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1st Legislative District Assembly Forum

Wednesday evening I attended the forum hosted by Millville First. Candidates running for the Assembly for the 1st and 3rd Legislative Districts were invited to the event. I wish Google Calendar had a mechanism to see when an event was added to it. I know I read about this some time ago. Millville First has a post dated 20 August indicating the event. According to Jason Leday of The News reported today that incumbents Nelson Albano and Matt Milam would not attend the event.

A representative from the office of Democratic incumbents Nelson Albano and Matt Milam said the two assemblymen would be out of the state today.

Note to citizens of the 1st District, your elected officials shunned meeting with you to be out of the state. There is nothing in their official position that requires them to spend time outside the Garden State. One of the candidates quipped that they were watching President Obama’s speech with Governor Corzine. I hope that was in jest and not proved to be accurate.

Anyhow, that left us with the Republican candidates in the 1st and 3rd to speak with us this evening. One wouldn’t think there would be much interest with a one-sided forum, however, there were a few moments of interest.

Mike Donohue comes off well. A lawyer from Cape May county, he is making his second run at the Assembly. He lost to Albano and Milam last time around. He was on the ticket with Clark and Asselta. I voted for him in that election.

He introduced himself and spoke about his conservative principals. He sounded great! Truly. He had a couple minor comments throughout that caught me off guard, but generally speaking, he was very impressive.

His running mate is John McCann, a realtor from Ocean City. He too spoke to conservative values. His litmus test for legislation is if it is good for small businesses, it’s good for New Jersey. He is far less seasoned than Donohue, but made no mistakes this evening.

Both candidates were asked to speak to the Dollar-A-Day auto insurance that New Jersey offers. Neither candidate (nor those from the 3rd) addressed the fact that these policies do not cover the other driver in an accident. That demonstrates their lack of knowledge of the issue.

Both spoke about not only the high level of taxes (as expected) but also the regulatory nightmare the state puts businesses through. That was refreshing! The format of the forum perhaps did not allow the the level of detail I desired, but all the talking was on a surface level. That is troublesome.

No one made a mistake publicly. Unfortunately, Mike Donohue really disappointed me in the end. He came over and wanted to engage in small talk. He and I had spoken briefly ahead of the forum, and he definitely noted I videotaped the session. I asked him directly, “Are you willing to go on camera and declare you will abolish the remaining property tax rebates?” He asked for clarification. His campaign manager hurried over. Candidate Donohue declined to make that pledge. He began to hem and haw. I said I understood the politics of the issue. He said that despite the politics (only the old folks get those rebates now and no one wants to piss them off), he said until there was a mechanism in place to lower property taxes, it is warranted.

That answer nullified everything he stated this evening. His answer demonstrates to me that he is not sincere when he stated that we have to change how Trenton does business.

I truly understand not wanting to take such a pledge. But to slough it off because something else needs to be in place really misses the point. I told him it costs the state money to run the program. He began drifting so 3rd District candidate Lee Lucas could have his time. Nice.

I do not have faith that Donohue will be the great savior. I suspect that candidate does not exist. The team of Albano and Milam have not served our district well. Change for change sake is not appealing, although it may be better than spreading out the vote.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . . Political Edition

Thank goodness the Beer Summit is over. Unfortunately for the president, the photo-op did little to rehabilitate his entry into this fracas. His statement, which I am convinced was staged at the end of his healthcare press conference, displayed his inexperience. Inexperience was a given when this man was elected. Instead of pushing for the hallmark of his presidency this week, the nation’s first black president was dealing with a race issue. That issue was fabricated by his friend. Furthermore, the president decided to interject his presence into it without having all the facts. Having a beer in front of the cameras does not wash away his acting stupidly; rather, it enhanced the fact that he is not a representative of the mainstream.

Millville Code Enforcement
Speaking of enhanced, one couldn’t help but notice Millville Commission Dale Finch all over the news yesterday. Mr. Finch ran on improved code enforcement. He appears to be trying to live up to that promise. We applaud him. We still take exception to the fact that he spearheaded an increase in the re-inspection fee of 66% to enhance code enforcement. The increase in enforcement has absolutely nothing to do with the increased fee. It seems the city just wasn’t inspecting. Finch has found city employees (building inspectors) who could be used for code enforcement. That is good. It did not require the increase in fees.

Just to be clear, I have little issue with the increased fee. Make it $10,000 for all I care. It does not enhance the inspection process if no one else is hired. 😉

New Jersey Squanders Tax Dollars On Lightbulbs
Project Porchlight is coming to town. For those of you who are not familiar with this program, this Canadian nonprofit has partnered with New Jersey to distribute 1,000,000 CFL lightbulbs (the new curly bulbs). Sounds good doesn’t it?

In the Garden State, the New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) is the entity that is in charge of the lightbulb program. NJCEP gets its money from New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU). NJBPU is a state government agency. It’s one of those places, like port authorities, that politicians go to pad their pensions. Just ask former state senator Nick Asselta. He increased his salary from $49,000 to $125,000 after he screwed us and then he headed over to BPU.

So, the BPU funds NJCEP. NJCEP buys 1,000,000 lightbulbs?

We are having a difficult time following the money on Project Porchlight. Someone had to purchase the lightbulbs. I am betting it isn’t the Canadian nonprofit. It seems likely that NJCEP has. How much do 1,000,000 CFL lightbulbs in their nifty little packaging cost?

Our concern here at eCache is if NJCEP is the backer of this program, is this a good use of Garden State tax dollars amid “the worst recession since The Great Depression”?

Of course, with any governmental program, it is not merely the lightbulbs. There are folks who are paid to run the program. The local papers even indicate that.

The group will on Saturday be searching for recruits to join their paid staff in addition to volunteers.

After the distribution, there will be a luncheon for the volunteers. I know school districts around here had to curtail catering events since taxpayer money spent on food does not benefit education directly. It seems the BPU-funded group operates under a different set of expectations from Governor Corzine.

Taxes are rising everywhere we look. While “clean energy” (whatever that is; CFL lightbulbs contain mercury) may be a noble cause, why should I pay to have my state give away 1,000,000 lightbulbs and then pay folks to eat afterward?

This is government run amok.

Cash for Clunkers
After four days, the widely advertised Cash for Clunkers program has gone bust.

Forget whether this was a good program or not. The Obama Administration orchestrated this and it went belly-up in less than a week. Why the hell would we entrust an overhaul of the healthcare system to these same folks?

The inefficiency of government is one of the truths of our society. That is exactly why the founders sought to limit the federal government’s role in our lives.

Name one thing the federal government runs well. I can’t either.

Thomas Paine noted that government is a necessary evil. It is there to protect us. I can even get aboard with a few programs once in a while that would benefit society, but those are very limited.

Challenge yourself today, dear reader. Will you limit your federal government?

$18 to Listen to Asselta?

Are you kidding me?

Apparently, disgraced former state senator Nick Asselta will speak at Millville’s Chamber of Commerce. Since he screwed his constituency for his cushy twice a month job with a taxpayer-funded vehicle, Asselta has sat on the Board of Public Utilities. Now he is pimping himself as a “green energy” expert. And to hear his wisdom on the matter, it’ll cost us $18.

I don’t think so.

For $18 Gert and I can go to the movies. $18 will buy dinner for our entire family. I would rather spend $18 on Bobby Rocket shoelaces (inside joke) and then throw them away before I spend one penny to hear Asselta bloviate.

The GOP in New Jersey is in poor shape. Asselta is the poster boy for its failure.

Millville’s Chamber of Commerce would do much better enlisting anyone else to speak than this disgraced politician. There is no help Asselta can impart on our community.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

What kind of reporting is this?  What the House passed yesterday is not $700 billion.  The House could not pass the bill when it was that dollar figure.  The bill was stuffed with $150 billion worth of pork.  That means the bill was $850 billion.  Why did the AP not report that? . . . Lest we forget, former state senator Nick Asselta is continuing to screw New Jersey.  Asselta, if you recall, sold out his constituents on the last day he was in office by voting for a billion dollars of more spending for a seat on the Board of Public Utilities.  Now, twice a month in a taxpayer paid-for automobile, Asselta works.  What does he do?  Allows the utilities to raise rates another 14% . . . this is classic O’Reilly.  Good television and the more Barney Franks is taken to task, the better:

. . . Speaking of Barney Franks, does anyone have an issue that his lover was a Fannie executive? . . . Palin’s spin of her Couric interview is lame . . . FWIW, I thought she rebounded well, but it matters little. Biden did okay too. It comes down to the big boys and Obama is too polished, it appears, to change the course in a month. We shall see . . . I used to listen to Howard Stern. It seems as he was married Friday. Hmmm . . . O.J. was found guilty of the robbery and assault of two memorabilia dealers. This verdict couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Will there be riots? . . . How ’bout them Phillies? . . . the playoffs have been fun thus far . . . this weekend the smoker will have the latest propaganda NJEA Reporter as fuel. I tire of my dues being spent on multiple four-color publications supporting political candidates I do not endorse. Unfortunately I cannot burn the Review . . .

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Michael Arrington decries Yahoo’s demise. It’s a good read . . . This was e-mailed to me today. It’s an old one, but the addition of New Jersey in the last spot added a level of humor/gut-wrenching bile that is not there otherwise . . . Twitter has been returning an Over Capacity message quite a bit recently . . . Is it any wonder that FriendFeed has captured my attention . . . I am surprised this thread continues over at Groundspeak. It seems to break all the guidelines. Of course, pot shots at conservatives is considered fair game by so many . . . $77 to fill the gas-guzzler. Sigh . . . My girl Stephanie won this week on Top Chef. Best of luck in Puerto Rico . . . Here’s the first test: former state senator Nick Asselta is now on the state BPU. The gas companies are demanding rate increases of 20%. Will Asselta take a conservative approach to this or will he rubber stamp it? . . . Blue Jersey’s response to NJ Senate President Dick Codey’s comment highlights a fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives: asking the Turnpike Authority to tighten its belt is not de-funding, it is requesting efficiency . . . good actors leave the audience wanting more. Harvey Korman and Sydney Pollack are two who did that this week . . . another actor, however, makes us wish she had packed it in already. It’s unfortunate too as I always liked Susan Sarandon, despite her liberal tendencies . . . Obama left Trinity United Church. What took him so long? Evidence that he will do whatever to get himself elected. This doesn’t help him . . . Beetle pointed to a picture of poison and asked what it was. Unsatisfied with the answer she declared it was pirate milk . . . We were at Target tonight and walked by the lingerie. There was a thing that was about my daughter’s size. Okay, it was a bit larger, but not designed for anyone who should be wearing a thong. And who should be wearing thongs? I think the simple answer is if one is not having sex, she has no need for a thong. Anyone who could have squeezed into this thing is too young for sex . . .

Asselta Screws Constituents

. . . and no, we’re not discussing his oft-rumored skirt chasing.

In November, New Jersey held its state senatorial election. In the First District, where I live, Republican incumbent Nick Asselta lost to Democrat state assemblyman Jeff Van Drew. I refused to endorse either candidate and voted for neither.

Asselta is unfit to work for the public. Long ago he tried to circumvent the process to acquire drugs using his political position to do so.

So, what does a defeated career politician do in New Jersey? He sells himself.

Right at the end of the lame duck session, Republican Asselta crossed party lines to join Governor Corzine to add a half billion dollars to state spending next year. Why would Asselta do this?

Asselta was appointed to the state Board of Public Utilities. That position will raise Asselta’s taxpayer-funded salary from $49,000 as an ineffective state senator to $125,000 to sit on this board.

Asselta represented a district that included 10% of the special needs districts in New Jersey. He sold them out for his own personal gain. Even Jeff “I Sponsor Every Bill” Van Drew and Nelson “Little Buddy” Albano voted No on this.

Asselta is the poster boy of New Jersey politics.

Asselta’s Crime

Silvana Landau will be charged with a disorderly persons offense, not forgery, for acting on State Senator Nicholas Asselta’s behalf in trying to obtain prescription medication.

eCache detailed the story recently.

The forgery charge is not being used as it applies to writing according to Prosecutor Ronald Casella. I will defer to the lawyer’s opinion on this. But what about fraud? It seems like trying to secure prescribed medication by stating you work for someone you no longer do is fraud.

And why is Asselta not charged with anything?

Asselta, who was not charged by police, has said he was suffering from a severe poison ivy rash. He said he thought Landau would follow proper procedures when she called for the prescription on his behalf.

Wouldn’t the proper procedures, senator, involve you seeing a doctor? Just what did you think Landau was going to do if not commit fraud?

I re-submit that Mr. Asselta should resign. His constituents deserve better representation than this.

State Senator Asselta Should Resign

Last month I was away when I read of state senator Nick Asselta‘s (R-1) run-in with the law. I meant to blog about it when I got back, but moved onto other things. Today’s article in The Daily Journal reminded me of the incident now that The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating.

Asselta apparently had a bout with poison ivy. He attended a retirement party for George Stanger. He was scratching himself. Silvana Landau was also at the party. Landau used to be the office manager at a medical office. She offered to call in a prescription for Asselta. Asselta agreed.

But the checks and balances worked. Landau called the pharmacy to order the medication. She claimed she was representing Asselta, a patient of Dr. Lucasti, her former employer. The pharmacy called Dr. Lucasti’s office to find out if the prescription should be for an injection or oral. The pharmacy was informed Asselta was not a patient.

One account I read (which I cannot locate now) stated Landau called the pharmacy twice, which tipped it off. That account also documented that Landau called Asselta in-between calls to the pharmacy.

Asselta knew he was circumventing the proper channels. He knew Landau was not a physician. No physician saw Asselta. Our state senator knew that. Yet, Asselta had no problem receiving a perk in having a friend get him medication through channels which are not open to the rest of us. As a public servant, it is expected that Senator Asselta conduct himself in a manner which instills trust. More than four years ago I wrote the following about then US Senator Robert Torricelli:

The obligation, Sen. Torricelli, is to represent New Jersey and her citizens in a manner that commands trust.

Senator Asselta’s big mistake, as he calls it, is just as egregious.

Senator Asselta has abused his public trust. That is not a trait which should be exalted. It is time for Mr. Asselta to resign.