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Pet Peeve

A Bus That Cannot Make the Turn

As I was organizing my photographs just now I came across this horrible photograph from 2010. It reminded me of a pet peeve I have. One in which was repeated just yesterday.

If a vehicle cannot make a turn without backing up the stopped traffic on the perpendicular, it should not be permitted to do so.

Throughout this city buses and 18-wheelers begin a turn, cannot make it without taking out the stopped vehicles, and then proceed to back up all traffic. If the vehicles don’t comply, then all traffic comes to a stop as said bus/truck will block the box for any movement.

It is annoying.

I understand the issue. If a city cracks down, then business comes to a grinding halt. Millville is an old city and the roads were not built to handle these sized vehicles. Regardless, it is annoying to no end to have done everything perfectly legal and then have to bend to to the vehicle. It often comes with missing the light or having others jump in front of you as you comply.

Grrr . . .

I Don’t Understand, Part 4,823

With today being my birthday, I decided to treat myself to my traditional birthday meal.  I don’t do the favorites thing, but when students ask, I always say that flounder stuffed with crab is my favorite.  It’s a dish I recall fondly from my youth.  It’s also one that when Mom would ask what I wanted on my birthday, I would select.  Here in adulthood, we often dine out on my birthday and I order this.  Last year it was at The Crab Trap in Somers Point. 

Remarkably, I have never made this dish myself. When at the grocery store to pick up a couple things today, I decided to make this for dinner.  I wasn’t going to jazz it up at all.  Interestingly, Gert stated she would eat some.  But then she ate something else and left.  

I got around to arranging things.  I had the oven warming up, opened the crab, and figured out how much mayonnaise to add.  That is when I ran into trouble.  We didn’t have two tablespoons of mayonnaise. We had a jar in the refrigerator, but there was nothing in it.  I may have been able to scrape together a half tablespoon.

It was late as it was.  With COVID-19 still very much a thing, I didn’t think I had time to run to the grocery store.  I punted and ate something else.  Later, Gert arrived home and asked why I hadn’t made the fish.  I explained there wasn’t any mayonnaise.  She seemed shocked by that, went to the refrigerator and produced an almost full jar of mayonnaise.  I asked about the other.  She said she thought there was still some in there.  

Then why open a new jar?  I don’t get it.

And the new jar wasn’t where we have kept condiments for 18 years!

I just don’t understand this mentality.  The children do similarly.  They’ll leave an empty box in the pantry after taking the last bag of whatever was inside the box.  Maddening!

Dot . . . Dot . . .Dot . . .

Not responding to e-mail is still a pet peeve. Days now trying to save myself $50 and perhaps gasoline money . . . FWIW, the free flu shots that I cannot get because, silly me, I work, are paid for by New Jersey taxpayers. According to Elizabeth Cubbage RN BSN, Public Health Nursing Supervisor for Cumberland County Health Department the money comes “from the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Vaccine for Children Program for adults and children that qualify for the Vaccine for Children Program and from budgeted monies from the County Health Dept.” . . . I am not certain how towns opt out of Social Security, but apparently you can. What’s the result? Three Texas counties and their retirees are quite pleased, as they should be . . . 18 years in and I’m stuck. I can’t move and I can’t retire. You can’t believe what goes on with public education. It makes my blood boil and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. Needless to say, what is best for students does not appear to be the focus . . . Go vote for my entry in Wizbang’s photo caption contest. I think I have the winning entry this week . . . I’m glad I don’t bank with Bank of America. $5 monthly to use a debit card?!? All to recoup poor decisions on the bank’s part . . . can’t embed this, but anyone who likes Quicksilver Messenger Service will appreciate this video dug up from the Winterland in ’73 (probably ’75 or ’71 since Cip wasn’t with QMS in ’73). I had the pleasure of seeing Cipollina in Boston, but this show is hot! . . . While generally I have applauded the job Chris Christie has done as governor of New Jersey, I think it would be a mistake to jump into the presidential race. I don’t think his straight talk will fly nationally. I also don’t think he is the right kind of guy to lead our nation . . . Witnessed some poor sportsmanship the other evening at an event full of “professionals”. It was disappointing . . . I can’t get excited about anything on Facebook these days. Might have something to do with having deleted my account . . .

Pet Peeve Alert

We all have pet peeves. One of mine (admittedly, I am persnickety and have several) is the use of less and fewer.

One uses the word less when describing broad items.

We have less freedom today than we did a centrury ago.

The word fewer is used when describing items that can be counted.

The team has fewer wins this year than last year.

One of the stories I keep running into this morning is that the Police Benevolent Association has put up a billboard as one approaches Atlantic City. It is a scare tactic to warn visitors that AC isn’t safe since it cut 73 police officers. Nice, eh?

Anyhow, the text of the billboard reads:

In AC, everyone wants to get lucky.
With 73 less officers,
Even the bad guys are feeling lucky.

Some of the PBA dues should be used to hire a proofreader. It would make its case stronger. It is easy to dismiss such a blatant public (non-fixable) error.

Pet Peeve Alert

As a public school teacher, one needs to practice patience and flexibility.  Those are not inherited tools in my skillset so I have had to learn them along the way.  As such, when through a series of comical situations it was dropped on me today to pick up another reading group to carve out more time for students in another classroom at the detriment of mine, I didn’t even flinch.

As it so happens, this group is 125 pages into a 368-page book that I have never read.  Still, no cause for alarm as I can handle that.

What absolutely astounds me is that this group is reading book 12 of a 13-book series and they have read but one other.  That means they do not have the background of the series on which to draw.  And neither do I.

The Lemony Snicket books are fun.  I read four or five of them a couple years ago.  Now I have to jump eight books to catch up with this group.  This group hasn’t even read as much of the series as I have.  Sigh . . .

I really do not like reading out of order; it’s akin to reading chapters out of order.

Oh well, flexible and patient me will be cuddling up with The Penultimate Peril (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 12) tonight. FWIW, I asked the students what penultimate means. They didn’t know . . .

Pet Peeve: Velvet

Growing up, my mother made pillows for our couches. We had a golden sofa in our living room after it was built (a room large enough to hold 12 card tables was added when I was about seven). Mom made some pillows for this sofa. They were blue. One side was needlepoint (pillow on the right). The other side was velvet.

I never could stand the feel of that pillow.

A few years ago I came to realize that I still have an aversion to that feel. Just the thought of velvet gets me to scrunch up. Yuck!

Recently I spotted an odd pencil one of my students had on his desk. I picked it up to examine it. It was spotted like a giraffe. I dropped it immediately, much to the surprise of the students. I then explained why. It had that velvet feel that the blue pillow did more than three decades ago. I still can’t stand that feel.

Why I still don’t like this, I do not know. Velvet is supposed to be regal, but to me it just rubs me the wrong way.

Dear reader, do you have any unusual aversions?

Birthday Cards

Yesterday was Gert‘s birthday. As I shopped for birthday cards, I was reminded of something that bothers me.

Have you ever looked at birthday cards designed for men to give to their wives? They suck. Plain and simple. Some of the funny ones are okay, but a husband has to get a serious card too. Each and every serious card is riddled with lengthy sentiments. It seems the greeting card folks do not give husbands enough credit for being creative on their own and fill in all the space for us. Blech!

I spend an inordinate time each holiday trying to find the one wife card that isn’t lengthy.

Okay, I feel better now . . .

Cumberland County Shunned Again

Cumberland County, New Jersey is the poorest county in the state. It is interesting to observe how the county is treated. Appointments to state government, grants, etc. all seem to neglect this county or under-represent her compared to others.

Today I sat for an hour-plus in a doctor’s waiting room (a major pet peeve of mine). When Gert went to pee in a cup, be weighed, etc. I thumbed through the magazines nearby. In an obstetrician’s office, it was no surprise there was little of interest to look at. So I picked up New Jersey Monthly.

There wasn’t much in this issue. In the back, however, was the Statewide Dining Guide. It was organized by region and then by county. I looked at the southern region to see what was recommended. I looked. I looked. I looked some more. Yet nowhere in this guide was Cumberland County listed, let alone any restaurants reviewed. Sigh . . .

The guide is probably no more than an advertisement, although nothing indicated as much. Cape May did not list The Mad Batter, frequently considered the finest restaurant in the area. Nevertheless, it is interesting that no place at all was listed in the county I now live in.

Typical . . .