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Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

“One-termer and a two-timer . . .”
“One-termer and a two-timer . . .”

Scalia is brilliant! His appearance with Chris Wallace was just another datum to prove that . . . Hey, I won the Wizbang! caption contest two weeks ago . . . Loved listening to Bezos interview with Kindle Chronicles . . . I challenge one to tell me what hours the Millville Public Library is open. I can’t find that information on their web site . . . The organization never ends. Today I tossed 20 years of lesson plans but kept every observation, annual review, certificate of training, etc. . . .

Move Over, Mr. Sheen

I will have sexual relations with that woman.

Charlie Sheen has nothing on me today!

I love caption contests. I’ve participated in them for years. The last few have seen me marvel at the Wizbang folks. Each Friday they take a current events photograph and post it for their readers to comment on. I have theories as to why the same folks seem to win these things.

This week it was my turn. Woo hoo!

For me, it was an easy photograph to caption, but I am pretty certain others would have written the same thing. Indeed, the first ones are usually the winning ones.

Sorry Charlie, this week I am WINNING.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

How come my daughter‘s pre-school can have an automated call system that begins speaking when I pick up the telephone but the telemarketers have a delay? . . . Speaking of telemarketers, the silly group that has been bombarding us this week seemed to stop when I asked to speak with a supervisor after I heard the conversation about them getting high while they waited to click in.  Stupid people . . . My classroom is in pretty good order.  I still have paperwork to do, but the set-up is done.  I finally am so organized it took very little effort to get ready this year . . . The pollen is coming as I have had headaches each day this week . . . Smoked a beer can chicken yesterday.  Flavor was excellent, but I could not control the temps and it cooked much faster than I wanted it too . . . The speakers at the Democratic Convention have not been good the first two nights save Hillary, and she only took care of herself.  The folks b4 her were awful . . . Speaking of work, I am going to have begin shaving on a regular basis now.  Sigh . . . Optometrist appointment tomorrow.  I suspect I will have a stronger bifocal script . . . Fatherhood is awesome!  Particularly when the little girl is having a Daddy day . . . Michelle Malkin highlights some of the reasons why I am no longer a Republican . . . I just cleaned up my RSS feeds.  There were a lot of dead feeds, blogs I rarely read, and interests that no longer errrr interest me . . . Billy Jeff had a good line tonight: “People have always been more impressed with the power of our example than the example of our power.”  Good line, but still bad policy . . . In 1988 I voted for Dukakis.  I lived in Boston.  I guess I was young, idealistic, and feeling my oats.  This ass just said the last seven and a half years are the worst he has had in his life.  Sounds like he and Michelle Obama are cut from the same cloth . . .

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the US government loves the life Gert and I live. Having a mortgage with children reduces the tax load significantly! . . . My nephew passed his jury for Eagle Scout this evening. Way to go, Parker . . . Well, this is certainly not the kind of press an upstart magazine should want . . . I’ve must not be well-read. I believe there are but 13 books on this list that I have read. I have a few others on the bookshelf . . . Not that anyone needed any further proof, but President Clinton does not tell the truth . . . Obama wasn’t going to win Pennsylvania, but thanks to foot-in-mouth disease (aka elitism), he surely has no shot now . . . spring has finally sprung . . . We all make mistakes, but shouldn’t a school district’s language arts supervisor not send e-mail with typos? . . . The AP counts differently than I do. According to Tom Hester, “Corzine’s $33 billion budget proposal would cut spending by $2.7 billion.” Yet, this year’s NJ’s budget was $33,293,000 and the proposed budget for next year is $33,968,603. That’s a spending increase the way I teach my fourth graders. Budget numbers are fluid, but I’ve yet to see a set of figures which actually shows spending will be less next year . . . Yikes! I shudder to think what this college would have done to us for our radio shows 20+ years ago . . . I agree with Justice Alito. I even wrote about it back in 2001. Of course, I approached it from a citizen of New Jersey, not as an Italian-American . . .

Clinton and the National Pastime

Clinton Napping

Readers here should recognize that I am a baseball fan. In addition, it has probably sneaked out that I do not hold a very high opinion of President Clinton who shook his damn finger at me and lied.

An aside . . .
Readers might be interested in knowing that back in late 2004 when I was ironing out all the different web sites and blogs I was running, I toyed around with hosting a site named 17-AUG-98.com. I had a test blog up that was going to house all my political commentary.

Here is another reason not to like the former president.

One would think someone of the former president’s position would have handlers that would prevent him from making a fool of himself in public.

Hey Dave, your team isn’t exciting enough to keep him interested. 🙂

Hat tip to Say Anything.

Former President Clinton Is No Role Model for Children

President Clinton at McDonald's

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has teamed with the William J. Clinton Foundation to promote healthy living among children.

What characteristic is The Alliance for a Healthier Generation cashing in on with teaming with Clinton? Just because a man is a former president does not provide him a pass on these issues. And particularly in this case. Clinton is no role model for children. He is an admitted liar as Commander in Chief. His lifestyle is anything but healthy (extra-marital affairs, poor diet, etc.). His recent surgery confirms that.

So, again, why should Clinton be heralded as a role model for a healthy lifestyle for children?