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Government is Intrusive

New Jersey is at it again. This time disgraced lawmaker Nelson Albano is pushing for a law to require the Pledge of Allegiance be stated at the opening of all public meetings.

This is feelgood legislation at its best. Few will speak against the Pledge. The problem is that government should not be mandating this. Obviously, there is nothing the matter with beginning meetings with the Pledge. But if for some reason a group (Are all the pseudo-agencies and authorities government entities?) doesn’t begin with the Pledge, who cares?

Albano has nothing better to do; he’s packing his bags and going home after his constituents decided they had had enough of the poor representation. This bill does nothing to stem the ill will toward him.

Reduce taxes. Stop crime. Fix a bridge. Those are the things I want state government to concentrate on.

Go away, Little Buddy. Your time is up!

Veterans Day Thoughts

I just returned from the annual Veterans Day mass. It was a nice service.

I need to be a better person. I do not have patience. That is interfering with my happiness. I saw a headline today that indicated one’s diet can affect moods. My diet has been shitty of late. I wonder if the two are related.

Beetle and I had a wonderful day together. I took her to the doctor’s for her three hour set of tests. Then we went to Red Robin for lunch. We walked around the Deptford Mall. I purchased her a Build-A-Bear. We had a good time. As we approached home I teasingly explained how she would be a good nun. She knew I was teasing. She got in her mood. When we exited the car, with my hands full, she wound up and kicked me in the shin. Grrr . . . She went to her room for the balance of the day. I just don’t understand her moods.

Our food intake has been pathetic. I purchased a chuck roast and a butternut squash It’s been in the crock pot for five hours. Things are smelling pretty good about now. Time to end the binging I’ve been doing.

Letterboxing is going to go to the backseat. I am becoming obsessed just like I was when I geocached. It’ll be an every-once-in-a-while activity. My at-home activities will be the lawn/backyard and reading. End of story.

At mass tonight Sen. Van Drew and Assemblyman Andrzejczak spoke. They both shook my hands on the way in. Both mentioned the long day they had (Veterans Day: parades, school, veteran homes, etc.). Guess what? I don’t care. But their comments were fine. Andrzejczak in particular as a purple heart recipient. I noticed that the third member of Team Van Drew, Nelson Albano, was not there. True, he lost his re-election, but as of today, he is still a representative. Finish strong, little buddy. But your character certainly shows when you don’t do those little things. You don’t plan on a comeback, do you?

Nelson Albano Is Out

There rarely is good news on election night. Much of that stems from the fact that in most races it doesn’t matter who wins, the citizen loses. Such was the case for the NJ Assembly race.

Entrenched has been Nelson “Little Buddy” Albano, who is Jeff Van Drew’s hand-picked Italian from Vineland.

In eight years Albano accomplished nothing. He even admits it in his campaign literature in that all he has ever touted is that his son died. Of course, that was in 2001 . . . before he was elected to serve us.

This campaign he dredged that up again. He also fought off the ethics charges that were leveled against him for his speeding ticket incident where he tried to get it quashed by defaming the state trooper who issued the ticket.

The citizens have had enough of this mess of a politician.

It’s not like we win, however. In Albano’s place is Sam Fiocchi. Fiocchi got himself elected to the Cumberland County freeholder board. As soon as he did, he announced he was running for the Assembly. He lost. He’s been after Albano’s seat ever since. Fiocchi did nothing on the freeholder board.

Lucky us!

Bob Andrzejcak Gets the Van Drew Treatment

Bob Andrzejcak Political Flyer

It’s political season again. Nelson Albano trots out his dead son (check his Facebook page). Bob Andrzejcak has joined Team Van Drew. From all accounts, Andrzejcak seems like a nice enough fellow. He fought in Iraq or Afghanistan. He lost his leg.

Of course, Team Van Drew puts that up front and center because . . . well, that is important for the citizen to vote for him. Maybe the next photograph could be Bob Andrzejcak’s leg at Michael Albano’s grave!