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YouTube Bias

Just now I searched for a video I once linked to from a post that I am re-building. It’s nearly 14 years old and the link is dead. So, I searched for another version of the video.

The video was of Jason Matter outside the 2008 DNC Convention. It humorously shows the moonbat side of the Democrat Party.

Interestingly, when I searched YouTube for: Jason Mattera DNC 2008, all I received back were Obama and Biden videos that are official releases from, C-SPAN, the AP, etc. Why would the above video meet my search criteria?

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Everything I say and do seems to be contested . . . I think we can officially declare global warming dead . . . Children are a lesson of patience . . . Earrings are an odd construction. We punch holes in our body to hang metal from us. Weird . . . Where does Robert Plant get off charging $575 for a pit seat to an outdoor show? Sure, move back to general seating? $375. Wtf? . . . Spoke about earthquakes to my students, now I get Google news about earthquakes . . . Trump went on tour with Bill O’Reilly? Really? That’s a low-rent event . . . The new 8 o’clock guy has gone so looney I don’t watch any longer . . . As I go through old photographs, I recognize a change I made when I take photographs in the classroom. I take few wide shots any longer. Since I tag every person in the photograph, wide shots have so many people, it takes forever to tag them all. I don’t know when the change happened, but it happened. I scold myself when I have such a photograph . . . I read a post as I re-build this site from a long time ago. There was a comment in it that was just absolutely rude. It bothers me. How could I have been so callous? It was a private post, but it is still telling. I need to do better . . . It’s been five months without biting my nails. Yeah, trivial, but important . . .

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Remember what happened tonight. I thought about stopping by Glasstown Brewing tonight after I drop Fritz off. I didn’t because I didn’t get excited about drinking beer. This will prove beneficial when I return to planning out a multi-thousand-dollar home brewery . . . I am a sugar addict. Breaking this sucks as I crave the sugar. Stay out of convenience stores, the principal’s office, etc. I am stronger than sugar. I am stronger than addiction . . . Had a rough day on Friday at work. Frustrated that students aren’t learning nor are they following my advice. Why should they? I should not impart advice; I should teach academics. My story is not inspirational to these students. It does not resonate with them . . . News today is the same as it was 17 years ago. Just like a soap opera. One could not pay attention to the media for whatever period of time, pop back in, and not feel as though he has missed a beat . . . Thought I had taught my children to thank others for their kindness. I failed. Sent my son a book he wanted. It arrived today. Silence. Maybe he didn’t get it. Maybe he’s engrossed in activities with the new guy. Perhaps he didn’t think to acknowledge his father . . .

Teachers Unions

“The coronavirus has shown a spotlight on the ways in which teachers unions’ intersts and kids’ and parents’ interests are not aligned.”

Peter Suderman, In 2020, Teachers Unions and Police Unions Showed Their True Colors

There have been many statements similar to this during the pandemic. Frankly, this is a charge leveled against teachers unions for years.

Those who know me know I am no shill for the union. I wish I did not have to join it. I loathe that my dues fund politics, mostly counter to my personal beliefs. I feel as though my salary has been held lower than I could negotiate on my own because of poor teachers that are also in the union.

Having said that, however, the sentiment expressed by Mr. Suderman (and others) should not be startling. A teachers union exists to protect the interests of the teachers. The union perceives (correctly/incorrectly) the safety of the teachers to be paramount during the pandemic. It is not there to advocate for what it best for children. That should not be surprising.

Likewise, a journalists union advocates for what is in the best interests of the journalists, not the readers. Again, not surprising.

Understand what the organization is supposed to do before you criticize it.

Big Tech Trumps Speech

The other day I lamented that Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple have effectively silenced President Trump. It has become even worse.

Amazon has joined the fray. Amazon Web Services is the backbone of much of the Internet. Mr. Bezos has decided that Trump supporters are so bad that AWS will not host Parler.

So, not only can folks not download the Parler app, but Parler doesn’t have a host for its services. It is now dark.

These companies have colluded (yes, I am going there) to silence someone they don’t like. Couple that with an overwhelming liberal perspective of the news media, how can Americans think they are being presented with a full spectrum of voices?

I don’t care for President Trump, but I support his right to speak.

That this is happening is alarming!


As we drove out of the complex the other day, Fritz remarked that someone received a newspaper. That launched us into a discussion of how news delivery has changed.

When we first purchased the house, we took three newspapers: The Daily Journal (hyper-local news), The Press of Atlantic City (regional news), and the Wall Street Journal (in-depth national/international news). In addition to struggling to keep up with all that reading, news began to be available for “free” on the Internet. Quickly, we dropped subscriptions to the physical newspapers and read the same thing online, often hours earlier than the printed paper permitted.

Newspaper companies certainly took note and began all sorts of schemes to get people to pay for online news. In my case, it has not worked. Admittedly, I do not read much news from The Daily Journal, The Press of Atlantic City, and the Wall Street Journal these days.

Like many (most?) people, when I stopped subscribing to newspapers, I still sought news, but in a different medium. Television news became far more prominent in my life. The half hour from 6:30-7:00 each evening wasn’t enough. Cable news, with its 24-hour format catered to this throng of people seeking more than the network broadcast. With so much room, cable news divisions had a lot to fill. To do so, it employed entertainment devices to attrack viewers. All of a sudden, viewers were selecting their news because of factors other than objective news. Rather, personality, sleekness, beauty, fun, and other seemingly unrelated traits were at play. The news was not prominent.

Advance forward 20-25 years and we can see that America has changed because of this. No longer does a community have a shared news vehicle. We aren’t all reading the same news like we did 30 years ago. To attrack viewers, cable news made editorial decisions to cater to liberal or conservative ideas. And to feed those decisions, the “news” went to the poles.

There is little left in the middle. The news that tells what happened by saying both sides are at fault doesn’t get viewership excited.

Think about local news. The tease for their nightly broadcast discusses the “storm of the century” because stating that the snow/rain that is coming may be inconvenient doesn’t drive viewers to the show. But a torm that will incapacitate a region will. So, everything is spoken of in these apocalyptic terms. The cable news channels do the same. This vote in Congress, this election, this judge appointed, etc. will all spell the downfall of America as we know it.

And when viewers see that day-after-day, month-after-month, year-after-year, it is no wonder that people can’t speak to one another any longer.

This polarization is not healthy. I am sure there are other factors at play, but the loss of objective local news is at the heart of it for me.

As political as I have been, I have backed off greatly. I do not subscribe to cable. I do not subscribe to newspapers. I am currently (again) trying to figure out how to curate my news feed to suit my needs/desires (without Google injecting its slant into what I read).

Interestingly, I seem happier without the corporate spin on my news. It is probably a combination of a lack of spin and “wisdom” garnered through age/experience that I recognize that most of the political hype is merely that: inconsequential in the long run.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Shop Rite is becoming congested with Shop Rite employees shopping for those who order online . . . Despite the thinking du jour, I do not believe that President Trump will run again in 2024. And do we want a 78-year old running for president? Isn’t that one of the knocks against Biden? . . . Here’s a headline from the local paper: Hanukkah and Christmas share a lot, but they’re different. Is this news? They’re different holidays from different religions . . . Every time the heater kicks off here at 3-Cubed, there is a movement of air that causes the doors to wiggle . . . Similarly, when the oven cools down, there is a loud noise as the element cools. Apartment life . . . Sometimes life reminds you of things. I read an article on a web site. I left a comment. It was positive, but it was still a comment. The system glitched when I posted, so it never actually posted. That’s someone in control reminding me that I do not engage others on their web sites. It’s much better for me not to. 😉 . . .

Everyone Is Partisan

Mark Levin is a smart man. I’ve seen a little bit of him on television over the years. He also has a radio show. I happened to have that on the other day driving home from caching.

In order to provide “entertainment,” folks on these political shows play to the base. That is why so many people are at the poles, which seems to have dwindled the middle.

Anyhow, Levin commented on the people who are rioting. He stated that they are government employees, (including teachers), college students, and recent graduates. He acknowledged that wasn’t universal, but a general trend. I won’t argue that point. Then he rambled how these workers are not entrepreneurs. He was highlighting that those who are upset with how America is running are not blue collar people.

Then Levin went on to the real point he was making. In his attempt to denigrate those who are upset with the way things are running he said they do not participate, “as significant taxpayers.”

The problem with this is that Levin acknowledged that not all teachers are hard left. Then he stated that they are not significant taxpayers. That sleight is dangerous.

I dare say that the percentage of my pay that is taxed is as high (if not higher) than any significant taxpayer Levin comes up with. Why attack teachers for the dollar amount of taxes we pay? If you want us to pay more taxes, pay us more. Oh, that’s right, you would not be in favor of that. 😉

Levin did what all political pundits do. He built his argument and then took a flame thrower to those who don’t do things like he wants. In the meantime, the “patriots” among the groups he doesn’t like are denigrated.

I turned off the talker at that point.

Loaded Language

Ed Henry, reporter/opinion host on Fox News was fired today. It was alleged last week, apparently, that years ago he had sexually harrassed a former colleague (whomever the woman is, she has moved on from Fox). An independent firm investigated. Henry was fired.

This article from CNN showed up in my news feed. That is how I learned the above. In that article, Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy, the authors of the article, wrote:

Henry eventually worked his way back into Fox’s good graces. He filled in on pro-Trump opinion shows like “Fox & Friends Weekend” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” winning the affections of Fox viewers.

There is nothing journalistic in the above quotation. It is full of opinion.

It is one thing to state such a thing on an opinion show where the viewership is quite aware it is viewing opinion. It is quite another to write it an article, plop the CNN imprimatur logo on it, and distribute throughout the world via news channels.

I thought I was reading a news article. It turns out I read an opinion piece.

My thinking is that not everyone discerns the difference and now “knows” certain shows are “pro-Trump” shows.

This is how media networks influence the public. Fox viewers may have had their affections won by Mr. Henry. The CNN audience have had theirs by Messrs. Stelter and Darcy.