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Batman, Volume 1: The Court of Owls

Batman, Volume 1: The Court of OwlsBatman, Volume 1: The Court of Owls by Scott Snyder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I’m trying to get into Batman, recent Batman that is. Somehow I thought Court of Owls was older than it is. My only previous experience with this is from Gotham. That storyline is completely different than this is.

There are references I haven’t read (Dick is now Nightwing, and there are two other Robins; the whole Dark Night saga); I’ll need to go back and read those.

Didn’t learn until I was done that this “Unwrapped” version is not how this originally appeared, rather it is the original sketch art prior to inking. I rather like it, but as someone mention in a review somewhere, you miss something every now and then. I think so.

The story is fantastic! The inner-thoughts of Batman and how he pieces together what is going on is really well done. Love how his perseverance is demonstrated with fighting The Talon.

I knew Lincoln was going to be involved somehow. Looks like there is a deeper story here that can be followed in later compilations. To think, Bruce had a brother . . . or not. We shall see.

Good stuff here. I like how the owls are explained (prey upon bats, nests in Gotham’s buildings, date back to colonial times, etc.).

I like storytelling; this is a well-told story. Bravo!
I am shocked to see I have read this before. But reading the review makes me think that version isn’t this version. This didn’t have Lincoln being Bruce’s brother. This is colored as well.

So, I checked this out of the Millville Public Library for the 2022 summer reading challenge. Fabulous story. Yeah, Batman’s inner-thoughts and all that.

The Talon is the enemy . . . kind of. Looks like anyone can become The Talon. We don’t know who the Owls are yet, although I suppose we could speculate.

We have Alan Wayne having created hiding spots in all the buildings going back 150 years for the Owls to . . . ahem . . . nest in. As I got toward the end, I knew there wasn’t enough space to finish the story. Nope. Two more volumes and the library doesn’t have them. 🙁

The story and the art are both very compelling. This lives up to the billing of a must-read. Good stuff!

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Dark Crisis (2022-) #1

Dark Crisis (2022-) #1Dark Crisis (2022-) #1 by Joshua Williamson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Too many characters for this newbie. The one page with 16 panels of characters really lost me. Even when my son told me who they were, I hadn’t heard of most of them. Again, this is a barrier to entry into this universe.

Having said that, I am getting the drift of this story. The Justice League is dead and the “children” are gathering to form their own Justice League. Black Adam is the the only survivor from whatever killed the JL. He is skeptical of the children.

Meanwhile, Pariah is setting the stage to gain energy from dead heroes to destroy the multiverse. Of course, that begs the questions of where he would live, but we’ll leave that alone presently.

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Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis (2022) #1

Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis (2022) #1 (Justice League (2018-2022))Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis (2022) #1 (Justice League by Joshua Williamson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tough for a newbie like me. I get it that the Justice League is dead/gone. It appears ripe for villains to rise up and new heroes to man up. The problem for someone like me is that I don’t know who these folks are. Okay, I get Dick Grayson is Nightwing. And we have Superman’s son. Wally West is the Flash. but Barry Allen is gone and there is a Kid Flash!?!?! Starting to lose me there. I am not familiar with Green Lantern. Aquaman is gone but Aqualad (no lad as far as I can see) is ready to man up. I get that Pariah is central to this story and I’ve gotten a little background to Infinite Earths about him. So, I’m kind of okay there. Seemed like my kind of character (sitting on the sidelines) until he decides to enter the game. Don’t know what the machine he’s going to build, but I gather it’s not good.

Batman is with his blue cape and cowl. Don’t know who Nocturna is. Don’t know who Stephanie is. I gather Barbara Gordan is not Batgirl. My son says Barbara is the Oracle. Don’t know that character either.

Needless to say, I am confused. Hope this works itself out. This is the kind of stuff that has kept me on the sidelines with comics as there is just so much I don’t understand. And when we delve into multiple universes, this old guy will truly be lost.

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Dark Crisis #0 FCBD Special Edition 2022 (2022)

Dark Crisis #0 FCBD Special Edition 2022 (2022) #0 (Free Comic Book Day)Dark Crisis #0 FCBD Special Edition 2022 (2022) #0 by Joshua Williamson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Getting ready to dive into Dark Crisis. We’re only a month behind today. Crossroads Comics told us to take this leftover from Free Comic Day. It appears to provide the minimum backstory to understand what one needs to know. Given I have zero knowledge of past events, this is welcomed. The Boy told me a couple things that this broad overview mentions as well.

The art is pretty good. We shall see. Let’s get it on!

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Batman: Three Jokers #3

Batman: Three Jokers #3Batman: Three Jokers #3 by Geoff Johns
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So, I get how and why The Joker was creating more Jokers. I understand why he pulled Joe Chill into this. Now that Batman let Joe Chill off for the guilt of killing the Waynes, Batman can now place all of his attention/hate upon The Joker. I get that.

Bur Batman and Batgirl are allowing Jason to get away with murder because it would reveal their identities. Bad. Very bad.

Apparently, Batman knows The Joker’s identity. Why he doesn’t reveal it, I am not certain.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with this mini-series.

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Batman: Three Jokers #2

Batman: Three Jokers #2Batman: Three Jokers #2 by Geoff Johns
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I don’t understand.

The Joker came home to a wife and child. Only, it seems like it was a mannequin.
The dirty judge is dead. Joe Chill’s fingerprint was found. Joe Chill has stage 4 cancer and has been in the prison hospital for months. Yet, at the end of the book he is up and about.

Barbara is concerned that Jason killed in #1. Batman makes excuses. Wtf? Barbara makes out with Jason at her apartment. Wtf? The calendar, wheelchair, etc. all seem to point to events I am unfamiliar with.

One of the Jokers tunes up Jason at the pool. The pool has many other Jokers in it.

I am so confused by this.

The three Jokers are repeated in this, but I thought one of them died in #1.

I amlost.

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Batman: Three Jokers #1

Batman: Three Jokers #1Batman: Three Jokers #1 by Geoff Johns
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, now. I’m back. Took The Boy to the LCBS and he wanted #2 and #3 in this series. Apparently, I had purchased him #1 some time before. I like short runs. We picked up #1 and I began reading.

This is new Batman even if it was set before the Killing Joke. Jason is not in my Batman chronology, so I have some catching up to do. A little confused here at the end of #1, but I’m getting it. Think the real Joker is yet to reveal himself, but it does make me wonder how Red Hood can get away with murder, particularly if it wasn’t Joker.

How does that work here?

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Lost (Batman: Dark Victory #4)

Lost (Batman: Dark Victory #4)Lost by Jeph Loeb
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Loeb’s storytelling is good. I’ve had a break between #3 and $4, but I am easily able to pick up the story. Two Face is missing. Batman seeks him out in the city’s underground. There he encounters Solomon Grundy who Batman has tranqulized. Batman sees parallels in their lives including Two Face: isloated, brooding, alone. I can relate.

Meanwhile, Catwoman propositions Sofia. She promises to retrieve Sofia’s dead father’s corpse in exchange for $1,000,000.

Jim misses Barbara. He informs the new DA that he will assemble a secret task force of new officers who Chief O’Hara recommended before he died to investigate Harvey’s disappearance.

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Batman: The Story of the Dark Knight

Batman: The Story of the Dark KnightBatman: The Story of the Dark Knight by Ralph Cosentino
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Every time my son visits my classroom he goes to the library and finds this book. He loves Batman! This book came with a CLI order a few years ago. I do not recall any students ever reading this.

Fritz usually takes it out and looks at the pictures. It’s a graphic novel so the pictures are compelling. This is the Dark Knight so there is no Robin (yeah!). I really like the graphics.

Fritz asked if I would read this to him. I agreed as I always will. This basically introduces Batman and his nemeses. Two-Face is included in the rogues gallery.

It’s a short book, but well done. Fritz loved it!

We went into my classroom again today and guess what? Fritz wanted to borrow this book. He asked if we should let the principal know we were going to borrow it. He’s so cute.

Once again I read this to my boy. He just loves Batman. I am a fan of this book. Fritz is so engaged. In the handful of years this has been on the bookshelf, I do not recall any student having read it. That is unfortunate. Perhaps when Fritz comes for “Bring Your Child to Work Day” he will read it aloud to my students. 🙂

We are participating in the #classroombookaday challenge this year. Because of that, I pulled this off the shelf today to read. Some students have yet to demonstrate listening skills. But the good news is some students seemed to be into it.

It really isn’t a great read. I have since gotten into comics and this doesn’t hold up to others. Anyhow, it’s a decent introduction to graphic novels for my students this year.

There is no story here, but I enjoyed reading it to my students today. An introduction to the Batman universe with the big players. The art is the highlight here.

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Toys (Batman: Dark Victory #3)

Toys (Batman: Dark Victory #3)Toys by Jeph Loeb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Former detective Flass, the dirty cop who once caught helped knock Commission Loeb out of office, served as security at the Cheetah Club, a seedy gentleman’s club owned by the Falcone family. He was found hanged out back of the club. Pinned to him was a hangman game. Apparently, former Commissioner Loeb had been killed last month as well.

Batman shows up at Zucco’s office since he was in charge of the security at the club. He shared that Jonathan Crane, as the Scarecrow, had been out back of the club. Batman seeks out Scarecrow, who escapes in a daring water escape.

Meanwhile, Sofia is concerned. It is Christmas Eve and her goons have not produced a missing Harvey Dent for her to seek retribution for her father’s death.

And Selina is seemingly left alone at Wayne Manor looking ready for some action.

Batman shows up to scare Alberto, Holiday, who had committed similar murders attached to holidays in The Long Holiday. Alberto seemed genuinely scared of Batman.

Gordon and Porter are out doing last minute Christmas shopping together when Gordon receives a message that takes the both of them to Alberto’s. Mario, the brother, shares that Alberto is feeling a bit off his rocker, but that he is concerned Batman is mixed up in all this.

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