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Times change. Someone mentioned her crystals to me. I had a flashback to my college days when I thought crystals were so kewl that I gifted them to people. Yikes! . . . I contacted a company recently regarding the quality of linens I had purchased. The replaced a couple items free of charge. Yeah! Since then I have been inundated with promotional e-mails. Just received one titled: URGENT: Bath essentials are almost gone. Really? That’s urgent? I will no long receive e-mail from this company 😉 . . .This should be a time of excitement as baseball is in spring training. Once again greed as to how to split billions of dollars leaves the fans with nothing. MLB has lost my interest. Sure, I’ll watch a game here or there, but the league has finally broken my spirit . . . Irony: watching decluttering/minimalism videos and getting ads for buying crap at Hobby Lobby . . . Hey, as you pay your New Jersey income taxes, remember that you are paying for potholes that were filled during Gov. Corzine’s reign (2006-10) . . . Why I no longer have expectations. In September I was told there were Owens family photographs at the house that I left when I moved out. I said I would take them even though I am doubtful there is not anything I already scanned. Six months later nothing has ever been provided. If I had expected them, I would be frustrated . . . Turned on the air conditioner this afternoon. It is warm here . . .

A Failed Presidency

No one needs further proof of how much the Obama Administration has failed. Nonetheless, here is another example of why the economic policies of this administration have failed.

Notice the cadence used . . .

Jon was right!

For those not following along, Jon Corzine left New Jersey to head up MF Global. Corzine left MF Global last week. This week MF Global filed for the eighth largest bankruptcy ever in the United States. Missing is $600 million. The FBI is investigating. If there is justice, Jon “Was Right” Corzine will find his ass in jail.

This is the guy the Obama Administration backed. They were wrong.

Hat tip to Andrew Breitbart

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . . The Cold Rain & Snow Version

I have extremely fond memories of The Dead opening the Rochester show with Box of Rain –> Cold Rain & Snow. Despite it being June, it was cold and rainy. Today demands this song . . . Governor Corzine is such a great financial wizard. He agreed to have New Jersey taxpayers pay approximately $22,000 per day to get out of series of bonds former governors Florio and McGreevey negotiated. How’s that for efficiency? Oh, and his former employer, Goldman Sachs has a cushy $1 million monthly draw from Jersey taxpayers from the Transportation Trust Fund. Good riddance, Corzine . . . If that isn’t bad enough news for you, here comes the report showing that New Jersey is over $33 billion in debt. The report accurately points to the “independent” agencies ability to indebt taxpayers without voter approval . . . Locally, Lou Magazzu is pushing for creating another agency to issue bonds. He just took over the Improvement Authority that already has that ability. Meanwhile, taxpayers are screwed . . . I stumbled across The Best Christmas Pageant Ever the other day. This is a wonderful read aloud book. Treat yourself to this wonderful tale of the Herdmans . . . Here’s a different take on the White House party crashers . . .

Election Day


I love Election Day! That I was off from work today made it just that more festive. I voted alone around 10:00 a.m. Gert went in with the children later in the evening.

Watching the returns this evening has been interesting. It sure looks as though Chris Christie is going to pull out the upset here in Blue Jersey: a Republican winning a statewide campaign.

The ballot question to borrow $400 million to fund park cleanups, football fields, and other pet projects is going to squeak through.

It looks like 1st district voters are happy to send two men who have done little for them back to the Assembly. One thinks so little of his record he talks about his son who died four years prior to his running for office. The other parks in handicapped spaces, calls it a BS ticket, and then squanders local tax dollars by going to court rather than just paying the fee.

Even worse, Cumberland County voters are more than happy to send Lou Magazzu back to the freeholder board. It looks as though Tom Shepard will join him, so the 7-0 board will now be 6-1. Nelson Thompson looks to be in as the third freeholder.

Gloria Noto has enough of a lead to hold off Van Embden.

It’s been a mixed evening. I did not subscribe that New Jersey’s gubernatorial election was a referendum on President Obama’s presidency . . . until President Obama said it was. Since he battled so hard for a man who has been disastrous for the Garden State, he can take the loss on his record. So, Obama looks to be the big loser tonight. Well, so was Corzine. Not only did he lose his job, he spent millions to do so.

I am not certain we are poised for a conservative revolution. The GOP is still a mess. Christie did well in a time when things were as stacked against Democrats as they have ever been in this state. Now it is time for him to govern. Governor-elect Christie, you have a massive budget hole for next year’s budget. How are you going to close that? You’re now on the clock.

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Just took a look at the Groundspeak fora. It’s good that consistency prevails. The cesspool discussion area thrives. A namecalling thread egged on by Mr. O’Connell makes elementary school look mature in comparison . . . It seems that despite property taxes rising more than 9% in Chicago this year, the Obama’s house will only see a rise of 1% in property taxes . . . The nearest unfound shutterspot to me is 177km. After this week, I hope the nearest one will be 322km . . . the latest New Jersey gubernatorial poll has Christie up 47-41 over Corzine. While that is good, I hope that does not provide comfort for those who want to vote their conscience for Daggett at the expense of Christie. I am not a diehard Christie fan, but it is important to remove Corzine from office . . . Alas, it does not look good for my Phillies. The bats have been too quiet. I’ll give the Yankees credit for that. Our pitching has not been spectacular either, but the bats are the main concern . . . FWIW, my children put such a smile on my face! I love you two . . .

Vote No on Open Space

Sample Ballot

One would think open space would be an issue I support. My recreation pretty much revolves around open space. I hike, geocache, shutterspot, and otherwise use the open spaces in New Jersey. Why don’t I support a ballot question that will raise money to expand places for me to play?

Shall the “Green Acres, Water Supply and Floodplain Protection, and Farmland and Historic Preservation Bond Act of 2009,” which authorizes the State to issue bonds in the amount of $400 million to provide moneys for (1) the acquisition and development of lands for recreation and conservation purposes, including lands that protect water supplies, (2) the preservation of farmland for agricultural or horticultural use and production, (3) the acquisition, for recreation and conservation purposes, of properties that are prone to or have incurred flood or storm damage, and (4) funding historic preservation projects; and providing the ways and means to pay the interest on the debt and also to pay and discharge the principal thereof, with full public disclosure of all spending, be approved?

In 2007, the Corzine Administration put an open space initiative on the ballot. There was an open space question on the 2006 General Election ballot. In 2003, Governor McGreevey had this open space question. Governor Whitman supported this 1998 open space question.

That’s a lot of open space. And a lot of money. Is one’s general sense that the state is preserving billions of dollars worth of land? Admittedly, Wharton Forest was expanded in 2003. But New Jersey also bought and runs a golf course.

Locally, the open space is being used for development. Instead of purchasing the Wawa tract, Millville cuts down trees. The border of Bevan WMA now houses a water tower and will soon sport hotels, restaurants, and the like. Nature had reclaimed the old rail station along the Maurice River; Millville decided to sell the land for an old folks community.

Obviously, open space is not being saved. What’s actually happening with the money that is being voted on with all these ballot initiatives?

Of course, New Jerseyans are still paying for all these bonds. The money was borrowed by selling bonds. Folks purchase bonds because they expect to make money off the investment. That money comes directly from taxpayers’ pockets. We already have four open space bonds that we are paying for. Do we need another to watch Bevan be mowed down for the “greatest thing ever to come to Cumberland County”? Can’t we cut down those trees without taxpayers paying for it?

Even if New Jersey had done a spectacular job purchasing open space, adding to the state inventory just means more money needs to be available to maintain the lands. Yet, Governor Corzine is pretty quick to cut spending on these places. Does anyone recall the hoopla when Corzine proposed closing Parvin State Park? How does Corzine propose to maintain the additional lands purchased with $400 million being bonded by this question? He doesn’t, but you can be certain, taxes will be used to do so.

The reality is that New Jersey cannot afford anything right now, no matter how nobly one frames the spending. Our budget has more than doubled during the last decade, even if you grant that Governor Corzine “cut” it this year. Of course, all he did was was push off spending into the future, along with the borrowing he did to fill potholes in 2006, all the open space initiatives, etc. Property tax rebates magically disappeared, but the sales tax increase that was suppose to ensure funds for it has remained.

Even Corzine stated New Jersey has to stop borrowing money. Let’s hold him to his words.

New Jersey needs to say No for increased spending. Not until the Garden State gets its house in order should taxpayers be burdened with new debt.

Couching spending in programs named Green Acres with images of Bambi and other cute fury creatures is a ploy to raid your wallet. Don’t fall for it.

Green acres is the place for me.
Farm livin’ is the life for me.
Land spreadin’ out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.

New Jersey’s Gubernatorial Race

A few weeks from now New Jerseyans will vote for its governor. New Jersey and Virginia are the only states that are electing governors this year. Many point that this is the first chance voters have on voting on President Obama’s progress. This is a litmus test. It may be, but New Jersey has so many issues, this election is key without considering national consequences.

The Garden State is entrenched as a Democratic stranglehold. We elect few Republicans to anything. The number of registered Democrats far outstrips Republicans. To be fair (banned phrase), there are more independents than either party, but it’s also fair to say most of these independents lean left.

The last Republican governor in our state was Christie Whitman. Whitman was very moderate. Her governing was nothing one could claim as conservative. Many would claim the only reason she won is that Governor Florio was just so bad anyone else would have won.

This year is similar, in some ways that the election in 1993 was. Governor Corzine is looking to be re-elected. He is not a popular governor. He has raised taxes. Until this week, he had trailed this entire race. Much like every professional basketball game, this race has tightened late.

Corzine’s main opponent is Chris Christie. Christie is a former US Attorney who had a perfect conviction record of prosecuting corrupt New Jersey politicians. True, that is kind of like shooting frogs in a barrel here.

Until the summer, the main criticism of Christie is that he prosecuted far more Democrats than Republicans. Democrats have controlled government here, so that really was a no-brainer. But Christie has effectively been damaged by pointing out some shadiness. He loaned a subordinate $46,000, but failed to file the correct paperwork. This is the same problem folks have with Governor Corzine and his payouts to Carla Katz. Christie seems to have used his position to get out of some traffic tickets too. That doesn’t surprise me and doesn’t bother me that much, but it has closed the polls.

Enter independent Chris Daggett. Daggett appears to be the perfect candidate for me. He’s a Republican who is fed up with how government is run here. He has some good ideas. He’s should be my Newt Gingrich in this gubernatorial race. There are two problems with voting for Daggett, however. One is that Dagget’s support comes at the expense of Christie. The reality is that Daggett will not win. I have no argument voting for the best person for the job, but this year it may be more important to vote out Corzine, even if I do not have faith that Christie will cut state government in the manner I desire. It would be a tough choice going this route.

For me, however, Daggett fails as an independent candidate. His proposal to reduce property taxes is to end rebates. I favor that. He speaks intelligently about slippage. The problem is that to reduce property taxes further, Daggett wants to expand the sales tax to cover more items and services. With an increase in sales tax “revenue”, he can return money to taxpayers. Think about that. Daggett would increase taxes to return taxes. This is exactly what is wrong with the property tax rebates he wants to get rid of. This is just a miserable idea that I cannot support him.

That leaves Corzine or Christie.

Governor Corzine has been a failure on virtually every front. The sales tax was increased to 7%. The promise was that half of the increase would be used for property tax relief, but as soon as things got tight, that went away. Corzine raided the hotel tax for the general fund, thus depleting a targeted tax for the arts. If targeted taxes can be raided like that, then they should not exist. The very first thing Corzine did as governor was to indebt New Jerseyans for 30 years to fill potholes in 2006. Those potholes have been filled, but we will continue to pay the debt on that money long after Corzine retires to some exotic island. Corzine oversaw a corrupt Schools Construction Corporation. He did a little dance and renamed the failed organization that blew through $8.6 billion of commandeered tax dollars and then appropriated more tax dollars to fund it. Corzine disregarded voters and began funding stem cell research after we said “No” resoundingly. And then there is the entangled financial relationships Corzine finds himself in. Being as rich as he is, he spreads his money around. Corzine is the #1 contributor to county Democratic organizations in 20 of our state’s 21 counties. He has invested in Carl Icahn, a former casino operator in the state and a man who wishes to own another. His former girlfriend Carla Katz and her family keep receiving money from the governor. Until recently she was the head of the largest union of state workers. It is all very troubling. Finally, Corzine was able to get a law passed that makes it illegal for municipalities to reduce their school taxes. That’s correct; municipalities are locked in to the rates they currently have, unless they desire to increase them.

The only semi-success I can point to for the governor is that he broke, for now, the stranglehold (a great Nugent song, although he didn’t sing it, from long ago) the Supreme Court has had over education. A new funding formula was developed that will have public money follow students, not districts. I think this funding plan is bad, but it has gotten rid of the Abbott districts, which was not working.

For these reasons, Governor Corzine is unacceptable to me.

Chris Christie is purposely vague. He talks a good game, but has offered virtually no details as to how he plans to cut spending, taxes, and government’s size. It’s a political game that he has taken against an unpopular governor. With the recession likely to continue, it’s quite likely that New Jersey’s problems will worsen next year. Should Christie win, he may not want to deal with the trouble ahead of him.

This is a race, however, that it is important to change directions. There is no reason to believe Governor Corzine will do anything positive for the state. Electing Christie will at least shake things up.

The GOP in this state is horrendous. They have misstepped numerous times during Corzine’s tenure. That it has a candidate in the lead, no matter how small it may be, is a surprise. If it does not win this election, one wonders just what hope the party has in this state. This is the year to oust a Democrat. If it fails, New Jersey will solidify its place as the most liberal state in the union.

Because of all this, I will pull the lever (heck, we push buttons now) for Chris Christie and hope for the best.

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This is scary; Arabs are arranging to price oil in a variety of currencies, none of which are dollars. This is just another step to dismantle USA’s strength . . . I don’t see buying this any time soon. The gadgets folks come up with is amazing though . . . NJ.com reported that Governor Corzine is the #1 contributor of cash to Democratic organizations in 20 of the 21 counties. Are you surprised? . . . Newspapers get the facts wrong. Biden’s appearance in June was not a “surprise” . . . Governor Corzine is touting New Jersey’s rate of solar installations. He thinks it’s grand. Yet when I attended a conference in the spring discussing New Jersey’s energy issues, NJBUP president Jeanne Fox announced solar is dead in the state . . . Spent some time in the International Spy Museum on Saturday participating in a live-action spy adventure. Very kewl! Can’t wait for the GPS spy adventure that is coming . . . Speaking of DC, had a great time in our nation’s capital . . . I have been mulling over a unique idea to render a clue for a game. I need to flesh it out and then decide which game it will best fit: shutterspot, geocaching, something else . . . Gourmet magazine is to be no more. I used to like that magazine, but I stopped reading it long ago when I stopped reading most mags. Today I subscribe to none . . .

New Jersey’s Open Space

On the 1998 ballot there was a question as to whether or not the voter favored committing $100 million to purchase open space. New Jersey is the most dense state in the country (in more ways than one), so it was no surprise that this referendum passed. I voted for it. I am a hiker, a geocacher, and one who generally enjoys the woods.

It didn’t take long for the realization that despite my idealistic thoughts, the government of New Jersey had other plans. It purchased a golf course with this money. It passed laws that kept my daughter from feeding ducks.

Gimmicks have balanced New Jersey’s budgets in recent years. We are hemorrhaging not only corruption in this state, but money too. State government needs to be curtailed. Adding another $400 million to the pot would be a mistake . . . even in the name of saving the trees.

Governor Corzine is going to sign a bill today that will allow to state to borrow (remember the very first thing Corzine did as governor was to indebt us for 30 years to fill in potholes) $400 million to purchase open space if the voters again agree to the referendum.

Open space preservation is really a misnomer. We are not saving any land in New Jersey with this money. If so, wouldn’t Millville have purchased the Wawa tract?

There is no reason to think the environment cannot function without New Jersey’s corrupt government intervening on our behalf. We’ve had enough of that in recent times. How about we begin cutting off the supply of funds that these folks have available to them until we see some improvement?

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The reason we need education is so those who rant against it can do so intelligently after having comprehended the story on which they comment. Is it not clear that the $400 million increase is spread across all teachers in the state, not just the new hires? Sheesh . . . Freeholder Lou Magazzu doesn’t want to hear from the public as he determines the open space plan. It’s because of Magazzu’s “leadership” that Cumberland County is the only county in the state without a plan. How many matching funds did we lose because of that? Now he doesn’t want his constituents to advise the process. I will be voting against him in November . . . I just found video of much of the Jerry Garcia Band show I show at Great Woods in 1989. Kewl! . . . News media are gearing up to charge for its content. Murdoch just announced all his media will charge. I know they’re hurting and they are free to do what they like, but charging will be the nail that does them in. Online, links are king. There will no links to fee-based sites since readers will not be able to read them. This is a poor business decision, imo . . . Michelle Malkin totally put The View leftists in their seats. Fun . . .Supporters will claim he is just being true to his convictions, but I wonder why Governor Corzine would give more fuel to his opponents while he is 14 points back by signing a gun restriction law.  Corzine is a terrible politician, disregarding his policies . . . Speaking of Corzine, he touted the property tax rebates that were sent out this week.  Of course, we are all still paying for that sales tax increase he forced on us to give away this cash to the elderly; the rest of us saw our property taxes increase dramatically . . . I was not a huge John Hughes fan, but I do recall reading Vacation ’58 in National Lampoon before it was a movie.  I remember laughing out loud when I did.  Ah, adolescence.  May he R.I.P. . . Corzine passed $317 million worth of bills today.  $200 million was approved by voters.  Where did the rest of the money come from? . . .