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Meet-Up at the Movies

22-11-01 Meet-Up at the Movies

For several years, the Grateful Dead have released concert videos once a year in a movie theater. Known as Meet-Up at the Movies, these events were pitched as a fun night out with deadheads. As I recall, these were in August. I suspect they coincided with Jerry’s birthday. The last couple years they were canceled due to COVID.

About a month or so ago I got wind there would be one this year on 1 November. I purchased a ticket. It was the Tivoli show from Denmark . . . part of the celebrated Europe ’72 run. This is the 50th anniversary.

I’ve seen this concert footage before. It was professionally shot and aired on Danish television in 1972. But hey, a night out sounded like fun. Who knew the Phillies would have been in the World Series?

I was the first one in the theater. I wondered how many deadheads would venture out on a Tuesday in November for this. I estimated about 35 in all. Most were my age or older.

There was some interviews (Parish, Cutler, Donna), but not as much as I would have thought. The video was fine, but one could see the age (lines) running through it. One could easily see Pigpen’s health issues. Keith had just started with the band and was not prominent. Phil sounded great on several songs and was quiet on others. Billy had a simple kit and was alone. Jerry and Bobby both played well.

There isa reason why the Europe run is celebrated and this show because it was so well recorded is a testament to it. I had a good time!

The Phils were up 4-0 when the show ended. I listened to it on the ride home and then watched it once I arrived home.


Seeing Amsterdam, the Movie

Fritz and I first saw the trailer for this in July. I am immediately drawn to Robert DeNiro movies. This seemed to have had a Whodunit? feel to it. Both Fritz and I said we were interested in seeing it. I even marked it on my calendar.

The other day I asked Fritz if he was up for seeing this today. He was. I picked him up and $54 later we were in the theater.

This was a different kind of movie than I expected. It was very well shot and well-constructed, but it was not a classic Whodunit? Apparently, it’s based on true events to bring down a conspiracy to install a dictator in the White House prior to WWII.

I enjoyed the movie although there were some wokeness entwined in this. And at one point I was feeling this was getting a bit long. Soon after, the plot picked up and began piecing things together for the endgame.

Enjoyed the movie.



I am old enough to have seen this in the theater. I now get the pleasure of watching it with my son who has become a DeNiro fan. Yeah, I did that! 🙂

This is Scorcese at his best! I’m not a huge Pesci fan, but he shines here as well. Just a perfect cast, to a perfect script, to iconic images/scenes. Love every minute of this.

Paul Sorvino is a favorite and sets the tone as Paulie. Watching how the crew is built up in the early goings to the heist to the aftermath is masterful. While I am sure the real life tales were plenty colorful, in the hands of these storytellers, this tale pops!

Fritz was surprised not only of the reciting lines I did but of pointing out the missing lucky hat, the helicopter and other images throughout.

This is as good as it gets for movies in my lifetime.

Casino Royale

After taking in the Barry Nelson 1954 version of this story, Fritz and I put on this version. Craig was awesome! While I had seen this before as I have owned it for many years (one of the first streaming movies I ever purchased). it was wonderful to take it in again.

Beautiful cinematography! This rebirthed the franchise and the character. While I enjoyed Pierce Bronsan, the Daniel Craig era rejuvenated the franchise.

Baccarat was replaced with Texas Hold’em. I can’t help but think that is because the audience doesn’t know the former these days. I liked the sub-story of why Le Chiffre needed the money. We received an interesting version of how the Vesper was created with a funny from Bond as a nod to Ian Fleming’s totally made up cocktail.

Really good flick even with the over-dramatic scene with Vesper at the end.

Of course, the torture scene was one for the books! Ouch!

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Spring is here! The birds are chirping loudly early this March morning. It puts a smile on my face . . . I’ve worn black eyeglasses for the last two years. I picked up my new silver glasses the other day. My children have not noticed . . . 379 work e-mails since I last checked (I am on leave due to knee surgery). Only two did I need to do anything with. It is apparent some parents are unaware their child has had a different teacher the last three months . . . I am up to August 2011 in the rebuild of this blog. Tagging of photographs became markedly better at this point. The children are tagged properly now, which is making dealing with the photographs easier to deal with. There are still too many of them . . . Love that my son texted me tonight and asked if I wanted to see Doctor Strange 2. Had a grand time . . . Need to adjust my attitude. Work issues are completely out of my control. There’s no way for me to even influence things let alone enact change. Because of that, chill. At this point it is what it is. Go with the flow for the next three years . . . I lead a very quiet life . . . I could write an entire book about the parking antics at my apartment complex . . . It took moe than two months from start to finish for this post . . .