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Brewery tour *3* Iron Hill

22-03-21 GC9MMER

39.733467 -75.5604

So, my day had turned out to be much different than I had thought. Miles on the trails, hurting from overexerting my new knee, and late, I pondered not taking the drive here as I had lots to do before my trip in the morning.

Life is not paved with what we did not do but rather what we did. After stopping to get a much needed beverage, I boogied here. Thinking I was a minute late, I could not find anyone. WTH? A moment later Jeff was there. He’s the one who informed it was a 7:00 event, not 6:00. D’oh! All that rushing and I was early.

Enjoyed an imperial stout out on the lawn. Caught up with everyone. What a pleasant evening out. Finally decided to head home with my weary body.

Thanks for an enjoyable end to my day. Until the next one . . .

February Breakfast

February Breakfast Geocache

39.488817 -75.067917

The initial plan was to have this be one of three events in three different states that Fritz and I hit today. But another restless night of sleep has left me not up for such a day on a cold February. Instead, we rolled out of bed and headed over.

Lots of people. The table was so large, we began a child’s table. donut, Buba2u, black and tan, wigoweb, and trininity joined us. Good conversation. Good thing too as it took a bit for food to be served.

It’s always nice catching up with folks and meeting new ones. Thoroughly enjoyed my morning at this event.

Doing what for three years!?

39.268467 -74.585583

Congratulations on three years! You still have the teddy bear to keep you company. 😁

It’s always pleasant seeing everyone. I know it was cold, but it feels great to be up and about it hardly mattered.

Hope everyone had a successful day however you define it. Glad to have spent an hour with you folks today.

Thanks for hosting; here’s to many more years to come. 🍻

3653 Days

22-01-16 GC9KR0H

39.925067 -75.083467

My sister is in town to help me following my knee replacement surgery on Wednesday. I think she is going stir crazy sitting around here. Now five days after the fact, I made this event the first outing. It is amazing that one can walk after the surgery.

So, yes, with a walker, I showed up and froze in the really cold temperatures. Nice to catch up with folks and getting out of the house. Thanks for hosting this event.

Congratulations on the streak. Here’s to the next decade!

South Jersey Geocachers says Goodbye to 2021

21-12-31 GC9KB87

39.855283 -75.02125

The watotos and I went out to dinner at P.J. Whelihan’s, a favorite of theirs. Had the same table as last year. Routine is good, I suppose. Afterwards, we headed over here. Love the 50Β° for the end of the year.

It’s always nice seeing everybody. Tonight brought the children along. What a nice way of capping off a wonderful year out on the hunt.

Thank you for hosting this; I appreciate it.

Rise and shine, Avalon!

21-12-29 GC9K69Y

39.098217 -74.712167

Since the summer, I have not cached much. But there is this challenge that I want to complete and that meant finding some caches this month including an event.

Having this week off, it wasn’t difficult making the drive down. Arrived right at 7:00. It was an overcast morning; no spectacular sunrise this morning. Let’s face it, any time my feet can be on sand, particularly Atlantic coast sand, is good. Never spent a lot of time in Avalon having grown up in Cape May, but on my way in spotted various locations I have cached at over the years.

Met up with softball29  and JK186. A lovely morning. A little later Pez Girl and Forbez arrived. We had a nice time as the sun rose. Always enjoy a sand logbook. πŸ™‚

Headed to Uncle Bill’s for breakfast and more socializing.

Thank you for hosting this small but friendly event; I appreciate it.