They are about equi-distant from me. I opted for Baltimore and then planned a day in that area. Funny thing though, that waymark went missing! Sigh . . .

But I had a fabulous day caching. As it ended, I pondered what to do. I had a suitcase, so I was not adverse to spending the night somewhere. But where? What would I do? What could I do? Lots of thoughts went around and around? Cape Cod. Toms River. Stay around Baltimore.

But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to finish off this challenge cache. That meant driving across Maryland to Ocean City. That would mean I would arrive at dark. It also meant I had three hours of driving ahead of me. I got going.

I’ve had some short visits to OC before, but I suspect none as short as this one. I parked at 8:03. I was in the car and moving at 8:09.

Yeah, the kinetic art sculpture was there. Yeah! But, it wasn’t moving. I suspect they have removed the spinin parts for the off-season. I noted, however, the big Ferris wheel was lighted up for the off-season! 😉

Anyhow, the sculpture exists, I was there, and I took the photographs. Mission accomplished! Now for the three-hour drive home. I’m beat.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – Baltimore MD

22-03-06 WM8MEX

The Waymark Is Not There Day
aka “Ain’t nothin’ gonna to break my stride

39.280117 -76.607033

Sigh . . . drive two-and-a-half hours to begin my day here. I need this category to complete a challenge. Lovely area. The pole is very nice. Alas, the kinetic structure, Wind Sculpture, is no longer atop the pole. 🙁

I do not know the story behind it. Perhaps it is being refurbished. Perhaps something else will be installed.

All I know is that it was not visible when I sought it.

Ellen Thomps – Philadelphia, PA

22-02-23 WM5043

39.972383 -75.220583

Took a drive up this morning to see this. Years ago I was on the hunt for Woodmen markers for another game (Terracaching). This is the closest to me that is listed on Waymarking.

Philadelphia has been in the news lately for crime. I was reminded of that when I pulled into this cemetery and there was a police cruiser stationed here.

Thank you for listing this for me to see this morning; I appreciate it.


22-02-19 WM9P03

39.395383 -75.040267

Category: Bloggers

Hey now!

This is actually my blog. Yes, I have had different accounts over the years. The blog is no longer named eCache. Rather, it’s just me: RDOwens.

I still blog regularly (daily). I am rebuilding the blog by hand to get rid of legacy code. It’s an extremely tedious task, but it’s coming along nicely. I am currently up to 2010.

While the site has been online, it had not been public for much of the teen years. I came back in July 2020.

I still have an eclectic array of topics I post about. You may even find it interesting. Who knows?

Millville Historical Society – Millville, New Jersey

Millville Historical Society – Millville, New Jersey Waymark

39.395483 -75.036833

CategoryHistorical Society Headquarters

Nice building welcoming everyone to the downtown area. Once upon a time that would have been welcoming. Alas, this street no longer holds the charm it did yesteryear.

I suspect some enterprising politician will use this building as a pivotal piece to rejuvenate the area. Unfortunately, that politico has not revealed himself.

‘twas too early for admittance today. Some day I will actually enter.

Millville’s First Bank Building – Millville, New Jersey

Millville's First Bank Building – Millville, New Jersey Waymark

39.395483 -75.036833

Category: U.S. National Register of Historic Places

Lived here for 28 years. Have photographed this building many times but have never entered. I probably should remedy that.

The exterior of the building is and has always been in good shape. I suspect there are plenty of restoration funds available to keep it so.

Thank you kindly for listing this; I appreciate it.

Rick’s Market Millville NJ

22-02-19 WM74X

39.396367 -75.038483

Category: Murals

Not much has changed in my time in this town. This storefront is still boarded up. The mural has changed. Rick’s is no longer depicted. Instead, the arts, which the town attempts to capitalize upon, is highlighted.

Don’t quite recall the status of High Street in 2006, but it may have been slightly better than things are currently. High Street is pretty well gutted right now. Rick’s certainly will not be leading the revitalization project.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery Civil War Memorial – Millville, New Jersey

22-02-19 WMNVZ9

39.3965 -75.052783

Category: American Civil War Monuments and Memorials

Am rather familiar with this cemetery. Lived nearby for for 28 years. Bring my children here on Veterans Say and Memorial Day to pay our respects. Have placed American flags at the graves of veterans with the Boy Scouts. Shoot, I have cached here and have evene placed one here.

Always willing to stop by. Just came from the Snowflake Plunge.

Thank you for listing this; I appreciate it.

Lollipop Motel – North Wildwood NJ

22-02-19 WM7791

38.993733 -74.805133

Category: Googie Architecture

Enjoying a cold Saturday morning bopping around some of the shore towns. Went to school eight blocks from here long ago. I really was a different person then, but still makes me who I am today.

Pretty certain this sign has been rehabilitated over the years; it is in good shape right now.

Thank you for listing this for me to appreciate this morning; I appreciate it.