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Welcome to North Idaho!

23-07-02 GCA9PXJ

48.475551 -116.845213

Retirement Celebration Tour, Day 14

So, I was watching/listening to some podcast a few weeks ago when Moun10bike mentioned this event. Well, I was changing plans on my vacation to be out this way. With this event, I just extended my tour a couple more days. This is the end of my tour and what a nice way to finish!

This was the easiest drive I’ve had in the last two weeks. Lovely up here. It was nice catching up with several folks I met over the last couple days and meeting new ones here. Especially enjoyed hanging with Nigel. 🙂

Thank you for hosting this event; I appreciate it.

Maker Magic: Earthcaches & (bring your own) Coffee

Maker Magic: Earthcaches & (bring your own) Coffee Geocache

39.2198 -76.874367

Took the long drive down from New Jersey to this event. I found the discussion very interesting. Liked that a few attendees were taking notes. 614Buckeye did an excellent job of discussing Earthcaches.

This was a most pleasant evening out. Enjoyed speaking with those in attendance. Nice group you have here.

Thank you for hosting this for me to attend; I appreciate it.