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I am old enough to have seen this in the theater. I now get the pleasure of watching it with my son who has become a DeNiro fan. Yeah, I did that! 🙂

This is Scorcese at his best! I’m not a huge Pesci fan, but he shines here as well. Just a perfect cast, to a perfect script, to iconic images/scenes. Love every minute of this.

Paul Sorvino is a favorite and sets the tone as Paulie. Watching how the crew is built up in the early goings to the heist to the aftermath is masterful. While I am sure the real life tales were plenty colorful, in the hands of these storytellers, this tale pops!

Fritz was surprised not only of the reciting lines I did but of pointing out the missing lucky hat, the helicopter and other images throughout.

This is as good as it gets for movies in my lifetime.

Casino Royale

After taking in the Barry Nelson 1954 version of this story, Fritz and I put on this version. Craig was awesome! While I had seen this before as I have owned it for many years (one of the first streaming movies I ever purchased). it was wonderful to take it in again.

Beautiful cinematography! This rebirthed the franchise and the character. While I enjoyed Pierce Bronsan, the Daniel Craig era rejuvenated the franchise.

Baccarat was replaced with Texas Hold’em. I can’t help but think that is because the audience doesn’t know the former these days. I liked the sub-story of why Le Chiffre needed the money. We received an interesting version of how the Vesper was created with a funny from Bond as a nod to Ian Fleming’s totally made up cocktail.

Really good flick even with the over-dramatic scene with Vesper at the end.

Of course, the torture scene was one for the books! Ouch!

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Spring is here! The birds are chirping loudly early this March morning. It puts a smile on my face . . . I’ve worn black eyeglasses for the last two years. I picked up my new silver glasses the other day. My children have not noticed . . . 379 work e-mails since I last checked (I am on leave due to knee surgery). Only two did I need to do anything with. It is apparent some parents are unaware their child has had a different teacher the last three months . . . I am up to August 2011 in the rebuild of this blog. Tagging of photographs became markedly better at this point. The children are tagged properly now, which is making dealing with the photographs easier to deal with. There are still too many of them . . . Love that my son texted me tonight and asked if I wanted to see Doctor Strange 2. Had a grand time . . . Need to adjust my attitude. Work issues are completely out of my control. There’s no way for me to even influence things let alone enact change. Because of that, chill. At this point it is what it is. Go with the flow for the next three years . . . I lead a very quiet life . . . I could write an entire book about the parking antics at my apartment complex . . . It took moe than two months from start to finish for this post . . .

Spider-Man No Way Home

22-01-08 Spider-Man No Way Home

Fritz brought Spider-Man to me this week. I binged the first seven movies (yup, bought them all). Totally into it. Was surprised as I thought the prevailing thought was that these movies were no good.

We went to see No Way Home tonight. He had seen it already, but I hadn’t. Totally nailed it! That’s the kind of stuff the audience wanted and we got it.

Haven’t seen a movie in a theater in some time. Of course, I went broke purchasing popcorn, pretzel bites, and water for my son. Yikes!

So excited I actually re-subscribed to Marvel Unlimited. Yes, I am a fanboy. 🙂

Blackout – Media – 150

Watch and review any modern day black and white movie.
When you think of black and white movies, you most likely think of the classics. But did you know that they’re still producing black and white movies today?

1) Choose any black and white movie that debuted in or after 2000. (Google “modern day black and white movies” and you’ll be presented with plenty of options.

2) Watch you chosen black and white.

3) In the comments below, tell us:

What movie you chose.

How many stars (out of four) would you award your movie? (0= No redeeming qualities, 4= Best movie ever!)

Why do you think the director chose to present the film in black and white? Do you think the film benefitted from this artistic choice?

Looking at various lists of black and white movies released since 2000 produced a handful I was interested in. I opted to watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Justice Is Gray.

The Justice League is not something I am really into. I like classic Batman, but the Justice League always seemed like a forced entity (like the Avengers). Furthermore, I have not kept up on the DC movies of late so am not familiar with the storyline. Even so, I took this on.

Four hours. Yikes!

Why was this produced in black and white? The best I can ascertain is that Snyder envisioned it this way all along. Why? I can’t figure out.

The black and white did not bother me for this film, but I also do not think it enhanced the film. I generally think of black and white enhancing noir films or horro flicks. Superhero films are over-the-top (as this one is) and thus play color up big.

The underwater scenes, in particular, seemed to lose something without color.

This was really long. I wasn’t that into it. I definitely would not rate it a 4. It wasn’t a horrible movie. I’ll give it a 3, but I would not delve into this again.

Star Wars . . . Done

Star Wars Watch List

About a year ago, Fritz and I set out to watch the Star Wars franchise. At first I didn’t think this would be too bad. There’s nine movies. But then I learned about seven years of Clone Wars, a few years of Rebels, LEGO, Resistance, etc.

We made good headway until I moved out. It’s been slow going since, particularly over the last few months. I became motivated lately. I pushed through.

Tonight, we finished.

I am no Star Wars expert, but I have a far better understanding of the universe now than I did before.

All Who Wander – Media – 150

1) Watch one of the documentaries/movies listed.

2) Let us know which you watched and what you thought of it in the comments below.

Walk. Directed by Scott Herriett.

This wasn’t quite the movie I thought it was. As a self-described “lazy ass”, I was expecting a critical examination of through hikers. Rather, a rather insightful look at what the hikers experience was provided. For that, I thought it was an interesting flick.

Some of the actual footage was rough. I suppose that’s the hazard of filming on the trail.

I liked the interviews with the various hikers. I also found it quite interesting that there are so many places to stay along the trail. It occurred to me after the movie was over that we never saw the hikers pitch a tent (other than the hammock one) and “rough” it. I think that is a missed opportunity.

Not the greatest movie I have ever seen, but I enjoyed it well enough.

All Who Wander – Media – 150

1) Choose and watch any movie with the words “hike,” “walk,” “wander” or “lost” in the title or sub-title.

Notes: The movie can be of any genre, including non-fiction. The movie may not be claimed on multiple Quest Scouts objectives.

2) In the comments below, leave a short review of the movie you chose. Make sure to include the title of the movie, as well as a brief critique of its content.

I opted to watch “Lost in America” for this challenge. Albert Brooks is hilarious! Julie Hagarty played his wife. They decide to drop out of the rat race, take their nest egg, and travel the country in a Winnebago.

Wonderful plan that quickly went to hell. Hagerty lost the nest egg at the roulette wheel. The comedy of errors continues in this 1985 classic.

As the camera tilts up as the flick prepares to roll the credits, a message to any would-be dropouts is offered. Travel through Utah so you can avoid Nevada altogether. I guffawed aloud at that.

Fun movie!


1) Watch one of the documentaries/movies listed below.

2) Let us know which you watched and what you thought of it in the comments below.

A Map for Saturday. Directed by Brook Silva-Braga.

I wanted to watch “Life in a Day”, but I couldn’t find it. YouTube isn’t showing it any longer. 🙁 The premise reminds me of the coffee table book “A Day in the Life of America” that was popular in the early 1990s.

And as I looked that up, d’oh!, same guy!!!!!!

That book sparked an idea I have wanted to do. I would like to compile a photograph inside McDonald’s throughout America all at the same time on a day. How about at 5:13 p.m.? I think it would be interesting the comparisons and the contrasts that would be evident in a thousand photographs of the same situation at the same time but at a different location.

Alas, neither the movie nor my project were to be completed today.

Some time ago, after reading the short story, I attempted to watch “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” I didn’t make it far as I found it irritatingly boring. Instead, I opted for “A Map for Saturday”.

It’s an interesting tale. By far the most striking thing to me occurred in the beginning of the movie: he paid more than $100 for a trim! Obviously, his television producing job provided handsomely for him. Yet, there was this nagging belittling of the man who works 9-5 throughout the movie. His $20,000 Saturday (admittedly, more frugal than I would have thought) was financed by his 9-5 job.

Ah, to be young and naive. 🙂

I applaud his daring. He has a memory for a lifetime. He seemed to be aware that it is ultimately just a memory as he assimilated back into society.

I think he actually worked to dissuade others from taking such a trip when the one traveler discussed how a waterfall is “just another waterfall” or a mountain range is just another mountain as the most beautiful images were displayed.

A fun watch nonetheless.


1) Watch one of the documentaries/movies listed below.

2) Let us know which you watched and what you thought of it in the comments below.

Fahrenheit 451 is one of those books/movies that have been talked about since my youth. As science fiction, there was never any immediacy on my part to get to it as it is not my preferred genre.

As I looked through the media offerings for this badge, I decided to take it on. I wanted to read the book first. I am happy I did for I enjoyed it more than the movie. It was more science fiction-y than the movie. Gone was Faber, the listening piece, the hound, and Mildred.

Interestingly, Mildred was renamed Linda for the movie. I suspect as a way to modernize (Oh, Orwell would have a cow at that!) the character. I knew many Lindas in my youth and there are several older teachers named Linda. I have noted, however, that such a pretty name fell out of favor somewhere along the lines. I have never taught a Linda nor have I heard of any woman under 55 named Linda. So much for modernization.

Written among the Red Scare, this is an interesting tale of what happens when literature is absent from society. I felt the book did a much better job of capturing that. Perhaps because of my preconceptions, I envisioned a more “futuristic” setting for the story. The movie was set in the suburbs. I didn’t think it worked in that regard.

The fires in the novel were at night to more spectacular. Each scene of the movie was daylight. The woman who burned did not thrust a book at Montag. I think that would have made her more receptive to the audience.

Both the book and the movie had a heavy English bent to it. I find that odd given Bradbury was American.

The underlying theme is powerful: literature enriches us and needs to be preserved. Lomond asked what book would I be. I suppose “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” would be apropos. Perhaps that anthology came about through a similar process. I wish the narrative with the analogy of the phoenix was included in the film as I think it provides the lesson: humans, unlike the phoenix we are aware of what we have gone through. If we record our lessons (in books, presumably) we will eventually refrain from repeating the mistakes we make as we will learn from them.

I love the 1966 fashions as it makes me wistful for my childhood. Fun stuff and it’s nice to be thoughtful during a holiday weekend.