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Confluence at Kaw Point

22-04-12 GC232Y8

39.1159 -94.610017

What a view!

Dug the GPSr out of the luggage for this. It wasn’t happy. It took 20 minutes to boot and lock into this area. It hasn’t been used since New Jersey. 😮

Sent answers and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine on this blustery day as the GPSr continued to chug.

Thank you for highlighting this location for me; I appreciate it.

Baltimore Pride in Texas Pink

22-03-05 GC9HJ8Q

39.281383 -76.608333

The Waymark Is Not There Day
aka “Ain’t nothin’ gonna to break my stride

While the day was beautiful, it began early here and I was rather cold while I took in the memorial. Quite interesting. I like how this Earthcache was set up.

After visiting, I walked to the docks. There was a woman photographing all the runners along the waterfront. It really is a stunning view from here.

Thank you for putting this together for me to enjoy; I appreciate it.

Alloway Creek Wetland Restoration Site

22-03-02 GC1C6FJ

39.52585 -75.51615

Love this area! I used to come out here frequently. It’s been some time as my approach proved. I thought the easy path was only to the blind, so I went on the old trail. It sure hasn’t been maintained. Made it through and then hit water. Hmmm . . .

D’oh! In the distance I saw the object of my journey. Circumnavigated over only to find the nice trail. 😁

Took in the peacefulness of the moment .. . then I extended the moment. On the way back I spotted the location that Mr. Bunny used to hang out at. Played with a friendly puppers I met along the trail. I certainly enjoyed my time here today on this gorgeous morning.

Thank you for listing this for me to experience; I appreciate it.

PAGR: Paterson Great Falls Nat’l Historical Park

22-10-10 GC64BVP

40.91665 -74.181367

We came for the waterfall, we left with a rainbow!

I had wanted to see the falls for years. Seeing we were driving up this way, I stated I wanted to come here. flowers22 spotted this Earthcache and thought we should complete it.

When we arrived, a young guy was climbing back onto the path from having descended the depths with his camera and tripod. We were not that adventurous today in the snow and ice.

Took in the beauty of the falls. The rainbow visible above the spray was beautiful!

Thank you for the lesson; I appreciate it.

Part B – Wildwood’s Shoals

22-01-06 GC8T4W3

39.0107 -74.791667

After Part A, I strolled over here. Despite the earliness of the day, it being January, and the storm that was due later, it was unpleasant out here. So much so that some lady was dancing crazily on the beach. Hey, it was free entertainment!

Took in the information here. I struggled a bit in estimating the size.

Nice little lesson about things we grew up with presented in a different way. We just looked to avoid them with our boats. 😉 Nah, we knew how they helped protect the towns.

Thank you for the early morning learning; I appreciate it.

Part A – Revetments in Wildwood

22-01-06 GC8MMVW

39.01155 -74.791933

Know the area well as my best friend growing up moved here. Had my first banana ice cream along this water many years ago. 🙂

It was early and I was bundled up, but it was absolutely stunning out here watching the sun rise.

Interesting learning about revetments in relation to here. All shore towns fight the fight. North Wildwood has a big project ahead of themselves in the next couple years with the feds.

Thank you for the interesting Earthcache; I appreciate it.

The Falls

43.55665 -96.722583

After a most successful and enjoyable day of caching and an equally fabulous dinner at Minervas (prime NY strip, oh so heavenly), we headed over here. How can you travel to Sioux Falls and not see the falls? Lovely. Just wonderful. I live on a coastal plain; we don’t have waterfalls. This was a treat.

After taking in the beauty we realized there was this Earthcache right where we were standing. Kewl beans.

Thank you for adding to a most wonderful evening; I appreciate it.

21-07-22 GC2A5E4

Red River

Red River Geocache

46.873817 -96.77625

We came and eventually decided where we needed to be for this. Wow, what a nice location! We found the information we needed, but presently on the road with lots of logging, photographs, videos, and baseball games to deal with, my notes are a mess for this one. Will assemble the needed information and submit when I have this sorted out.

Thank you for a grand outing; I appreciate it.


Moorhead Flood Control

Moorhead Flood Control Geocache

46.8707 -96.7811

My midwest trip has been going fabulously (IL, IA, and now ND and MN). Have never been to the Peace Garden State before and am loving it! After several days in and around Gilby, we re-located to Fargo for the geotour and other adventures. Good times with every footfall.

We headed out today to complete the last few geotour stops and pick up some letterboxes, high favorited points, and challenges. No dice today. Unfortunately, we were not able to rcomplete this one. The panel is clearly missing. Seems odd since it was recently logged.

Thank you for being part of our wonderful day; I appreciate it.