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Bob Andrzejcak Gets the Van Drew Treatment

Bob Andrzejcak Political Flyer

It’s political season again. Nelson Albano trots out his dead son (check his Facebook page). Bob Andrzejcak has joined Team Van Drew. From all accounts, Andrzejcak seems like a nice enough fellow. He fought in Iraq or Afghanistan. He lost his leg.

Of course, Team Van Drew puts that up front and center because . . . well, that is important for the citizen to vote for him. Maybe the next photograph could be Bob Andrzejcak’s leg at Michael Albano’s grave!

Nelson Albano Caught Lying

Last February, state assemblyman Nelson Albano was pulled over for speeding. That was disclosed in April when it came out he requested preferential treatment. Albano’s story was problematic. It turns out he lied.

He told the public, you and me dear reader, that Trooper Pangborn was disrespectful. As a matter of fact, Albano filed a complaint against the officer stating Pangborn was disrespectful. I ask you, dear reader, was Trooper Pangborn disrespectful?

Albano Expects Preferential Treatment

Back in February, First district assemblyman Albano was speeding in his car. He admits to it.

Albano, who admits he was speeding

A trooper pulled him over and issued him a ticket for speeding.

That should be the end of the story, but it isn’t.

According to Albano, he asked the officer not to issue the ticket. Yeah, that’s problematic on a few different fronts. One, as an elected official, that certainly puts him in the position of having to defend the action because to most of us, he is asking for a special privilege. Albano says anyone can ask for that. Perhaps he is correct, but an elected official must conduct himself so there isn’t even an appearance of impropriety.

James Madison wrote, β€œIt is a misfortune incident to republican government . . . that those who administer it may forget their obligations to their constituents, and prove unfaithful to their important trust.” Albano’s character is lacking.

Who is Nelson Albano? He’s a local union shop steward at Shop Rite. His son was killed in a car accident a decade ago. Albano used that tragedy to get himself elected, reelected, and re-elected again. His son was killed by someone driving an automobile. Albano got legislation pushed through to harshly punish repeat drunken drivers as they are a danger to others. And recently when the guy who killed his son was up for parole, Albano cried that there needs to be even stiffer penalties for drivers who harm.

Drunken driving isn’t the only foul one can commit as a driver. Speeding kills. Albano admits he sped. Instead of accepting the responsibility of his actions, he claims the officer profiled him. Pathetic.

I imagine there is a radar gun involved. I would love to know how Albano will explain that. And even if he was profiled (a stretch in my book), Albano was speeding. He admits that. Profiled or not, he endangered lives. Contesting that diminishes anything Albano claims to stand for.

Albano’s assembly buddy Matt Milam thinks similarly to Albano. When Milam parked in a handicap space, he cried foul too and tried to weasel out of the responsibility of his actions. What is it with local representation? Own up for the actions you have done. That is what an upstanding model citizen does. Neither Albano or Milam have done that.

Yeah, it sucks to get a speeding ticket. The one sure way to ensure you don’t get one is to not speed. πŸ˜‰

Here’s one more thing to consider. According to the officer who issued the ticket, within 10 minutes of the issuing the ticket, he received a phone call from a union leader telling him to make the ticket go away.

  • How would that union leader have known the ticket was issued?
  • Could it be that after getting the ticket, Assemblyman Albano made a phone call up the line?
  • If he did, did Albano make the call while he was driving?
  • If he did, is that something every citizen has a right to do?
  • Did Assemblyman Albano try to use his position
    as an elected politician to get out of his ticket?


11-11-08 Voted

This evening Beetle and I voted in our election. She is a second grader who has never missed an election. I am proud of that. πŸ™‚

The Boy voted too with Mommy. We had two vehicles since we had met for dinner locally (to stimulate the economy) to celebrate my FIL’s birthday. As Frank is fond of saying, “If my mother had only waited two more days, I would have been born on the birthday of the Marine Corps.” Semper Fi!

As usual, most of who/what I voted for was defeated.

The Republicans took control of the freeholder board. It is time for them to do something memorable or they will lose control in two years when Fiocchi and Kirstein are up for re-election.

How this area continues to re-elect the Van Drew team is beyond me. I have thoughts about the get out the vote campaigns that I will write about in another piece.

And speaking of Fiocchi, I am pleased that his campaign to step up to the state assembly failed. I did not vote for him. The man totally abused the electorate. After campaigning for two years for freeholder and finally winning a seat, two months later after doing absolutely nothing, he began campaigning for the assembly. Based on what? He is an example of why the public is disillusioned with politicians.

So, what are you going to do for Cumberland County Messrs. Shepherd, Kirstein, and Fiocchi and Ms. Grucci? Doing nothing will swing the county back to Democratic control for another 30+ years. You’re on the clock and we’re watching . . .

Albano Is Anti-Business

It is no mystery that Millville is in difficult times. Businesses are folding all over the city. Unemployment is up. High Street is full of boarded up business fronts. Amato’s is once again for sale.

And Cumberland Crossing, a high point for the city 20 years ago, is all but abandoned. Walmart is still there, and they want to do what few in town want to do: expand. By bumping up its store to a Super Walmart, more employees will be hired. In addition, residents will be provided more variety. Now that Acme and Pathmark have left town, Shop Rite has no competition and their service is changing for the worse. A Super Walmart across the street will help the consumer.

Tonight, the zoning board meets to address Walmart’s plans. Unfortunately, our local assemblyman is working against Millville. Nelson Albano is a shop steward for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. His full-time job is as the union boss at Shop Rite in Vineland.

Albano’s union is against Walmart’s expansion.

Gerald Chudoff, representative for the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 152 will be attending to oppose the expansion. Chudoff represents employees at large- and small-scale supermarkets in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, including the Shoprite across from the current Walmart, and employees that were forced out of the Acme on 2nd Street last February.

Why is an elected official, a union boss, working to hurt his constituents?

Election Day


I love Election Day! That I was off from work today made it just that more festive. I voted alone around 10:00 a.m. Gert went in with the children later in the evening.

Watching the returns this evening has been interesting. It sure looks as though Chris Christie is going to pull out the upset here in Blue Jersey: a Republican winning a statewide campaign.

The ballot question to borrow $400 million to fund park cleanups, football fields, and other pet projects is going to squeak through.

It looks like 1st district voters are happy to send two men who have done little for them back to the Assembly. One thinks so little of his record he talks about his son who died four years prior to his running for office. The other parks in handicapped spaces, calls it a BS ticket, and then squanders local tax dollars by going to court rather than just paying the fee.

Even worse, Cumberland County voters are more than happy to send Lou Magazzu back to the freeholder board. It looks as though Tom Shepard will join him, so the 7-0 board will now be 6-1. Nelson Thompson looks to be in as the third freeholder.

Gloria Noto has enough of a lead to hold off Van Embden.

It’s been a mixed evening. I did not subscribe that New Jersey’s gubernatorial election was a referendum on President Obama’s presidency . . . until President Obama said it was. Since he battled so hard for a man who has been disastrous for the Garden State, he can take the loss on his record. So, Obama looks to be the big loser tonight. Well, so was Corzine. Not only did he lose his job, he spent millions to do so.

I am not certain we are poised for a conservative revolution. The GOP is still a mess. Christie did well in a time when things were as stacked against Democrats as they have ever been in this state. Now it is time for him to govern. Governor-elect Christie, you have a massive budget hole for next year’s budget. How are you going to close that? You’re now on the clock.

Soliciting 1st District Assembly Candidates

There is a dearth of candidates running for the state Assembly from the 1st District. Incumbents Nelson Albano and Matt Milam are being challenged for the second time by Michael Donohue and newcomer John McCann. Citizens of the district deserve a better selection.

Albano and Milam have had undistinguished terms legislatively as our representatives. They are masters of getting their names in the newspapers due to their affiliation with state senator Jeff Van Drew. Milam confirms his politics are manipulated by Van Drew and makes no apologies for it.

“I don’t take any offense from people calling me a Van Drew puppet,” Milam said, saying it would be foolish to be angered by it. “I actually take it as a compliment.”

This isn’t the first lapse in judgment from the rookie assemblyman. Milam showed his disdain for constituents during his “BS ticket” fiasco when he parked in a handicapped space and then refused to move his vehicle so he could resume his time in a bar.

Albano thinks so little of his legislative career that he chooses to drag his family’s tragedy into politics over and over to capture sympathy rather than talk about what he has done since being elected.

Neither candidate warrants support.

Unfortunately for 1st District citizens, the alternatives are not much more promising.

One would think Michael Donohue would be an attractive candidate. He spoke well about the stranglehold Democrats have on politics in New Jersey. I voted for Donohue two years ago when he first ran for the Assembly. I will not vote him this November. After the forum last month, I asked Mr. Donohue if he would pledge to get rid of what remains of property tax rebates at the state level. This insidious plan is the epitome of wasteful government spending. Not surprisingly, Mr. Donohue refused. It was his reason that gave me great pause. He told me that until there was another program to put in its place he could not favor getting rid of the rebate program. Of course, another government program that filters money through Trenton is not what is needed. Donohue showed his hand to me with this exchange that he will not be any different than what we already have. Thus, he is unworthy of my support.

John McCann is a green politician (green as in the original meaning of the word, not in the politically-correct meaning some use today). He speaks from a small businessman’s perspective. He has said the right things, although does not instill passion among the constituency . . . at least not from where I stand. He seems to let Donohue set the pace for him. As a first-time candidate, that is understandable. I didn’t have the opportunity to question McCann directly about the rebate program. His answer may have mimicked his running mate’s for all I know. Nevertheless, from what I heard, he is acceptable, although not ideal.

So, that’s one out of four I can vote for. I need another candidate. Should two stellar folks come my way, I will have no issue changing course. Yet, it is 16 October and the election is just a few weeks away. We are not being served well legislatively. The challenge to that is not particularly bright. Perhaps the general public is happy to have Jeff Van Drew orchestrate our representation. I suspect Albano and Milam will be re-elected. That will clear the way for Van Drew to challenge LoBiondo next time around.

Sigh . . .

Nelson Albano, 1st District Hypocrite

State senator Steve Sweeney is launching an internal challenge against Senate President Dick Codey. It is expected that Sweeney has the votes needed to take control of the senate after the election.

Jeff Van Drew, state senator from the 1st District, supports Sweeney for Senate President.

Jeff Van Drew is the head of Team Van Drew. Despite not being up for re-election himself, Van Drew is plastered all over campaign literature and lawn signs. Van Drew’s coattails are what Assemblyman Nelson “Little Buddy” Albano is running on . . . that and his dead son. Albano offers nothing.

One thing Albano has come out against is poor ethics. That’s a hard stance to argue against, yet Albano makes it surprisingly easy.

Today The Daily Journal quoted Albano as stating:

“One of our biggest debt burdens in New Jersey is the unfunded pension program,” said Albano, a Vineland resident and union steward for Village Supermarkets Inc. (ShopRite.) “Anyone who is collecting multiple pensions from the state being fronted by taxpayers, it’s just downright wrong. It’s an abuse of state benefits. You pick one pension out of the three or four jobs.”

It accompanies a hatchet job on Albano’s opponents, Mike Donohue and John McCann.

Yet, Albano’s team leader, Jeff Van Drew supports the double-dipping Sweeney. Sweeney, in addition to his state senator’s position, is also Freeholder Director of Gloucester County. In that role, Sweeney diverted $6,000 to embattled Lou Magazzu.

I am waiting for the pristine Albano to call Steve Sweeney on his double-dipping. I suspect it will be a long wait to hear from the hypocrite.