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Elf, the Musical

21-11-13 Elf, the Musical

Eighteen years ago the movie Elf was released. Funny! Will Ferrell, who can be irreverent, portrayed Buddy, the Elf perfectly. With an all-star cast around him (James Caan, Ed Asner, Mary Steenburgen, Jon Favreau, Peter Dinklage, and Peter Billingsley), this has become a modern Christmas classic. Santa’s coming!

This year, three theatres around us are staging Elf, the Musical. I gather someone wrote a play based on this movie. We went to see it at The Levoy tonight.

From the get-go, I found myself smiling. I have not been in the Christmas spirit yet this season; we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet. There’s nothing special about this impending holiday. Yet, from the opening number I smiled.

There were lots of adult inside humor (Santa can’t use reindeer because of PETA, for example). I laughed throughout.

The guy who played Buddy, while not physically what one expected was downright perfect! He was so expressive, could sing well, and captured the exuberance of the character wonderfully. Pretty much the rest of the cast was held in the same stead.

Just good ol’ fashioned fun. Lots of audible laughter and guffawing from the crowd, including my children. This is a fun show, much like the movie is fun.

I am sure because of copyright issues, we didn’t get It’s Cold Outside. I looked forward to that as it is a highlight from the film for me. All the music was original. We also didn’t get Santa’s Coming, now that I think about it.

As expected, I leaned over to Fritz and told him I expected it would snow. It did. Lots. On us. It was wet. Very wet. And Santa flew in his sled! Oh, what fun!

Had a blast. I could easily see this being staged annually for the holidays. Just a fun evening out.

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before ChristmasThe Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love this classic. We used to film a video of us reading each year for an online video card (back when online was much different). I read this to my class each year.

What is interesting about this book is that the text is written on accordion pages that once done can be stretched out to display Santa flying his sleigh with the reindeer pulling it. Visually, it’s neat.
The final read aloud prior to our Christmas break. It was clear that many students were unfamiliar with this poem. 🙁

I love this. This helps put me in the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas!

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