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Why I Don’t Think I’ll Return to Quest Scouts

Quest Scouts is an interesting pursuit that appeals to me on many levels. There are a variety of activities to complete. There is a checklist of items to know what needs to be completed. There is a definitive goal.

Many of the activities have been quite interesting. I have been pleasantly surprised at several tasks, particularly some of the books that I have read.

Even so, I think Quest Scouts is a past pursuit of mine.

The expense and the inconsistent publishing schedule have been issues for me throughout. But that hasn’t kept me from returning as I have had a few times.

My current lifestyle is such that I am quite mindful of what I do and what I bring into my life. I have a box (I actually purchased) of bobbles and other od ends to house arts and craft supplies primarily to be used for Quest Scouts. The thing is, there are always more things to purchase to complete the tasks.

At some point, one has to consider the amount of stuff and money spent to pursue this. That’s what I am doing now. I can afford to spend whatever I want on this. It just doesn’t seem worthy of my wallet. Cost per unit of pleasure is too great for me, I guess.

Another component of this is the constant managing of stuff. I like my simple lifestyle. Managing the stuff complicates the lifestyle. It’s more work than I want to put into recreation. That’s the nut of it, I think. It is easier to not play than it is to do so. I have plenty of pleasure activities that I will not lack for entertainment.

Micro Quest 30: It’s A Fact!

It’s A Fact!
Trivia- we’ve all got some. Today’s micro objective requires two steps.

1) Post a trivia question below.

2) Check out other people’s trivia questions and answer one. Don’t guess at the answer, but instead research the trivia question and provide a link to where you found your answer. (Wikipedia is fine. This is for fun! However, if someone thinks a trivia answer is wrong feel free to correct it.)

Please only answer one trivia question, as we need to make sure there are enough for everyone to participate.

What is American bourbon, and why isn’t Jack Daniels bourbon?

The question I would like to ask is one I have asked since middle school. It’s not trivia, I suppose.

I am is a complete sentence. It consists of a subject (I) and a verb (am).

The contraction I’m is substituted for the words I am.

Why can’t this be a sentence?


Micro Quest 27: High Score

21-10-16 Micro Quest 27: High Score

High Score
1) Visit an arcade and play a pinball or arcade game.

2) Take a photo of your score (even if it isn’t a high score) and post it in our Facebook group! Alternatively, you can also share on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts.

After a big day in which Fritz had to play dutiful son/brother and having his event not materialize, he selected where we would eat tonight. We had to wait. What to do? Let’s hit an arcade!

The photographs do not show the full score. It was 21,500.

Micro Quest 26: Tube Time

Tube Time
While our “media” objective will normally support the theme of our monthly quests, 31 Micro Quests’ theme (or lack thereof) is the broad, “5-20 minute activities that provoke newness.”

1) Today’s micro objective is to watch at least one of the videos below. Watching all 4 videos will take you less than 20 minutes!

2) Let us know which video(s) you watched and what you thought of them in the comments below.

Cargo – short film from Daniel Foeldes on Vimeo.

Watched all four. Bike Thief was interesting. I don’t think I am particularly surprised. That’s sad, I suppose.

Jordanne I found to be very interesting. How come we hadn’t heard of this before? Would have liked to have seen some footage of her playing tennis.

I am not certain what to make of Cargo.

Life Looks Really Different Through an MRI Machine was neat. I liked that.

Micro Quest 25- Park It

Micro Quest 25- Park It

Park It
We know, it’s getting cold for some of you! Here at Quest Scouts Central in Portland, OR, it is starting to rain just a bit. While it is always good to be mindful of the weather, breathing cold fresh air is often better than breathing no fresh air at all!

1) Today’s micro objective is very straight forward- visit a park. Any park will do! Perhaps you have one down the street from your home? Or maybe just a short drive away? Spend a few minutes walking around the park and take in the sights. Even if this is a park you visit often, there are always new things to notice about your surroundings.

2) Take a photo while at the park and post it in our Facebook group! Alternatively, you can also share on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts.

One of the things I enjoyed about when my son was little was taking him to the park. It’s not that I had any choice as he wanted to constantly go. He liked to run, slide, and swing. He’s always liked being on the swings. I would push him forever on the swing. He just loved it.

Today we had some time to kill before we picked Beetle up from her theatre. We headed to a nearby park . . . just like old times. And there was Fritz on the swings. He may be too old for me to push him any longer, but we had a good time at the park.

Micro Quest 22- Are You Game?

21-10-08 Micro Quest 22- Are You Game?

Are you game?
1) Set time aside today to play a game with friends. The only requirement here is that you don’t play by yourself. Invite friends over for some video games, play cards with a coworker during your lunch break, or pull out a board game with your significant other after work.

2) Take a photo of you, your friend(s) and the game you’re playing and post it in our Facebook group! Alternatively, you can also share on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts.

3) For a little extra fun, let us know in the comments below what your favorite game is.

Fritz received the game Spy Alley at some point (graduation? birthday?). It’s a pretty light game, but we like it on occasion. It’s a bluffing game and I seem to win most of the time as the children take risks that I am not willing to.

Even so, this was a pretty good game tonight. I was able to knock Fritz out on a free guess. He was surprised that I was able to deduce who he was. Beetle made a strategic guess on me. I had played it correctly, but she got information out of me. And I landed poorly on a roll that gave up a big bluff of mine.

Even so, I outlasted her and prevailed again. 🙂

Micro Quest 21- Mystery Fruit

21-09-27 Micro Quest 21- Mystery Fruit

Try a “new to you” fruit!
According to Wikipedia, there are many, many culinary fruits in this world. How many have you tried? Seriously, how many?

1) Eat a fruit that you’ve never tried before.

2) Post the fruit’s name, what you thought of it, and a photo in our Facebook group! Alternatively, you can also share on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts.

This objective is something that appeals to me. It was also something I wasn’t certain I was going to be able to complete without some work. I do not live in a cosmopolitan area. I wasn’t certain our grocery store would be able to provide a fruit I hadn’t eaten before. But I found a quince. I had heard of this fruit before, but to the best of my recollection, I had never eaten one.

It was $2.00 and not particularly large. It looked like an apple and/or pear. I figured I would cut it and bite in. But when I looked it up, that was totally not how to consume the fruit. Quinces are astringent. So, I began looking up how to prepare this fruit.

Everything I came across presented quinces like baked apples. Peel them, core them, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, and eat. Sounds good.

But I don’t have sugar and really didn’t want to buy any as I would never use it . . . or if I did it would be for foods I shouldn’t eat. So, I went to a convenience store and took some packets from the coffee area. I spend enough at this business for gasoline that they can spare a few packets of sugar. I did purchase cinnamon, but my daughter likes it and I figure I’ll use it when I cook for her.

I peeled the quince and then cored it. The seeds and the center were more difficult to remove than on an apple. I did not produce two perfect hemispheres.

I also don’t keep lemons or lemon juice on hand. Listen, I consume pretty much a carnivore diet. I forgot to get a lemon to help with the browning. I decided to run out to the convenience store that is near me. I picked up a small container of orange juice. One of the videos I watched indicated that orange juice would be fine and used it herself.

I rubbed the juice on the quince and then sprinkled them with cinnamon-sugar. I then added a little more orange juice to the pan so there would be some liquid in it. I baked these in the oven for about 45 minutes at 375°F. They smelled wonderful as anything with sugar and cinnamon in an oven would.

They looked good too. Upon biting into the quince, the meat was fleshy like an apple. The cinnamon-sugar tasted just like one would expect. Overall, not bad. There did seem to be a taste that wasn’t quite perfect. By the time I arrived at the end, I identified that as the orange juice. Lemon would have been better for this. Or butter. The orange I think shifted the flavor a bit.

The orange juice also removed the seasoning from my pan. I am not happy about that. I am currently re-seasoning the pan as I write this log.

As for the fruit itself, it was fine. This was a bit more work than I would normally want to do. I would not avoid quinces if offered to me, but probably wouldn’t go through the hassle of making these again.

Micro Quest 23- Found It!

Peek Preserve Deer

Found it!
There are caches hidden all over over the world. Most likely there is one hidden within a few blocks of where you are sitting right now. For today’s micro quest, search for a geocache! If you’ve never geocached before, the video above will help you understand what to do.

1) Find and log your geocache on any geocaching website and make sure to let them know that Quest Scouts sent you.

Note: Over the years, we’ve acquired quite a few letterboxers! Letterboxing is similar to geocaching, in that it’s a location based game. Feel free to find a letterbox instead of geocache for this micro objective if you’d like.

Headed out today after work to find a geocache. I’ve been on sabbatical, it seems, since a very busy summer wore me out. Took a lovely stroll through Peek Preserve. Love it here. I have placed geocaches and letterboxes here over the years.

Logged the find on (and here).

Micro Quest 24- Good Reads

American Pastoral

Good Reads
Let’s create a collective 2021 Quest Scouts reading list!

1) Take a photo of the BEST BOOK you’ve read this year and post it in our Facebook group! Alternatively, you can also share on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts.

In the caption of your photo, feel free to tell us why you like the book, but don’t give away too much of the plot!

Good Reads and I go way back. My account is from 2008. I had been there before that as I bounced around for a few years trying to decide which site I was going to plop myself (anobii, Shelfari, Library Thing, etc.). I ended up at the right place.

Just perused the books I have read this year. Easily, Philip Roth’s American Pastoral has been the best book I read this year. Roth is a masterful storyteller. It took a bit for me to make it through it for some reason, but I enjoyed the story.

I read exclusively on the Kindle, so I copped the above image of the cover of the book from someone else.