The Mt. Holly Railroad Cache

02-07-29 GC5EE1

39.98865 -74.790733

Like everyone else, I did not see the trail.

It was an easy cross over and the cache was readily spotted when doing so.

I took a pencil and left some postcards. I also took photograph #24 on the camera.

I headed back to the parking area. The trail was easily spotted. Hmmm . . . how do we all miss it? It is there. Anyhow . . . I thought I would treat myself to lunch there, but ended up only with a creamy birch beer. Recommended!


River Crossing

02-07-29 GC2F23

39.877467 -74.861733

This cache is done!

It was totally out in the open with no covering.

It was absolutely soaked!. I did my best to dry things out, but everything is ruined. I wrestled with just taking this away, but thought the cache owner might want to check on it.

It sounds like this has been a problem with this cache. Maybe kids are having fun. I do not know. Although the cache is there, there is nothing to exchange. The log was so soaked through, I left a fresh piece of paper with my log on it.

Really, this is not one to be sought at this point.

With the state of this one, I did not even attempt the other, Big Blue Barn, which others have indicated is not around.


Found this one. Took and left nothing. I will explain in the next log.


Elise #6

02-07-29 GC2DAD

39.879317 -75.020333

I made it! I had looked for this one once b4, but I could not find the park. I had trouble with that again today. I did, however, find some beautiful homes. My my . . .

Anyhow, once I found the park, I was happy. It was a nice trek in. I spotted the tree from the trail. As I made my approach, I hit a patch of wet leaves and slid into the cache! “Safe!” an umpire would have called.

I took the HP keychain and left some postcards.


Somerdale Stroll

39.845833 -75.028267

As others have mentioned, I had to be patient. I do not know what would cause the GPSr to be so erratic there, but it is. I found the cache when I adjust a little further down from where I was. It was exposed. The leaves probably just blew away.

I took and left nothing at this cache.

Thanks for the hunt,


02-07-29 GC7268

40.01945 -74.6613

Well, you folks know how it is . . . one last one for the day. I drove SLOWLY (are there enough signs to emphasize that point?) to the park. I parked right next to it. Somehow, I ended up with a gash in my leg. Lots of blood. Hmmm . . . other than some prickly bushes for a few feet, this was easy.

Took and left nothing.

Also, the cache description mentions another cache in the park (Grandma’s Attic). I had no paperwork on that one, so I wasn’t going to be able to hunt anyhow. But I do not see one under your profile with that name. Was that a planned cache that has not happened?


Rescue 911

02-07-29 GC7109

40.046167 -74.641533

This was going to be my last of the day. I hadn’t eaten (I should have had a sandwich back in Mt. Holly) and was soaked through.

I walked right to this one after I backed up down the road. I didn’t realize at first I would not be able to get in at the end. No traffic to worry about there. 🙂

Took and left nothing.


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