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BBBGT: Bourbon – Owensboro Kentucky

20-08-15 GC8MB6Y

37.7764 -87.116967

The thing that really stands out about this park for me is that it was active. No, not just with geocachers today, but with children. It was so nice to see so many children out and about having fun. During COVID, that sight has dwindled. But I also think in recent years, this wholesome scene has dwindled. Today, seeing all the children frolic about was nice.

Enjoyed the cache along the geotour. I appreciate the fun. Thanks.

BBBGT: Barbecue – History

20-08-15 GC8MB6V

37.776267 -87.111283

One thing I have learned during my geocaching career is that I enjoy geotours. I like going places, having a goal, and completing that. With the rollercoaster I have been on this year, I was happy when this geotour was posted. It was something I was able to focus on to distract me from some unpleasant goings on at home. Even when the big celebration for the launch had to be postponed to next year, I relished in getting away.

I flew from New Jersey to Chicago a few days ago. I cached in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana on my way here. We arrived in Owensboro late last evening. After caching some more this morning in Indiana, this was my first find in Kentucky.

Wonderful meeting AFK here. It helped me understand how to proceed through this.

We all marveled at this park. My son would have loved this! Found the geocache and lots of geocachers at this geocache.

Thank you for all the hard work in putting this together; I appreciate it.