Geocache Ideas

Over the years I kept a list of ideas for geocaches. A few years back, I ditched that list in an effort to just clean the slate.

Now back in the fold, as it were, ideas are churning again. To keep my things to a minimum, I’ll post them here. Feel free to use and modify these to your own liking . . . or disregard them altogether.

  • List pi on a cache page. A couple ways of hiding code.
    • 1. Change 15 digits to the coordinates
    • 2. Change 15 digits to an offset
    • 3. Change digits to other numbers that can be used to spell out a code, sentence, something
  • About/estimate the product field puzzle for an alpha lock
  • Battleship: Arduino and old school like SunCrush
  • An exploration of the spectrum of 1 terrain geocaches (1-1, 1.5-1, 2-1, … 5-1)
  • Earthcaches (soil, sandcastles)
  • Classic logic puzzle
  • Gadget Talk Podcast
    • 4 LEDs with 9-volt
    • 1 LED with screws and 9-volt
    • magnets and numbers
    • toggle switches + 1 LED
    • 9 Button puzzle (NOT READY: need to think how to implement this)
    • Arduino Nano, blinking lights
  • Drive Ya Nuts
  • FindIt Games (DIY with fuse beads)
  • QR code –> web site –> form with cacher’s username –> hint/solution
  • Wooden fence post with a locked mechanism; instead of opening the lock, cacher pulls plate from fence post
  • Motion detector
  • Simon
  • 4 cubes
  • PVC candy cane, painted, story
  • Duck decoy anchored

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