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Fred Gets It!

I backed Fred Thompson earlier in this campaign cycle.  The reason I did so is that he was right on the issues; primarily that there are limits to the federal government.  Those limits were placed there in the Constitution.  Fred understands those limits.

If the government stuck to what it’s supposed to stick to, our lives would be much better.  There is no federal role in education.  That does not diminish the importance of education; it merely sets who is responsible for it.

Thompson ran a horrible campaign and packed things up after the South Carolina primary.  He’s back on the scene now with his PAC.  Sigh . . .

But he’s still right on the issues.  Today he published an article at Townhall.com.  Townhall.com is one of the few sites on my blogroll.  Thompson’s folksy manner shows up in his article today.  Let it not detract from the message: the federal government is involved in too many things it shouldn’t be.  It is not the savior to all, as some would have us believe.

Our Founding Fathers knew more than a little bit about human nature. It is one reason why in the Constitution, the federal government was given certain delineated powers and no others. I hate to burst another bubble, but our government simply doesn’t have the authority or the capability to be the guarantor or insurer of our every need or desire. Isn’t it time we started sending that message loud and clear to the big enablers in Washington?

If ever there was a must-read piece, this is it.  Fred gets it!

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

The new Dell mini is not beefy enough to warrant consideration. 1GB of RAM and a 16GB hd is not even what the iPhone supplies these days. Sorry, try again . . . The start of the school year, despite being exhausting, has gone well. Gert and I are much more organized this year and the house has not fallen apart with us going to work now . . . Fred Thompson began the FredPAC. He’s the man I wanted to be president and I sent no money. I sure as hell won’t send any so he can parcel it out the way he chooses. If I am that determined to give money to a candidate, I’ll do it directly without the slippage. So much for conservative values . . . the hurricanes are going to keep me from barbecuing this weekend . . . What is up with this piece in The Weekly? . . . apparently Olby is off the deep end . . .

. . . Axl Rose is trying to resurrect Guns N’ Roses. Of lead guitarist Robin Finck, it is written:

His presence alone brought cool factor into the band. He is the epitome of coolness, really unique in his ways and his looks. And even his posture, his walk, there is confidence, a lot of emotion and artistry and style that make him such a figure on stage.

His guitar riffs are heavy and raw, his rhythms as heavy as any guitar band could hope for. He tempers his screaming leads with soulful control, is also a maestro of pure, string-ripping noise.

Watch Finck’s face and body, he feels the notes in his guts and his body expresses that along with his fingers and a combination of that gives you shivers when you watch somebody live.

Uh yeah . . . Biden does not know how to tell the truth. It’s been proven time and time again, yet The One judged him to be fit for Veep . . .

Fred Ain’t Dead

Fred Thompson, the man I backed for President, is back on the scene.  Today he wrote an article for Townhall.com.  It began promising:

conservatism is alive and well in America . . . while man is prone to err, he is capable of great things when not subjugated by a too-powerful government.

That’s the conservative voice I liked hearing.  Unfortunately, this introductory piece appears to be little more than pimping for Townhall Magazine:

That’s what I’ve been talking and writing about for the past few years, and that’s what I want to talk write about here on Townhall and in the new Townhall Magazine.

I joined Townhall and am writing exclusive commentaries for Townhall Magazine because I see them elevating the discourse on issues based on these principles — smaller government, individual liberty, standing for common values that have become all too uncommon, a strong national defense and, most of all, an optimism and belief in America.

Sigh . . . can new print magazines really make money these days?  I subscribe to but one magazine and that is solely out of a sense of loyalty and doing things correctly.  I could easily get all the recipes for free even if I didn’t subscribe.

I would love to read Fred’s thoughts on conservatism, but I’ll be damned if I’ll pay to do so.

Mr. Thompson Goes Home

Last April I wrote:

Tell me why Fred Thompson should not be our next president.

He spent a couple months speaking at all the right groups, making videos outlining his conservative platform, and rallied his base.  He charged a group of conservatives as he seemed to have a natural niche in the Republican field.  Despite my excitement for Thompson, I still left the Republican Party last summer.

Thompson was the first candidate for president that I have ever been excited about.  I even considered, although ultimately did not, contribute financially to his campaign.

Thompson is a conservative through and through.  Yet, his campaign was poorly run.  He dinked around too long and didn’t enter until September after dangling a 4th of July date.  He declared his candidacy the day after a debate, which was a huge mistake.  And as soon as he was in the race, he disappeared from the radar.

I understand running an alternative campaign.  Yet, when the candidate disappears from the public discourse, he has relegated himself to the second tier.  That is exactly what happened.  During that downturn, Mike Huckabee seized upon the niche Thompson was catering too.  His meteoric rise all but killed Thompson’s chances.  They split the true conservative vote.  Huckabee has no shot as his record and positions are not conservative, despite appealing to a segment of the party.  That marginalized Thompson.

He poured everything he had into South Carolina and stepped up and scorched the last debate.  Yet, he finished a distant third.

Yesterday’s announcement that Thompson was withdrawing was no surprise.

Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people.

Remaining in the second tier does not generate donations.  Without donations, there was no way to continue through the primary season.

While I contend Thompson is the best candidate for the GOP, he did not get his message out well enough to earn the nomination.  America loses today.  I really worry about the General Election this year.  I do not see an upside with any of the remaining candidates in either party.

On Immigration

Okay, I know I am linking to a lot of Fred Thompson video of late, but the man has the right responses to the questions. As I wrote to someone earlier,

He is not a dynamic speaker. He answers questions. He is straightforward. He has a plan. Obviously he is unfit to be president.

I do not see the negatives in Thompson. His campaign has been lackluster, but he hits home run after home run on the issues. That’s what I am looking for in a president.

McCain supports Shamnesty. Giuliani ran a sanctuary city. Huckabee ran a sanctuary state that provided tuition breaks for illegal aliens. Romney supported McCain’s position and then flipped, so who knows where he really stands? Thompson is the only one holding those who commit an illegal act accountable.

This is not the original video I had linked here. It disappeared. This Thompson bit was from the Republican debate six days after this post was originally posted. (12/24/21)

Fred On Shamnesty

This is why I like Fred Thompson. He needs to get his message out there better because he was on tonight! The following is his smacking Rudy Giuliani over immigration. Frankly, I thought Giuliani looked weak this evening.

ROMNEY: I thought you said that wasn’t amnesty.

GIULIANI: That is not amnesty. That is not amnesty.

If you have a fine, if you have conditions, if you have a wholebunch of steps that people have to go through, it is not amnesty.

Ronald Reagan gave amnesty, straight-out amnesty.

THOMPSON: The question is, are you rewarded for your illegalbehavior in any way?

If the answer is yes, it’s amnesty.

GIULIANI: But if you have to pay a penalty for it, it is not.For example…

THOMPSON: Do you get allowed to — but you can still stay in thecountry?

GIULIANI: Pay money, have to follow…

THOMPSON: But you can still stay in the country?

GIULIANI: Well, but you have to pay penalties.

THOMPSON: But you can still stay in the country?

GIULIANI: There are all different kinds of penalties.

GIBSON: What would you do, Senator?

GIULIANI: Someone gets amnesty from a crime…

THOMPSON: You can have — you can have — you can haveenforcement by attrition if you obey the law and you enforce the lawthat’s on the books today.

If we started securing the border, as we are supposed to do –and we’re all in agreement that it must be done now.

THOMPSON: I mean, we arrest thousands, over the years, of peoplefrom countries that are state sponsors of terrorism. I mean, it’sessentially a national security issue, as well as an issue offairness, as well as a social issue with regard to what states andcommunities have to face nowadays, and workers who are in competitionwith this.

If we enforced the borders so people couldn’t go back and forth,if we assisted employers with a system that we now have on the booksthat 20,000, 30,000 employers now are using, a verification system soyou could essentially punch a button, the Homeland Security folks willtell you whether or not this person is illegal on the front end, andif we stop sanctuary cities where we’re telling local people that youcan’t cooperate with federal authorities, and stop inducing people tocome here with employment and protection under sanctuary cities, asMayor Giuliani did when he was mayor of New York, then we would have– we would have attrition of these numbers and start reversing…

ABC Debate Transcript