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Best Sitcoms

A comment about The Dick Van Dyke Show posited that it was a top-5 all-time sitcom. That got me thinking . . . what are the top sitcoms?

I’ve toyed around with this list. No list will be perfect. I can envision this will change over time. But right now, I think this is a fair representation of my list.

  1. Sienfeld
  2. I Love Lucy
    Frankly, it’s a toss-up between the two. Today Jerry wins out; tomorrow Lucy easily could. Different shows but equally perfect!
  3. All in the Family
    This show changed television. In many ways it could be considered #1. This show influenced so much. It is the first show I ever recall looking forward to it coming on. My parents were fans. Interestingly, it’s the first show I recall marking the 100th episode.
  4. The Dick Van Dyke Show
    It made my top 5! Classic. There is so much that is right with this show.
  5. Mash
    I’m torn on the placement of this show. There is so much right about this show, but it tired over its run.
  6. Friends
    Light, but fun. Friends was Cheers for the younger crowd without the major fall-off.
  7. The Honeymooners
    Gleason. ‘Nuff said! This could easily be moved up.
  8. The Brady Bunch
    Love it still. This is Americana at its best . . . save the last season (particularly the final episode).
  9. The Odd Couple
    Another classic. Much of what is right about this is the spillover from Neil Simon’s script, but Klugman and Randall were wonderful. I saw them perform the original at Smithville when I was a boy.
  10. Cheers
    Wonderful show that I picked up before the masses. They survived one major cast change when Coach died. The second change didn’t go as well when Shelley Long left.
  11. The Cosby Show
    Some wonderful episodes here. Again, this was spillover from Cosby’s act. As the show aged, it tired greatly. The scene with Cosby and Theo and the lesson of economy is classic!
  12. The Bob Newhart Show
    When I was a boy, my parents had one of Newhart’s comedy albums. Funny stuff. This may have been the influence of my dry humor. Who knows? This show I watched as a boy. I don’t think I picked up all of the humor then, but I watched these in reruns and fell hard for it. The show was so iconic that Newhart reprised it with his final episode of his other show (Newhart; That, btw, was the best final episode of a series I have ever seen!).
  13. Taxi
    What a collection of characters in one cast! Just brilliant. That it survived a network change is amazing. The show was inconsistent, but when it was on, it was good.
  14. Mary Tyler Moore
    This show was wonderful! Phyllis. Rhoda. Lou Grant. Ted Knight was wonderful. This was so well-written.
  15. Happy Days
    The first few years were excellent! The last several had jumped the shark . . . quite appropriately!
  16. Married With . . . Children
    This is a show I don’t think got its due. Funny, funny, funny. And while Ted McGinley was a sign that Happy Days was dying, he helped spur on this one mid-run.
  17. Roseanne
    Bold and fresh . . . then it sucked. The last year was interesting enough to bring viewers back, but bizarre.
  18. Leave It to Beaver
    A classic! My wife‘s love of this has brought it back to our television in recent years. It’s hard not to like this. It held up better than Dennis the Menace, which I preferred as a boy.
  19. The Lucy Show
    It was no I Love Lucy, but it was still a top-20 sitcom. Lucy was that funny! Much under-rated, but very funny!
  20. The Jeffersons
    Touchy-feely. Touch-felly! This show was fabulous for the first half of its run. It veered as it went along. Good stuff. Weeeeeeeezzzzzzzyyyyyyy!

Not on the list

  • Andy Griffith
    I was never a big fan. Nothing wrong with the show, but it was a little slow for me, which I guess was the purpose. A decent show, but not worthy of the top 20.
  • The Simpsons
    Many rank this near the top. My exclusion is not a sleight to the show. Being off the list is merely for the fact I do not watch it. I have seen an episode or two over the years, but am not a fan of the show. And if we are going to seriously consider cartoons, I would need to find a spot for The Flintstones.
  • WKRP
    Loved it! Inconsistent, but some fabulous humor here.
  • Maude
    So much talent! Pushed the envelope much as its predecessor All in the Family did.
  • Get Smart
    Mel Brooks on the small screen. Just ingenious! The show was well-written and definitely something that reminds me of my youth.
  • Soap
    I watched this weekly. The cast was wonderful, the storyline baffling and wonderful all at the same time, and the script smartly written. This is definitely a dated show but something that is entertaining.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Train wreck: Christine O’Donnell talking to Geraldo . . . John Maxwell seems to be like all “famous” public speakers; in it for a buck. After listening to a two-hour telephone call I was left unimpressed. And he wants $5,000 for his speech program? Ha! . . . A few months later, Pinterest has lost its appeal to me . . . I don’t understand why a Kindle version of a book is more expensive than the printed copy. It makes no sense to me . . . There is a lot of hay about Big Bird right now. Many people claim that the poor would lose important education if Big Bird were defunded by taxpayers. My experience is that the majority of the students I teach have not watched Sesame Street . . . I love the smell of smoked turkey on my fingers . . . Ridiculous! Greg Gutfeld hosting The Factor undermines Bill O’Reilly. Next time just have the body language lady fill in. This supports the thesis that cable news is merely entertainment television . . .

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Headlines such as Millville police charge mother and son with selling crack do nothing to instill confidence in our community . . . Hey, I was mentioned in an article about GPS games recently . . . Another murder in Millville. This is no place to raise a family . . . Anybody else growing tired of staged reunions for our returning military? No disrespect, but the set-ups at schools, ballfields, etc. are boring. Just show up at home, privately, and embrace your family. Leave the media alone . . . A master has passed away: Carroll Shelby who designed the Shelby Cobra and juiced up the Mustang died. A Shelby is a prize vehicle . . . This Mother’s Day I am sitting in the back living room. Fox News Sunday is on (volume 33 on the scale). My wife is running the shower above me. My son is singing to the computer in the front living room. Yet, above all that, I hear the roar of the Grand Am cars at NJMP . . . When a mother has to apologize for her son, you know you have done wrong. Colton from Survivor should be embarrassed . . .

Finally Figured It Out

11-12-17 Finally Figured It Out

Sometimes I’m a little slow on figuring things out. A year ago I purchased two flat screen televisions. One of them has Internet capabilities. Streaming content has not worked quite the way I envisioned it. With the PS3 player that came free with the purchase I am able to get some stuff. Netflix works just fine. Of course, I stopped our account a few months ago since its streaming content is lacking. I did see every Rockford Files episode before I halted it. There are a couple free services that work too. Again, old movies, but some good stuff. I don’t pay for Hulu, so that is off limits. I am able to stream YouTube content, particularly my own channel. Searching is clumsy, however.

Anyhow, I got an idea tonight that I began to work on. That didn’t work out as I had planned. So I looked something up. Well, blow me down. It seems that rather than having the television grab content from the network like I’ve been trying, I can push content to the television from my laptop.

Now we’re watching home movies. Yeah, this is pretty kewl! It only took a year, but it’s working. That’s what matters.

Woo hoo!

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Ouch! While mowing the lawn (oh, it was high!) I felt my left calf tighten. It seemed odd, but I had been working hard today and even added a hike in the middle. Anyhow, when I stepped down off the deck I felt a pop/rip of the calf. I am rather certain I have injured myself to the point I will need outside help . . . Went for a cache today with Fritz. As soon as we got to the cache area, Fritz let go with the nastiest diarrhea ever. Oh, it was worse than anything the babies ever did. I had to hose him off. Seriously . . . We didn’t find that one because of his mishap. It rained for about 15 minutes today; the entire hike back to the Jeep . . . Finding I have less and less to say online these days. Twitter and Facebook are rarely loaded . . . I wasn’t surprised at all that Huckabee passed on running. I suspect Palin will pass too. Despite protestations otherwise, it is a weak Republican field . . . Have been buried for the past six weeks with stuff. There appears to be no let up until school is over. That means another six weeks of no time to scratch an itch . . . I would not have voted for Boston Rob on Survivor. I would have voted for Natalie or Phillip. The puppet master should have been held accountable for the manipulation he used . . .


I just finished watching the last episode of The Rockford Files. Six seasons (five and a half really since the last season was truncated). It was the impetus to order Netflix. I enjoyed reliving my youth as I saw the fashions change from 1974 to 1980.

Now I begin another old series: Columbo.

There’s worse things I could be doing . . .

Here’s another benefit to my new television!

It’s less expensive than the Extra Innings package and I can stream this to any computer I am at or my cellphone. In addition, every game is archived so I can go back and watch anything, save the Phillies due to blackout rules, at any time. Woo hoo! I’ve wanted to score every Phillies game for a season. With a DVR, I think this is possible this year. We shall see. If not, perhaps I will score some other team. I am thinking of adopting the Oakland A’s as a team to follow this year. I like following a west coast AL team as well.