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The Last Supper

So the liberal students attempt to convince a conservative to adopt liberal positions. If the liberals fail to make their case, they kill the conservative.

Hardly sounds balanced. Or entertaining. How could anyone on the right of political spectrum even consider seeing this play?

Real World Politics

Why do people become politicians?

I am willing to provide the most generous reason: folks want to help their community. Anything else would be a less altruistic reason.

Today, the Millville Public Library had its groundbreaking of the expansion. Y’know, golden shovels, politicians, photographs. I wanted to see this. I like the library. I came out to support it.

I was early. I waited. Then the politicians and the politically connected began arriving. Former mayors, former city commissioners, municipal engineers, and those who like to shake hands. We even had a current city commissioner on hand.

People shaking hands, smiling, and making small talk. Finally, the shovels appeared. Things still didn’t happen.

No scenario could be clearer. We were in the parking lot. This section of the parking lot was cordoned off with orange traffic cones. Right on the other side of the cones there was a van that had broken down. Two guys were trying to push it. They were not successful. I watched. Others watched. Some small talk about the van situation was heard. Lots of folks looked at this situation. No one moved.

A minute later no shovels had moved either. I scurried over to the van. Cindi Cooke was there helping the two guys push. I showed up. We got the van moving, around the corner, and stopped to where the car was that would jump the van. Cindi and I walked back to the shovels. Too late. The two or three minutes it had taken to move the van was enough time for the shovels to do their work. Presumably the politicians smiled and the photographs were taken. I missed it all. Everyone was headed for treats.

So, a parking lot full of politicians . . . folks who smile and have their pictures taken for the newspaper, web sites, and social media were all there. Not one of them helped the community today.

Remember this when they ask for your vote or tell you who to vote for.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

As I rebuild this blog, I become excited whenever I encounter a “new” pursuit. I am now in the middle of the Toastmasters posts. That has me looking at Toastmasters stuff. As I am wont to do, I began researching this organization again. What I found is a general dissatisfaction with Pathways and the approach of TI in general. That is exactly what I experienced before I left in 2018 . . . Dead & Company opened their summer tour on Saturday at Dodger Stadium. The field was full and most of the first level. Second and third levels were very empty . . . Picked up tickets for two Hot Tuna shows in December . . . Was reminded of something from my childhood that I haven’t thought of in years: black licorice gum . . . Dead & Company (Bob Weir, in particular) got me to turn off the livestream this evening. “God damn Supreme Court today!” line had me turn off the television immediately. I listen to chill, not hear politics that I do not agree with . . . I own four different bottles of gin. Who would have thunk that? . . .

Roe vs. Wade Overturned

Roe vs. Wade
Roe vs. Wade

Today, Roe vs. Wade was overturned.

I am not certain where I picked up on this, but for years I have argued for exactly what happened today

The Constitution was also expanded in the 1960s with Griswold v. Connecticut. The activist SCOTUS stated the right of privacy was implied in the Constitution, even though it was never stated. Because of that, in the 1970s, Roe v. Wade was decided. The issue in Roe was that the decision for an abortion was protected as a private matter between a patient and her doctor.

Most folks would argue that what goes on between a doctor and a patient is indeed a private matter. My issue with the decision is that this is not a matter for the feds to govern. Because privacy is not a right for which the feds should have purview, it should not have decided Roe. Perhaps that puts me on the fringe with some folks, but it certainly does not put me in a position of demanding that the federal government regulate what happens in the bedroom or at the doctor’s office. This is a matter for the states, much like gay marriage and other social issues.

New Jersey is liberal. If it (not the federal government) decides that it wants to permit abortions, gay marriage, homosexuality, etc., have at it. While I may not favor such decisions, I recognize that it is the right of the state to determine those things. If the people want it, then it can be had.

Abortion has not been outlawed. Rather, the people won! The people now get to decide the issue for themselves. That is how it is supposed to work.

Why do many folks leave New York and New Jersey to retire in Florida, Arizona, and South Carolina? The tax laws are advantageous to do so. Want marijuana? You’re not getting it in all states, so you travel to those who offer it. States compete on many levels, taxes and pot being among them.

Abortion will be another. Some states will assuredly prohibit abortion. Others will assuredly permit abortion.

Sure, some will argue that a woman who desires an abortion who lives in a restrictive state is treated differently than a woman in a permissive state. Yes. Likewise, a taxpayer in New Jersey is taxed far more than one in Florida. It’s the way it is.

This is by design. The United States Constitution works this way. It’s a beautiful document.

I will be taxed to fund abortions in New Jersey, most likely. That is against my desire. I deal with it. And when it becomes too much for me, I will be heading to another state . . . perhaps Florida. 😉

I Miss Consequences

The consequence of a liberal society is saying “Yes” to everything.

The Paper Chase

The above quotation is one I have longed pointed to. It’s fruit is bearing presently.

  • Lose the school’s pencil case, there is no consequence.
  • Don’t return library book, there is no consequence.
  • Write something inappropriate in someone’s yearbook, there is no consequence.

The Chicago PD just updated its policy of foot pursuits. If a person flees, the police are forbidden from chasing. Stop or I’ll . . . let you go.

I see this close at home. My daughter has not suffered consequences. She is a master manipulator. Things done have never been her fault. There are always extenuating circumstances that always fall in her favor.

I’ve done her no favors in acquiescing to some of her antics over the years. But even the one who scolded me for being a poor role model would concede (I think) that I have attempted to hold her accountable.

The other day I was speaking with a retiring colleague and another teacher. Somehow the conversation shifted to responding to some of the behaviors that are encountered within the school system both from students and administration. We three all acknowledged that as older faculty members, the behaviors have little effect these days. We attributed it to the wisdom of growing older.

While I think that is involved (ultimately, none of this matters), I think there is a kernel of not caring that sets in. Johnny isn’t sent to the principal’s office any longer because the desired result is not found there. Johnny’s parents aren’t called any longer for the diatribe that is returned doesn’t produce the desired result either. Now Johnny has learned that his behavior is tolerated. That which is tolerated is gotten.

Vehicles drive all our town without licenses because there is no consequence for doing so. The police aren’t even permitted to pull these vehicles over.

I miss consequences.

Supplies Diminished

No Four-Cheese Pizzas

One of the hallmarks of the United States is anything can be had. That, generally, is a good thing!

Since COVID hit, however, supplies have diminished. Diet Coke in one-litre bottles is difficult to find these days. Sure, two-litre bottles and 20-ounce bottles are on the shelves, but the size I like is often not available.

Today, after work, I grocery shopped for the children. Of late, I have ensured that there is plenty of food at home as dining out has become ridiculous with prices. To that end, Fritz enjoys frozen pizzas, specifically, he likes Red Baron Four-Cheese pizzas. Hey, one of these is $5.19 (less if I go to Walmart) compared to $15 and a drive to Hammonton for Bruni’s.

But there were no Four-Cheese pizzas today. WTF?

I have no explanation for the lack of the specific item he wants. They had Three-Cheese pizzas. I took the above photograph because The Boy would not have believed me. This is America—why is there no Four-Cheese pizza?

Say what you like, life today is not as good as it has been in the past in this regard.

Millville City Commission Work Session, 8 June 2022

Short meeting with nothing much of note. No comments at all from the public.

Commissioner Sooy mentioned he attended a Zoning Board meeting. He stated the Zoning Board has become an advocate for those who are applying for variances. Stated that the Zoning Board criticized the City Commission.

Sooy went on to state that he began reading up on the Zoning Board. He found out there the Zoning Board is permitted to have four alternates. He stated there are only two. He wants another two presumably to better represent this Commission.

Commissioner Sooy is incorrect. There are four alternates to the Zoning Board.

It is the Planning Board that has but two alternates. The Commission indicated it would like to increase the Planning Board to have four as permitted by law.

I have no issue with this other than Mayor Orndorf remarked stated that the reason it was needed is that during summer months lots of projects come. But that reason is moot if the Zoning Board is already full. Just sloppy governing. It is obvious this Commission wants its picks on the boards. That is fine.

Political Hypocrisy

Yesterday, I wrote about political leaders are not convicted to what they say.

New Jersey held its primary yesterday. Taxpayers paid millions so Democrats and Republicans can determine who the voters will get to vote for in November. This is a private event that the public is forced to fund.

The public is also forced to deal with the event.

Representative Jeff Van Drew (R) went begging for votes. Presumably, he wanted the public to vote for him to be the Republican nominee yesterday.

Jeff Van Drew endangered children.

Our schools were wide open so the public could enter and vote for him. And they did.

Yet, Van Drew calls for measures to lock down schools. Talk about fake and phony.